Grojband Between Me & You


"Owww!" groans Corey "I'm so sorry I didn't mean to-"

Corey looks to see the person he bumps into and is shocked to see its a girl that he isn't fond of

"What the hell are you doing here?!" snaps Corey and the Girl

Corey stares at the same girl who he bumped into at the amusement and says "I thought I wouldn't see you"

"its Toni you asshole!" snaps the girl

"Ok Toni sorry for bumping into you…again" says Corey "I was just in a hurry to get my movie"

"Like I give a fuck what you was doing ass wipe" growls Toni

"Why are you so mean?" asks a annoyed Corey

"Because I feel like being mean got a problem with it?!" asks Toni

"Yeah but you are the least of my worries" says Corey who then gets up and goes and retrieves the movie

"Hey! Where the fuck you think you're going with that video?!" asks Toni

"I'm going to rent it" says Corey

"Oh no you're not!" snaps Toni "I'm gonna rent it"

Suddenly a boy comes rushing in to the scene. He looks to be a tad older than Toni probably by a month or two. He has hazel eyes with strawberry blond colored hair. its a normal hairstyle well except for one piece that is gelled to make a point. He has a average build. The boy is wearing a graphic t with some jeans and Jordans. He is wearing a shark tooth necklace and 4 wristband with 2 on each wrist. He also has a long scar on his left arm and what looks like a vampire bite on his right wrist but its covered by his wristbands.

"Toni calm down" says the boy holding Toni back

"Brade let me go!" says Toni

Dominic finally catches up to Corey with Laney alongside him and spots the current situation

"Hey Corey whats going on?" asks a concerned Dominic

"Yeah and why is that girl yelling?" asks Laney

"Well I just bumped into an acquaintance that I really didn't want to bump into" says Corey

"Yeah and now Imma do what I should've done when I ran into you at the amusement park" snaps Toni "And thats kicking your ass"

Laney's eyes turn into fireballs and gets in front of Corey and says with a evil smile while cracking her knuckles "I like to see you try it bitch"

A trembling Dominic who is holding onto an also trembling Corey says "Dude I'm scared"

Corey looks at Dominic and says "You're not the only one man"

"Wait!" pleads Brady "Look I'm sorry for all this but can we just solve this without violence please?"

Laney loses the fireballs in her eyes and says "Sure as long as your girlfriend there is cool with it"

"G-G-G-Girlfriend?!" exclaims Toni and Brady

"No no no no no me and Brady are just good friends" says a slightly blushing Toni

"Yeah we're just good friends" says Brady

"Whatever" says Laney

"So um are we good now?" asks Corey who stops trembling and holding on to Dominic

"Yeah we're good" says Brady with a smile "Sorry for all that"

"You're good" says Corey "It wasn't your fault"

"Yeah it was yours" says Toni

"Calm down Toni" says Brady

"But he took the movie" whines Toni

"Forget about it we'll get it next time" says Brady "There are other movies"

"Whatever" growls Toni who then walks away

Brady sighs and then follows Toni

"Brady I'll pray for you dude" says Corey

"Thanks man" says Brady as he continues to follow Toni

"Well with all that over with its time to rent this movie" says Corey

"Aww man and I really wanted it too" pouts Dominic

"How about you come with us to look at it" says Laney

"Really can I?" asks Dominic

"Sure the more the merrier" smiles Corey

With that Corey rents the movie and the trio heads to his house


Corey, laney, and Dominic are a block away from Corey's house.

"So Dominic quick question where do you live?" asks Corey

"Oh I live around 35th Peace Drive" answer Dominic

"Oh" says Corey "Thats

At that moment a loud bang noise is heard

"What the hell was that?!" says the trio in unison

All of a sudden they see someone drop from a nearby building. It comes out to be a boy that looks to be Corey's age. The boy has blue eyes and blue hair that is spiked horizontally on the back and hawk like on the nose which is covered by a black hat with a thunderbolt on it. He has a skinny but athletic physique. He' is wearing a black shirt with a skull on it with black sweatpants and black and white converses. He also has a Airsoft AK-47 on his back and a bear claw scar on his face. The boy turns around and sees the trio looking at him.

"Oh Shit!" exclaims the boy who then runs away

"Hey wait!" says Corey who tries to go after the boy

The boy then flips onto a black and red motorcycle

"See ya" says the boy who gives Corey the two finger salute before revving the motorcycle and dashing off.

"Who the fuck was that?" says Corey

Laney and Dominic catches up to Corey

"Core what happened?" asks Laney

"I tried catching up to him but he was too fast for me" says Corey

"Hey guys" says Dominic looking off somewhere and pointing

"Dom whats wrong man?" asks Laney

"Look" says Dominic pointing at a nearby house

There was someone standing on the roof of a nearby house. The person jumped off the roof and landed 10 yards away from the trio. The trio couldn't see the person's person was wearing a Yellow hoodie with his hood up and they also was wearing black sweatpants and what looks to be Jordans. The person was rather short around 5'4 or person had a sword in their hand.

"If I was you guys I would go home now" says the person who turns out to be a boy who points his sword towards the trio.

Without saying a word the trio nodded their heads and fled from the scene.


The trio arrive to the front of Corey's house gasping for air.

"Whooo" says a exhausted Corey "Now that was tiring"

"You said it" says Laney and Dominic

"Ok we keep what we saw secret k" says Corey

"K" says Laney and Dominic

"Alright lets go in" says Corey

The trio walks in the house and go to the living room to meet up with Kin and Kon

"We're back guys" says Laney "Ready to see the movie"

"Totally!" says a happy Kon

"Hey who is this?" asks Kin who is looking at Dominic

"Oh he's a friend" says Corey "He wanted to see the movie so I said he can look at it with us"

"Sup names Dominic" says Dominic

"Oh ok cool " says Kin "Oh and before I forget Corey Trina just came home a little while ago"

"Oh ok" says Corey

"Who is Trina?" asks Dominic

"Shes Core's older sister" answers Laney

"Oh so shes around my age then I guess" says Dominic

"Yep" says Laney

"Well now that we got all that out of the way guys its movie time!" says a excited Corey


The movie just ended and everyone was behind the couch shaking in terror at the ending of the film

"Now I don't feel like going to school after looking at this" says a shaking Kin

"Me too" says Kon

"That movie was too good" says Dominic

"You got that right" agrees Corey "Why did he have to throw Kevin into the wood chipper?!"

"Please don't bring that up!" pleads Laney "I'm trying to get that out of my head!"

After a few minutes everyone was back to normal and Kin's phone started to ring

"Hello?" says Kin answering the phone

"Kin its time for you and Kon to come home" says a woman on the other end

"Ok mom" says Kin who starts walking to the front door "Come on Kon we gotta go"

"Ok see ya guys" says Kon as he follows Kin and leaves the house

"See ya" says Corey, Laney, and Dominic

"Well I should be heading home too" says Dominic

"Be careful dude" says Corey

"I know" replies Dominic who then heads towards the front door "Later"

And with that its just Corey and Laney alone together

"So….whats next?" asks Corey

"Well I'm about to take a shower" smiles Laney

"Huh?" says a dumbfounded Corey "But you don't have no spare clothes"

"Yes I do" says Laney "I was able to get Allie to go to my place and bring my stuff to your house"

"When did you have time to contact her?" asks curious Corey

"When you and Dominic was racing for the movie" says Laney

"But the race didn't last long though" says Corey

"I work fast when I want to" says Laney "Anyways I'm off to take a shower"

"Ok" says Corey


Laney is now getting out of the shower and has her towel wrapped around her and she hears a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" asks Laney

"Your secret admirer" jokes Corey on the other side of the door "You done yet I gotta take my shower"

"Oh really?" smiles Laney who then opens the door to see her boyfriend "Its all yours"

"Oh….you shouldn't have" says a mesmerized Corey

"Well I'm gonna be in the room so if you need me I'll be there" says Laney who leaves the bathroom

"K" says Corey who then goes to take his shower

15 minutes have passed and Corey is now in the room in bed with Laney cuddled up and looking at tv

"Hey Core" says Laney "Think we'll be in the same classes like we was in middle school"

"I hope so" smiles Corey "School would be less boring that way"

"Yeah you're right about that" says Laney who kisses Corey and gets the tv remote and turns off the tv

Its now Monday morning and Grojband is at the entrance of the school

"Well here we are gang" smiles Kin

"Our high school lives start today" says Corey "Alright Gang lets move out and get our class schedules"

Grojband then retrieves their schedules and they were not too happy

"Aww man" says Laney "We don't have the same classes guys"

"Yes we do Lanes" says Corey "At least we all have sixth period together and look you and me have last period together so its not that bad"

"True" says Laney

"Well me and Kon have first, second, and third period together" says Kin

"Ok guys now that we know our schedules we'll meet up at the cafeteria at lunch and talk about what we'll do after school"

"Roger!" says the gang

At that moment the gang hears someone says "Wassup guys!"

The gang turn around to see Dominic running towards the gang but then accidentally trips himself and rolls over to them

"Ooooo" says Grojband cringing in pain from Dominic's spill

Corey helps Dominic up and says "I didn't know you go here"

"You never asked" smiles Dominic "Anyways when I saw you guys I had to come over and say wassup"

"Well its good to see a another friend is here" says Laney

"Yeah I know" agrees Dominic "Well it was good seeing you guys I gotta hurry up to class"

"Ok see ya" says the gang

"Well guys its time for us to go to our homeroom" says Corey

"Alright then guys good luck" says Kon

"Same to you" says Laney

With that the band go their separate ways to go to class.


Corey is first to enter his class and sits in the middle row of the room

"Well looks like I'm the first one here" says Corey who then decides to take a quick nap

then suddenly Corey hears the door of the classroom open and he sees unexpected happen. Carrie Beff enters the classroom.

"Oh lookie here" says a now happy Carrie "Hey there classmate"

"Oh looks like I'm having another nightmare" says a denying Corey "I'll wake up in a few and she we be all gone"

Carrie smiles and walks towards Corey and says "Then if this isn't real then you wouldn't mind if I do this"

At that point Carrie motions her face to Corey's

"Oh hell no!" snaps Corey who finally comes back to reality "You're actually here!"

"Yep and I will be here for the rest of the school year classmate" smiles Carrie

A/N: Why? Why?! Why does it have to be like this?! I kinda feel bad for Corey. I wonder whats gonna happen next? Also the last two OCs have made their appearance and also just to let you know I made two OCs that was already set to appear in the story and the first one just made their appearance. Anyways thanks for reading and please review and until next time peace!

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