Grojband Between Me & You

Hastur The Unspeakable

"Oh hell no!" snaps Corey who finally comes back to reality "You're actually here!"

"Yep and I will be here for the rest of the school year classmate" smiles Carrie

"I don't see why you're so happy" says Corey "You gets no love from me"

"Oh really?" asks Carrie with a seductive smile

"Yep" answers Corey

"Well I guess we gotta change that then" smiles Carrie

"No we don't I like it just how its" retorts Corey

The door opens again and two familiar faces enter

"Why the fuck are you in my class room" says Toni who face palms herself

"Hey Corey" says Brady

"Hey Brady" smiles Corey who then frowns and says "Hey Toni"

"Fuck you" growls Toni

"Sorry I don't like you like that" jokes Corey

Brady laughs and Toni stares daggers at him which makes him turn around and try to hold in the laughs.

"Whatever" says Toni who then walks to the left side of the classroom to sit at a table that is next to the window.

"Hey Corey good one man" smiles Brady who then follows Toni

Carrie now somewhat mad for being ignored says "Um hello"

"Oh I forgot you was here" smiles Corey "Goes to show that you're a non-factor to me"

"Hmmm ok playing hard to get huh?" smiles Carrie

At that exact moment the door opens and other students come into the classroom. Some of the students already knew each other so they sat down to their friends. Sooner than later the teacher also came in the then sits down next to Corey which makes him annoyed

"Do you have someone else to bug with?" asks Corey

"Nope just you" says Carrie

"Alright class" says the teacher "Hello and welcome to Peaceville high my name is and I will be your first period teacher for your freshman year. I teach social studies and I-

The door opens and a student enters. The boy appears to be caucasian and he is wearing a black zip up hoodie with his hood pulled up. Underneath the hoodie is what looks to be a black baggy short sleeved tee alongside that he is wearing black baggy jeans and black sneakers. From his appearance he seems to have a lean yet fairly muscular and athletic physique. He has pearl black hair which is short and shaggy with red eyes. Also on the side of his neck is the word "WHY?" tattooed on it.

"Hello" says the boy in a depressed manner

"Hello there and who are you?" asks

"I'm Sam….Sam Gavlee" says the boy "This is my first period class"

"Oh welcome" smiles "Well just stay standing for now"

"And why is that?" asks a curious Sam

"Because I will be assigning seats now" smiles

"UGHH!" groans the class

"Now now I don't wanna hear it" says "Just get up and get to the front of the classroom so I can seat you"

All the students get up and heads to the front. One by one the students are placed in their seats according to . Then Corey hears his name called.

"Ok Riffin you will sit there" says pointing to where Corey was already sitting at before getting up

Corey then walks to his assigned seat and sits down

"Ok now and Beff you will sit next to Riffin" says

Once Corey hears those words with a face of pure shock he thinks to himself *You gotta be fucking kidding me?!*

Carrie then walks and sits next to a still horrified Corey

"Wassup names Carrie" jokes Carrie

"Leave me alone please" says Corey

then puts Toni and Brady back to the desks they were already sitting at and then finishes assigning seats when he sends Sam to the desk in the back.

"Ok now class now we will be start with introductions I will point you out and you introduce yourselves ok" says

"Ok" agrees the class

"Hmmm I wonder how everyone is doing" says Corey under his breath


The twins are in 's Science class. Kon is was assigned a table in the back in the back of the class and he was dead sleep. While Kin on the other hand was in the front of the class and was having trouble concentrating because he was too busy trying to keep his cool because he was sitting between his crush Kim and his classmate Brianna Allison.


In Laney's classroom there is already controversy and its just the first day of school. And Laney is in on it.

"You know what I don't like already!" says a girl who points at Laney

The girl has white skin and short red and blue hair which is similar to Laney's but its naturally curly. The girl has a skinny physique and with red eyes like a vampire which is complemented with black eyeliner black mascara. She is wearing a leather jacket with a blue rock and roll tee underneath it with black super skinny jeans and combat boot which are similar to Laney's. She is also wearing a hit girl necklace and a heart ankle bracelet.

"Like I said I was sorry!" says Laney who gets in the girls face "And for your information I'm not too fond of you either!"

"You wanna take this outside bitch?!" snaps the girl

"Glady" smiles Laney with fireballs for eyes

The teacher who is a woman in her mid twenties was too afraid of stopping the two.

"Um Celicia….Laney" says the teacher " stop this"

The girls turn to look at the teacher and says "Huh?!"

The teacher then cowers under her desk. But then the classroom door opens and a student enters with a gust of wind entering with student looks to be in their early teens. The student short around 5'4 and is wearing a yellow hoodie with the hood up with black sweatpants and Jordans. The person's face cannot be seen through the Hoodie. A sword is strapped around their back.

"Hello" says The hooded boy "Sorry for being late to class. My name is Ikeem its nice to meet you"

"OH NO!" says a Celicia "Why is he here?!"

"Y-Y-You know him?!" asks a trembling Laney

"He was in my middle school" says Celicia "Him and his older sister are famous at our school. He's a highly skilled fighter and swordsman. One time he was jumped by twenty delinquents and he beat them all in just one minute. Also rumor has it he is a part time Assassin."

At that moment Laney gulps at Celicia's last sentence and says "Really?"

"Yeah" answers Celicia "He never really talks to people and no one has seen that hoodie down nor his face. Because of that we gave him the name Hastur the Unspeakable[1]"

Ikeem looks out to the class and spots Celicia and Laney and he walks towards them

"Hey there Celicia" says Ikeem who then looks at Laney and says "Hey there redhead didn't think I would see you so soon"

A scared Laney thinks to herself *I have to warn Core!*


Back in 's class the class is about to start their introduction until the door opens and a student walks comes out to be a boy that looks to be Corey's age. The boy has blue eyes and blue hair that is spiked horizontally on the back and hawk like on the nose which is covered by a black hat with a thunderbolt on it. He has a skinny but athletic physique. He' is wearing a black shirt with a skull on it with black sweatpants and black and white converses. He also has a Airsoft AK-47 on his back and a bear claw scar on his face. At that time Corey had his head down so he doesn't see the boy.

"Sorry I'm late I overslept" says the boy with zero enthusiasm when he walks in

"What is your name young man?" asks

"Dan" says the boy "But everyone calls me "Blaze"

"Well Dan you can sit over at that seat in front of Corey" says "Corey stand up real quick"

When Corey stands up he sees Dan and they yelled in unison "YOU!"

A/N: Uh Oh unlikely encounters! Who would've thought it! Thanks for reading and please review. Until next time peace!

[1]- A deity in H.P lovecraft's novels. Its true form is unknown, but usually manifests either as a polypous, ravenous floating mass endowed with tentacles, drills and suckers or, more frequently, as the King in Yellow, a humanoid being wearing tattered, yellow clothes and a mask hiding the face. I have Hastur's human form as my profile pic

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