Grojband Between Me & You

It Doesn't Bother Me Actually

Corey arrives back home with a waiting Laney at the door.

"So how was your little trip?" asks Laney

"It was cool I made a new friend" smiles Corey "She seems nice"

"She?" asks Laney

"Yeah her name is Brianna" says Corey "I bumped into her singing when I was coming home. She moved to Peaceville about five months ago so shes technically still the new girl"

"Cool I guess" smiles Laney "Well come on in Kon has been waiting for a painkiller and his complaining is driving me nuts"

Corey enters the house and follows Laney to the living room so Kon can get a pain killer.

"Here you go Kon" says Corey who gives Kon a pain killer

"Thanks man" says Kon who takes one of the pain killers

"No problem Kon" says Corey "Thats what friends are for. Anyways guys I'm gonna head in my room for a minute"

"Ok" says the gang

With that Corey goes up to his room. Corey sits down on the edge of his bed and says to himself "There's a thin line between love and hate huh? Well that sucks!" and after that he falls back on his bed and accidently dozes off to sleep

All of a sudden Corey wakes up and he sees himself under the covers of his bed with his PJ's on.

"What the hell is going on here?" says Corey looking around the room not aware of what has happened since he was sleep.

Corey turns to his left to see someone sleeping next to him

"Hey Lanes did you take off my clothes and how long have I been out" asks Corey who taps who he thinks is Laney on the shoulder.

"Huh? I'm not Lanes Coco?" says the Female who then turns around to Corey

Corey shocked to see that its not his red head Laney but his archrival Carrie laying down next to him and smiling

"Coco you were something else tonight you know that?" says a smiling Carrie

"Wha-wha-wha-what are you talking about?!" says Corey's whose eyes widen and says "And what are you doing in my bed Carrie?!"

"What are you talking about Coco?" asks a confused looking Carrie "Is that how you treat your girlfriend when she comes over your place for a visit?"

Corey's face goes blank when he says "Huh? Girlfriend? Lanes is my girlfriend not you!"

"What are you talking about?" asks a confused Carrie "After what happened at the funhouse two months ago we started going out"

"N-n-no we didn't!" snaps Corey

Carrie shakes her head and says with a lustful smile "Well it doesn't bother me actually. I like it when you play stupid"

Carrie motions to kiss Corey and right when her face covers Corey's face.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" screams Corey who blasts off from his bed.

"Core are you ok?!" asks a worried Laney who rushed into his room so fast a gust of wind entered with her

"Huh?" says Corey who is looking around his room and looks at Laney and says "How long have I been up in my room Lanes?"

"Only for about 10 minutes whats wrong we heard you screaming downstairs" asks Laney who walks over to Corey who looks like he seen a ghost

"I accidently fell asleep and had a horrible nightmare" answers a frightened Corey

"What was it about?" asks Laney

Corey stares at Laney for about 10 seconds and then says "I'd rather not say"

"Ok but if you ever wanna talk about it I'm here for ya" says a smiling Laney

"I know" smiles Corey who then thinks to himself *I don't think you would wanna talk about that Lanes*

"So Core what was you doing before you fell asleep?" asks a curious Laney

"Um well I was just thinking about some things thats all" says Corey

"Oh...well can you come downstairs the twins are worried" says Laney

"Yeah" replies Corey

Before they go downstairs Laney punches Corey on the arm and says "Don't scare me like that okay"

"Roger that" smiles Corey "Hey wanna spend the night again?"

"I can't Core you know we start school tomorrow?" says Laney

"Oh yeah I forgot about that" says Corey "But that makes it all the more reason to then"

"I'll see about it Core but don't get your hopes up" says Laney "Now come on lets go down stairs"

"Ok" says Corey

Laney and Corey go downstairs where the twins are waiting to hear what happened

"So whats up with you Corey?" asks a concerned Kin

"Yeah you screamed so loud I had to take another pain killer" says Kon

"Oh I accidentally fell asleep and had a nightmare" answers Corey

"Oh do tell" says the twins

"Naw I'd rather not talk about it" says Corey

"Was it that bad Corey?" asks Kin

"Bad doesn't even compare dude" replies Corey "Anyways are you feeling better Kon?"

"Yeah I'm way better than when I came to" answers a smiling Kon "Hey guys what you wanna do now?"

"Well you guys wanna practice a little bit?" asks Corey

"Sure!" says the gang

"We do need to stay a step ahead of those damn Newmans" says Laney

"Yeah got that right" says Corey who then thinks to himself *What are they doing I wonder*


The Newmans are at Carrie's house. In Carrie's room the twins are on the floor playing cards while Carrie was laying on her bed and Lenny was on the floor writing something on his notepad.

"So whats on the agenda Carrie?" asks Kim sitting on the floor and playing cards

"Well school starts tomorrow so before we get cramped with homework how about we practice a bit" says Carrie sitting on the sofa

"Sure lets go!" says an excited Konnie

The twins head to the garage and Carrie was about to follow until she sees Lenny still on the ground writing on his notepad.

"Um Lenny we're about to practice" says Carrie

"Whatever" says a depressed looking Lenny still writing on his notepad as he gets up

"Whats your deal Lenny?" asks a concerned Carrie

"Nothing!" says Lenny gripping hard on his notepad

Carrie motions towards Lenny's notepad and says "Gimme that!"

"Get your hands off!" snaps Lenny who pulls his notepad away from Carrie

"Whoa! .Sensitive!" says Carrie "I just wanted to to see what you was writing"

"Its lyrics to a new song I thought of" answers Lenny "I just finished it"

"Can I see?" asks Carrie

"Ok" says Lenny who gives Carrie his notepad "But don't laugh if you think its funny please"

Carrie reads the lyrics and makes a big smile and says "Lenny you are a damn genius!"

"R-Really?" asks a happy looking Lenny

"Yeah this will be good for our next- whoa!" says Carrie who trips and falls on Lenny and once they fall to the ground they accidentally kiss

Carrie instantly jumps up and blushes when she says "Sorry! I wasn't trying to-"

"I-I-I-I know it was all an accident" says a blushing Lenny who finishes Carrie's sentence "C-come on lets go to the others"

Carrie nods and starts walking with Lenny

Carrie and Lenny finally gets to Carrie's garage where the twins are ready to go.

"Hey what was taking you guys?" asks Kim

"Yeah was you guys making out or something?" jokes Konnie

"No!" denys a blushing Carrie and Lenny

"I was just showing Carrie some lyrics" says Lenny

"Yeah" replies Carrie

"Ok well lets go practice" says Kim "We need to be a step ahead of Grojband"

"Ok" says Carrie who then thinks to herself *I wonder what Riffin is up to now*


4 hours has now passed and Grojband has just finished practicing.

"Nice practice guys" says a satisfied Corey

"Well we got 3 hours before are parents start calling us to come home" says Kin

"So what you guys want to do before then?" asks Kon

"Hmmm I don't know what to do" says a pondering Corey

"Hey how about we go order a horror movie" says Laney

"Yeah thats a good idea!" says Kin

"So what movie are thinking of getting?" asks Corey

"I was thinking of getting "Murder School 2: Trevors Return" " smiles Laney

"Awesome!" says a happy Corey "I never saw the sequel"

"Me neither I heard it was good though" says Kon

"I heard the sequel beats the original" says Kin

"Ok now that we got that settled I'll go to the movie store to get it" says Laney

"Lemme come with you" says Corey

"Ok come on then" says Laney heading outside the garage door

"Alright" says Corey who follows Laney

"Don't fool around now kids" jokes Kin trying to mimic a female voice

"We won't mom!" laughs Corey as he and Laney leave


Corey and Laney arrive to the Movie store named Brickbuster[1] They enter the store where Laney bumps into a familiar face.

"Dominic?!" asks Laney

"Hey Laney" says the muscular teen "How you doing?"

"I'm good" smiles Laney

"Uh….who is this Lanes?" asks Corey

"Oh this is Dominic" says Laney "He's a good friend of mine. Without him you and me would probably still be in bad terms"

"Aww it was nothing" says Dominic rubbing the back of his head

"Really?! thanks dude I really am grateful" says Corey

"No problem" says Dominic

"Oh but can you keep our relationship secret?" asks Corey

"And why?" asks a confused Dominic

"Well we want to come out with it on our own" says Laney

"Ok then my lips are sealed" says Dominic doing a zipped lip gesture

"So Dominic what are you doing here?" asks Laney

"I'm coming to get a movie" answers Dominic

"Whats movie are you getting?" asks Corey

"Murder School 2: Trevors Return" replies Dominic

"Um sorry to break it to ya but we're getting that movie" smiles Corey

"Not if I got anything to say about it" says Dominic with a mischievous smile

"Wanna race for it?" says Corey with the same smile

"Um Core… Dom" says Laney

"Sure first one to the movie gets it" says Dominic "Laney you can sound us off"

"Ugh...whatever" says Laney "On your mark...get set…..GO!"

Corey and Dominic blast off through the movie store to get the movie. Corey and Dominic are neck and neck. Then suddenly Dominic trips over himself.

"OH CRAP!" yells Dominic falling

"See ya later Dumb-minic" teases Corey who has the movie now in his sights until someone unexpected gets in his way. He couldn't stop running and he runs into the person"

"Owww!" groans Corey "I'm so sorry I didn't mean to-"

Corey looks to see the person he bumps into and is shocked to see its a girl that he isn't fond of

"What the hell are you doing here?!" snaps Corey and the Girl

A/N: Who is that girl? Is it Carrie or is it someone from his past? Well we'll find out next chapter. Also whats gonna happen with Carrie and Lenny now throughout the story? Well anyways thanks for reading and please review. Until next time peace.

[1]- parody of blockbuster

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