Grojband Between Me & You


"Well Dan you can sit over at that seat in front of Corey" says "Corey stand up real quick"

When Corey stands up he sees Dan and they yelled in unison "YOU!"

The class looks at Dan and Corey unaware of how they know each other

" you know each other?" asks Mr. Rock

"Yeah" says Corey who then sits back down

"Sort of" added Dan who then walks to his seat and sits down

"Well that was awkward" says Mr. Rock "Anyways its introduction time"

With the introductions starting Corey was sitting down and was thinking to himself *I gotta let Lanes and Dom know asap*


Back in Laney's class she and Celicia is approached by the hooded boy known as "Hastur The Unspeakable"

"Sorry but are you scared of me?" asks Ikeem who tilts his head in confusion

All Laney and Celicia does is stare at him. He then walks towards Laney which makes her flinch

"Well whatever" shrugs Ikeem who then walks to his seat but before that when he walks past Laney he mutters "Oh and don't worry I'm not going to hurt you guys"

With that Laney turns to look at him as he sits down on his seat. After that Laney and Celicia look at each other and sit back down. Laney then whips her cell phone out and starts to text Corey and Dominic


In class the students are doing their introductions and Toni is picked to introduce herself

"Look here now my name is Toni" says the grumpy Toni "I don't really like anything and I hate a lot of things."

With that she sits down and Brady is then picked to introduce himself.

"Hello everyone glad to meet you all" says Brady "My name is Brady I like to chill with friends and live life.

Brady then sits down and then Sam is picked

"My name is Sam" says the depressing Sam "I like what I like and I hate what I hate"

Sam quickly sits down and Dan stands up to do his

"Wassup my name is Dan but everyone calls me Blaze" says Dan with no enthusiasm "I like Tacos, non-alcoholic beer, rock and roll, seafood, computers, guitars, and other shit. I hate salad, rules, seagulls, and last but not least school"

After that Dan sits down and Corey is pointed to stand up

"Hey everyone my name is Corey" smiles Corey "I like to rock out with my band, chill with my friends, and live life to the fullest. I hate the Newmans, sometimes my sister Trina, and Carrie Beff who is right now sitting next to me"

After that Corey sits down and Carrie does her introduction. Instead of listening to Carrie's introduction Corey feels his phone vibrate. So he checks to see what's going and he sees its a text from Laney.

The text says "The hooded guy from last night is in my class Core!". With that Corey said to himself *Oh no*


Dominic is in his classroom where he is sitting next to a pretty curvy ebony skinned girl. The girl is wearing a purple hoodie with her hood down, Long black sweatpants, and Nikes. She has long black hair with purple streaks in it which is complemented with her purple eyes.

"So whats your name big boy?" smiles the girl

"Dominic and whats yours?" smiles Dominic

"Angelique" says the girl

"So Angelique are you new here I never seen you around here?" asks Dominic

"Nope" answers Angelique "I've been here since freshman year. You just must've never saw me"

"Oh" says Dominic "Well you wanna get to know each other?"

"I thought you would never ask" smiles Angelique

All of a sudden an eraser is thrown between the two teens. The two teens look on and see their teacher who is an woman in her mid 40's and who has a frowned expression on her face.

"You two over there! Stop talking!: snaps the teacher

The two lower their heads in cowardice and say "Sorry "

"Don't be Sorry be careful" says who then goes back to her lesson

At that moment Dominic and Angelique her a vibrating noise and they check their phones to see if they got a message.

Dominic saw that he has just received from Laney and he went to read it. His face went blank when he saw the message said "The hooded dude from last night is in my Class!"

"Oh shit" mumbles the shocked Dominic

"Huh? Whats wrong Dominic?" asks Angelique

"Um nothing" smiles a lying Dominic "I just remembered I forgot to do something at my place thats all. Are you good?"

"Oh I'm good" smiles Angelique "My little brother just text me saying he saw one of his friends at school and that he wants me to meet them and all. And how I just met my future husband"

"Oh awesome!" smiles a blushing Dominic who then says to himself *I need to find Corey and Laney after class quick*

Back to Corey Transition!

The Class is being assigned an assignment by Mr. Rock.

"Ok now class I'm about to pair you up to do an assignment" says Mr. Rock

starts pairing students up one by one. He then pairs Carrie up with Sam, which makes Carrie upset.

"Why do I gotta pair up with all dark and lonely" whines Carrie who rises from her seat

"Hey you ain't no prize yourself" retorts Sam "I'd rather work alone you would only slow me down"

"Look you two will work together or can get a F for your first grade its your choice" says Mr. Rock

"Ok" sighs the Carrie and Sam

"Ok and finally Corey and Dan" says Mr. Rock

Dan who is seating in front of Corey turns to look at Corey and smiles when he says "What up partner?"

"Ok now this is an easy assignment" says Mr. Rock "All you have to do is talk with your partner and see if you guys have anything in common. You will make a venn diagram and list what you two share in common what you two don't ok"

"Um what are we getting out of this?" asks Toni raising her hand

"Well it will help me be able to know which students to pair up with when it comes to group assignments" smiles Mr. Rock

"Then why have us do the introduction then?" asks Sam "Doesn't that help you know how to pair us?"

"Kinda but that was just to see what kind of attitude you guys have" says "Anyways I don't feel like doing work today so just do it will ya"

"Ok don't gotta tell us twice" says Corey

With that the pairs sit next to each other and start their assignment. Dan sits in Carries now empty seat and starts talking.

"So got any questions?" asks Dan

"Yeah Blaze was it?" asks Corey

"Yeah" says Dan

"What was you doing out there last night?" asks Corey

"Wow and I thought I was gonna be asked my favorite color or something" chuckles Dan

"I'm serious man" says Corey

"Well I was just playing a game of tag thats all" says Dan

"Really you actually think I'm gonna believe that?" asks Corey

"Yeah" says Dan "I just tagged my friend and I was running away from him.I believe you and your friends met him while I left"

Corey's eyes widen as he connects the dots.

"You mean that yellow hoodie dude was-" says Corey

"Yep" says Dan who finishes Corey sentence "We was playing tag and he got pissed when I tagged him"

"Oh well why did you run away when you saw us?" asks Corey

"I didn't want him to tag me back" says Dan

"Oh well sorry then" says Corey

"You're good dude" says Dan

"But your friend is he cool" asks Corey

"Yeah he's cool most of the time" says Dan "But sometimes he can too feminine at times"

"Why you say that?" asks a chuckling Corey

"You don't wanna know" smiles Dan

"Ok whatever you say" says Corey

"So well looks like it my turn to ask questions" says Dan "So what type of your music does you and your band play?"

"Rock music of course" smiles Corey

"Sweet me and my band does too" smiles Dan

"You have a band?!" asks Corey

"Yeah our name is Thundervolt" answers Dan

"Our band name is Grojband" says Corey

"Cool well looks like we got something in common" says Dan

"Well my turn" says Corey

Minutes pass and Corey and Dan asks question after question and they find out that they have a lot in common.

"You know what Blaze?" says Corey "You're a pretty cool dude man"

"Likewise Corey" says Dan

While Dan and Corey was becoming good friends. Laney was in a crazy predicament. She and the hooded boy had to carry some paperwork to the office for .

"How did I get in this shit" mumbles Laney walking with a huge stack of paperwork

"Wow am I that frightening to be around?" says Ikeem putting his down in disappointment

"Lemme see...yes" says a blunt Laney "You look too intimidating"

"Well I can't help it" says Ikeem "I'm a shy around people but when I have my hood on I feel more relieved. Anyways I'm sorta cursed"

"Huh?" says a dumbfounded Laney "What do you mean?"

"You don't wanna know" says Ikeem "Lets just keep going"

Laney and Ikeem finally finish their little delivery and are heading back to class

"Hey Ikeem" says Laney

"Yeah" says Ikeem

"I wanted to ask you this earlier but what were you doing last night" asks Laney

"Oh a friend of mine pissed me off so I was looking for him" says Ikeem

"Oh then why did you approach us like you did?" asks Laney

"Well I didnt want innocent people involved so I just wanted to scare you gus away thats all" answers Ikeem

"Oh ok" says Laney "Oh and also whats this about you and your older sister?" asks Laney

"Well my kinda of what you would called a temptress of sorts" answers Ikeem "She like me wears a hoodie but hers is purple though. She has long black hair with purple streaks in it and oh yeah she has purple eyes too. And guess what here favorite color is?

"Oh my gosh thats like so hard to answer!" jokes Laney in a girly girl manner "Is it like purple?"

"Like yeah!" jokes Ikeem in a girly manner

The two stop and laugh a little bit together before cotinuing to walk back to class

"Also she can be quite the Succubus" says Ikeem

"Wow" chuckles Laney "Seriously she's that bad?"

"Yes and no" answers Ikeem "She's not as that type of bad as you know sleeping with people. Its just that she tempts alot of guys. Sometimes she gets guys attention and she doesn't even do anything"

"Wow she must be pretty popular" says Laney

"Nope shes not really one of those popularity hungry bitches" rebukes Ikeem

"Oh really?" asks a shocked Laney

"Yep" answers Ikeem "Shes more chill but she isn't afraid to speak her mind"

"Wow I'm shocked" says Laney

"Yeah most people aRE!" says Ikeem who falls down and his hoodie goes down

Laney gets a good look at Ikeem's face and she is shocked at what she sees

"Whoa I never knew…" says a surprised Laney

A/N: Wonder whats got Laney so shoked about? Well thats it for now. Thanks for reading and please review. Until next time peace!

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