Grojband Between Me & You

Your Place

The girl then shakes her head and says to herself "Fucking asshole". After that girl then starts walking off somewhere.

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Its been 10 minutes since Laney and her new friend Dominic started searching for Corey.

"Hey Laney" asks Dominic

"Yea Dom" says Laney

"Corey has a phone right?" says Dominic

"Oh wow!" says Laney facepalming herself "I could of called him"

"Hey Laney I got a idea" says Dominic with a mischievous smile

"I'm listening" says Laney with the same smile as Dominic

Dominic goes to Laney's ear and whispers something to her and it makes her smile with joy

"So you think that will work?" asks Laney

"Laney trust me it will work and you will have him eating at the palm of your hands" says Dominic

With that Dominic and Laney gave each other a high five.

"Well I gotta go so can I get your number?" asks Dominic

"Sure" says Laney who gives Dominic here number "Goodbye see ya when I see ya"

After saying goodbye Laney's smile drops as she gets her phone and calls Corey who eventually picks up his phone

"Lanes where are you?!" asks a worried Corey

"I'm at that restaurant near the rockin roller coaster" says Laney in a depressing tone

"I'm coming ok" says Corey who then rushes to the restaurant

Laney makes it to the restaurant before Corey and she's just standing in front of the restaurant with her heart in her hand. A few minutes later Corey was there.

"Hey" says Corey standing a few feet across from Laney

"Hey yourself" says Laney who then walks by Corey and says "Come on we gotta head back to our friends"

"Wait" says Corey grabbing Laney's arm

"What?!" says Laney who pulls her arm away from Corey with a frustrated tone in her voice

"I don't want us to end like this Lanes" says Corey "Please Lanes hear me out" Corey walks over to Laney and holds their hands together and says "I love you Lanes"

Laney starts to feel tears fall down her face and she says "Fuck you"

As soon as Corey heard those words from Laney. He gets another big slap to the face. The slap was so hard that people in the background was yelling "Dayuuuuum!"

"Oh so you think you're off the hook just because you come apologizing and saying you love me?" says Laney in an obviously angry tone

"Lanes please let me explain" pleads Corey

Laney puts her index finger to corey mouth to shut him up and she says "I pretty much understand now Core. You didn't kiss her but she kissed you right?"

Corey nods his head and says "If you knew that then why did you slap me?" asks Corey who is in agony for getting yet another big slaps to the face

"I hit you because you didn't break the kiss and it had me thinking that you wanted Carrie to kiss you" says Laney as tears started to go down from her face.

Corey walks up to Laney and hugs her tight by saying "Laney you're the one I love not Carrie"

Laney cries deep into Corey's chest and says "Then prove it to me!"

"What do you mean?" asks Corey

Laney's attitude changes instantly and she says with lust in her voice "Let me spend the night with you...tonight"

Corey feels the lust coming from Laney and he asks "Ok where do you wanna go for tonight?"

"Your place" says Laney staring at Corey with lust filled eyes

"Ok well lemme tell Kin and Kon that we'll all be-" says Corey

"No Corey I think you misunderstood me" says a interrupting Laney "I mean just you and me tonight"

"Um-um-um" says a stammering Corey "W-wow um-"

"Core if you say um one more time!" says a now irritated Laney

"Ok I'm….. cool with it" says Corey with a nervous smile "B-B-B-But what about your parents Lanes?"

"Don't worry about them" says Laney with a smile "I got that covered"

"Oh...ok" says Corey

After Laney and Corey technically make up they both head back to the gang. As they're walking Laney says under her breath "Thank you Dominic"


"Hey guys" says Laney walking up to the twins "Did I miss anything while I was gone"

"Nope but are you ok now?" asks the twins in unison

"Yeah I'm fine I just had some things I had to get over thats all" says a smiling Laney

"Oh ok thats good" says the twins who then looks at Corey and they see him rubbing the right side of his face and they then ask "Whats wrong Corey"

"Oh nothing" says Corey who then looks for Mina "Hey where did Mina and Nick Mallory go to?"

"Well um...Trina called Mina and told her to come over to tell her the big news" says Kon

"Oh looks like our mission is bound to start soon then" sighs Corey

"What mission?" asks the gang

"You guys forgot already?" asks Corey "I'm talking about finding the other dude that Trina shows more affection to"

"Oh yeah I forgot about that" says Kon

"Yeah me too" agrees Kin

"Well we can discuss this while we ride the rest of these rides ok" says Corey

"OK!" says the gang with smiles on their faces.

The Grojband gang went and had a blast at the amusement park and after 5 hours of fun it was night time so the gang decided go home. The twins head off home while Corey and Laney walk to Corey's place.

While walking to his house Corey asks "So um...Lanes what you wanna do when we get to my place?"

"You'll know when we get to your place" smiles Laney


In the shower Corey has his back against the wall.

"Why?! Why?! Why did all this have to happen to me?!" says an emotional Corey "If only I could go back and stop this from happening"

Suddenly there was a knock on the bathroom door and then a voice of a female could be heard

"Hey Corey are you ok?" asks the female voice

"I-I'm ok" says Corey trying to calm down

All of a sudden Corey hears the bathroom door open. He thinks he is hearing things so he just continues to take his shower.

5 minutes passed and Corey is getting out of the shower. Without looking Corey goes for his towel. At first he doesn't reach it but then someone passes it to him.

"Oh thanks" says Corey who then puts the towel around his waist and then thinks to himself *Wait a minute*. Corey opens the shower curtain to spot his girlfriend Laney standing in front of the shower wearing nothing but one of his shirts that is big on her and black panties.

"L-L-Lanes what are doing in here" asks a Stammering Corey

"Hey Core I was worried about ya so I came to check in on you" says a Laney as she gets closer to Corey and then whispers in his ear "Anyways I couldn't wait anymore"

Corey face blushes completely red once Laney whispered in his ear and he says "S-S-S-Slow down Lanes we just started dating"

"I think I should be the one to say that" giggles Laney with a lustful smirk as she cups Corey's chin in her hand

"L-L-Lanes can I at least p-p-put on my clothes" stammers Corey

"Whats the point you won't need em once I get my hands on you" smiles Laney

"Come on Lanes" pleads Corey

"Ugh Ok" says Laney looking somewhat disappointed "You better be lucky you look cute when you beg like that and also I'll be in your room waiting for you" says Laney who then starts leaves the bathroom but right before she completely left she turns around and says "Oh and please don't make me wait"

Corey falls to the ground and says to himself "Man I almost lost it there. But I gotta do something about Lanes I won't be able to control myself for much longer"

Corey puts on his sleeping clothes which is a white tank-top and long blue pj pants and heads to his room to meet up with his girlfriend. When he enters he sees his Laney laying down in the bed and looking at tv

"Hey Lanes" says a nervous Corey walking slowly to the bed

"Heyy Core" says Laney who turns her attention from the tv to Corey who sits at the edge of the bed

"Soooo what are you looking at?" ask Corey trying to make conversation

"You gonna come lay down with me or what?" asks Laney who isn't buying Corey's little distraction

"Um-um I'm good I'm not so sleepy right now" says Corey who is motioning to the door "I'm gonna go get something to drink"

Laney quickly gets off the bed and grabs Corey's arm and says "Why don't you wanna lay down with me?"

"Its not that I don't wanna lay down with you its just that I'm...not fully ready for what...happen afterwards" answers a blushing Corey

"Then we don't have to" says a considerate yet disappointed Laney "But I really wanted to do it with you because I love you and I want to show-" before Laney could utter another word Corey kisses Laney

they kissed for about a minute before Corey broke the kiss.

"I love you too Lanes" says Corey "You don't have to do that because I'm already yours"

Laney slightly blushes and says "Stop you got me blushing"

"I can't help it Lanes you're cute when you blush" says Corey

Laney blushes even more and says "I love you Core"

"You already said that Lanes" laughs Corey

"I know and every time I say it I find myself loving you even more" smiles Laney

Corey then kisses Laney and they fall into his bed.

Laney breaks the kiss and says "Hey Core I thought you was getting something to drink"

"I'm not thirsty anymore" smiles Corey who then starts to kiss Laney again.

15 minutes after some non-stop kissing Corey and Laney were under the covers of the bed and were looking at tv cuddled up.

"Corey" says Laney cuddled up

"Yeah Lanes?" asks Corey

"Are you really Corey?" asks Laney

"What?!" laughs Corey "You ok Lanes? Are you high or something"

"No!" giggles Laney "It's just that this all feels like a dream"

Corey chuckles and says with a smile "Well I hope you don't wake up then because I don't want it to end"

"Ditto to that" smiles Laney who then snuggles her head into Corey's chest

After looking at some tv and cuddling Corey and Laney went to sleep in each other's arms.

Its now Sunday and Corey and Laney are still sleeping peacefully cuddled up until they hear the door bell ring and some loud knocks on the door.

"Hmmm Core who is that?" asks a groggy Laney still cuddled up to Corey

"Idk I'll go see who it is" says Corey as he gets up from bed

"Alright I'll be there in *YAWN* a minute" says a sleepy Laney who accidently falls back to sleep.

Corey walks to the door where he hears the loud knocking and opens it. When he opens up the door the morning sun blinds him a bit so he can't see.

"Who is it?" asks Corey

"Hey Coco" says the person at the door

"Coco?" asks Corey still blinded "The only person who has called me that is Carrie" Corey's vision just cleared up and when he looks at the person at the door it's no one other than the blue haired menance.

"You missed me?" smiles Carrie

"OH HELL NO!" exclaims Corey

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