Grojband Between Me & You

Quick Update On OCs

Hey fellow fanficers(Yea I know I just made that up) I just want to let you all know that even though when I get five OCs that doesn't mean I won't add more OCs. It just means that those five OCs I pick will be guaranteed to part of the story as main characters. So depending on the flow and the events of the story I will use other OCs that were not picked to have maybe a background role or a cameo in the story. So if you do have a OC but I didn't add it to the top five OCs don't worry I will probably have a spot for your OC as a guest star or cameo for a chapter(s). Heck if your OC is good enough I could make them a regular in the story so if you got a OC you want in the story then submit them. it never hurts to try.

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