Grojband Between Me & You


"I never knew… you was so good looking" says a surprised Laney who looks at the face of "Hastur The Unspeakable"

He has ebony colored skin with a brush cut and a handsome face that was complemented with hazel eyes.

"Why are you so afraid to show your face?" asks Laney who then sees something freaky

As soon as she asks her question his right eye color changes from hazel to light green

"What….the fuck?!" mutters Laney as she sees Ikeem's right eye change

Ikeem notices Laney's reaction and quickly pulls back up his hood.

"Come on lets get back to class" says Ikeem as he gets up and starts walking back to class

Laney nods her head and follows him back. They soon head back to class and Laney with a shocked expression on her face sits down and stays that way until the bell rings for 2nd period. As Laney is walking in the hallway out she is then tapped on the shoulder by her classmate Celicia.

"Um what the fuck is wrong with you?" asks a curious Celicia

"I-I-I-I saw his face" says a stammering Laney

"Whose face?" asks Celicia


Celicia then slaps a stuttering Laney across her face two times and says "Get yourself together girl! and tell me who face you saw and make it quick I gotta hurry to second period!"

"It wa-wa-was Ikeem's" says Laney

"Huh?" says a dumbfounded Celicia "You mean Hastur?"

Laney nods her head to confirm. moments later Celicia bursts out in laughter and says "Yeah right! If you saw his face then I'm gonna bump into my future husband today"

"I'm serious Celicia!" says Laney "He was good looking and he had these hazel eyes but after a few seconds his right eye turned light green"

"Oh just like the hulk right" giggles Celicia "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry!"

"Seriously Celicia" say Laney

"Call me Avril" says Celicia

"Ok Avril but I'm serious I saw his face" pleads Laney

"Whatever I just wasted my time here with you" says Celicia who walks away "See ya later"

"Bu...whatever then lemme just head to class" says Laney who then walks off

But the two didn't know they was being watched by a ebony beauty in a purple hoodie.

"Damn someone seen his face" says Angelique who then smiles when she says "Looks like I will have to silence this Laney girl"

About 5 minutes passed since Celicia walked away from Laney. She accidently bumps into a depressing Sam Gavlee and falls down

"Hey watch where the fuck you're going!" snaps Celicia and Sam in unison "Me?! You're the one that...Ugh! Forget it! Stop mocking me! No you stop! Ugh! Do you think you're funny?! No! Do you?! Ahhh!"

After that they get up from the ground they get in each others face

"Oh so you wanna go?!" asks a pissed Celicia

"Whenever you're ready bitch" says a pissed Sam

"And you would actually hit a female?! I'm shocked" says Celicia

"Yeah I wouldn't hit a female but I'll beat a bitches ass!" snaps Sam

As soon as both Celicia and Sam was about to duke it out A big muscular man picked them up by their horse collars

"You two to the principal's office now!" says the man who then drags them to the principal's office

"Aww fuck!" screams Celicia and Sam as they're dragged away


Corey and Dan are chatting

"So who do you have for second period dude?" asks Dan

"Um math looks like it" says Corey "My teachers name is Mr. Peterson"

"Same here" smiles Dan "This is awesome we got first and second period together!"

"I know right!" smiles Corey

After Corey's last remark they start heading to their second period class. When they arrive Corey is welcomed with a familiar face.

"Hi Corey" smiles Brianna who hugs Corey

"Oh hey Bri" says Corey "So this is your second period class?"

"Yep" smiles Brianna

"Well this is great" smiles Corey "This should be fun"

"Yeah I know right?!" says Brianna

At that moment Corey started to think *How is Lanes doing?*

Back To Laney Transition!

Laney has arrived to her second period class and as she enters the classrom she runs into her archrival Lenny.

"Oh no this isn't happening!" snaps Laney "We can't be in the same class!"

"It looks like thats how it is" says a blank Lenny "So just deal with it Lame-y!"

"You know what Le-nerd I really don't need your insults right now!" snaps Laney

"Whatever we need to talk" says Lenny

"And why?" asks Laney

"You'll find out" says Lenny "I'll come by your place tonight k"

"Whatever" says Laney who is thinking to herself *Like hell I'm gonna let you in my house or even talk to him*

"Just know I wouldn't be coming to your house to talk about something petty" says Lenny "So please hear me out"

"Whatever" says a slightly blushing Laney *Why do I feel so weird after he said that? I wonder how the others are doing? Probably better than me*

Kin and Kon Transition

"Holy shit" says Kin who looks to see his crush Kim and her twin Konnie enter his and his brother's second period class.

As soon as the pair of twins gave gave each other eye contact. Kin and Kim started blushing and Kon and Konnie got in each others faces.

"So let the war commence" says Kon who is staring at Konnie with eyes of hatred

"You're so gonna lose" says Konnie who gives Kon the same stare

Kin face palms himself and mumbles "This is gonna be a long second period class this year"

Time passes and before the band knew it Lunch time has begun. Grojband met up at the location and started discussing about school so far.

"Well hows everybodys day so far?" asks Corey "Mines been fine so far"

"Its been crazy so far for second to fourth periods the Newman twins have been in my classes!" says Kin "And Kim is in our first period"

"Yeah I've been at war with Konnie all day so far" says Kon

"Yeah your so called staring war got you a dry erase board eraser to the head bro" says Kin

At that moment Toni and Brady show up out of nowhere and Corey decided to call them over

"Hey Toni and Brady" says Corey who making come over here gestures

"What?!" says an abrasive Toni

"Come sit with us theres enough room for you guys" smiles Corey

"Um...ok" says Brady who sits down

At first Toni was about to leave but she then sat down next to Brady

"So what you guys up to?"asks Brady

"Oh talking about our days so far" answers Kon

"Hows you twos day been?" asks Laney

"Well its been ok I guess" says Brady

"Ok?! its been horrible so far!" says a pissed Toni "First period with that annoying blue haired bitch is miserable, Second period it gets no better because she is right there with me again! oh and third period looks like her friend is with her and they get on my fucking nerves and fourth period some bitch named Celicia was getting on my damn nerves"

"Man Toni you sure are a handful" sighs Brady "Its hard to calm her down"

"Oh so you two have the same classes then?" asks Kin

"Yep" says Brady

"We pray for your safety Brady" says the band in unison while bowing

"And whats that suppose to mean?!" snaps Toni

"Nothing Toni" says Corey "Just enjoy your lunch"

Toni flips Corey the bird before eating her lunch

Corey then sighs and says to Brady "What school did you guys come from?"

"Peaceville Middle" answers Brady

"Huh?!" says a shocked Grojband

"I never saw you guys during eighth grade year" says Laney

"Well thats because we skipped a grade duh? smart one!" says Toni

*Ok I'm really starting to hate her* thinks Laney

"Really?" says a shocked Kon "So that means you two are like super smart and all that right?"

"Yeah Einstein" says a sarcastic Toni

"Yeah we aced all of our classes with ease" says Brady "Toni was the top student and I was the runner up"

"Seriously?" asks a surprised Kon

"Yeah" answers Brady "She might be all mean and gloomy but she is a smart girl"

"You don't need to tell them that" says a slightly blushing Toni

"Sorry" says Brady

"Well I hope we can become good friends" smiles Corey

"Yeah me too" says Brady

"Whatever" says Toni

"Well back to the previous discussion" says Corey "So Lanes how is your day so far"

"Well it is crazy so far" says Laney

At that moment someone comes behind Laney

"Yeah I bet it was" says the person with a feminine voice

Laney turns around from her seat to see a ebony skinned beauty with long black hair with purple streaks in her hair. She is wearing a purple hoodie with her hood pulled down and she is wearing black sweatpants and Nikes. She also has purple eyes and they staring deep into her.

"So you're the one who saw his face huh?" smiles Angelique

"Wha-wha-what are you talking about?" asks Laney

"You know what I'm talking about" smiles Angelique

Laney then thinks to herself as she looks at the girl *Wait a minute those eyes, that hoodie, that hair, and those purple streaks*

"Lanes who is she?" asks Corey

"Corey remember the hooded guy from last night?"

Corey nods to confirm

"What is going on?" ask the twins Brady, and Toni

Laney and Corey sighs and tell the gang the event

"So who is she" asks the Gang

At that moment Dominic walks up and grabs her by the waist

"Shes my new girlfriend" smiles Dominic

Everyones jaws drop when they hear those words from Dominic

"And I'm that hoodie boy's sister" says Angelique finishing Laney's sentence "My name is Angelique and its a pleasure to meet you all"

A/N: FIRST OC PAIRING! I wonder how this will effect the gang and whats with Hastur's eyes? And what is going on with Laney with Lenny?! Well thanks for reading and please review. Until next time peace!

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