Grojband Between Me & You

No Way!

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Suddenly someone sneaks up on Corey and covers his eyes."Guess Who?" says the the mysterious person with a feminine voice

"Lanes is that you?" asks Corey

"Yep" answers the red head with a smile on her face

Corey turns around when he hears her voice and says "Lanes where were you I was worried about you?"

Lanes blushes a little once she hears Corey says he was worried and says "Sorry I got kinda held up my mother tried to make me wear something more girly but I was able to escape when she turned around"

"Well you look good the way you are" complemented Core. *Wait a minute why am I'm saying some old cliche complement to Lanes* thinking Corey

"Um… Thanks Core" smiles a blushing Laney *Ok calm down it just Core being nice as always* thinking Laney *But why did it feel like there was more feeling in it though*

"Hey guys what are you doing we need to hurry up and go in before the lines for the rides get long" says Kin

"Oh sorry about that guys come on Lanes" says Corey who grabs hold of Laney's hand to pull her towards the entrance

Lanes starts blushing like crazy as Corey is holding her hand as they hurry up towards the entrance of the amusement park. But when the gang is together Lanes sees something she didn't want to see and she says "No fucking way!"

"What's wrong Lanes" asks the boys worried

Lanes with daggers in her eyes points and says "Look over there. It's the Newmans"

"Oh crap not them" says Kon

"I really don't feel like arguing with them today guys" says Corey who then steals a glance at Laney and blushes when he says "Besides I got better things to worry about"

From the corner of Laney's vision she see Corey looking at her and blushing at her and she then says under her breath with a smile on her face "No fucking way!"

Corey and the gang try to blend in with the crowd so the Newmans wouldn't see them but unfortunately Carrie spots Corey and the gang so she goes to where they are and so does her band to cause some controversy.

"Well well well look what we got here gang?" says Carrie as she walks towards Corey and the gang.

Each of the band members came face to face with their rivals. They all gave each other hateful looks except for Lenny who was slightly blushing at Laney which both surprised and creeped her out.

"We better not see you guys around here or there will be trouble you got that Riffin?!" snaps Carrie

"Whatever you say darling" says Corey sarcastically

With Corey's last remark Carrie blushes and says "Whatever you better remember what I told you!" after that Carrie and her crew starts to walk away.

"Ugh man those Newmans piss me off!" says a irritated Kon

"Yeah…. you said it" says a still creeped out Laney

"You ok Lanes?" asks Kin

"I'm good" says Laney. *Why was Lenny looking at me like that?* Laney says thinking to herself

"Well where you guys wanna go to first?" asks Corey

"I wanna go to the Vomit Rocket!" shouts the twins in unison

"They say that every person who's ridden it has puked" says Kin.

"Yeah and me and Kin are gonna try and be the first people ever to come out not puking" says Kon with enthusiasm

"Well I wanted to go check out the Rockin Roller coaster" says Corey. "They said is has a 250 ft drop and you can listen to rock music during the ride!" smiles Corey "What about you Lanes?"

When Lanes is asked where she would like to go she says "I wanna go on the Rockin Roller coaster too but I'm kinda afraid of heights though"

Corey puts his hand on Laney's shoulder and says with a smile"Don't worry Lanes you won't be alone you got me".

Laney eyes turns into pink hearts from Corey's words and says "Ok"

"Corey and Lanes sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" says the twins while in unison

"Awww shut up!" snaps Laney

The twins laugh and Kin says "Well we will gett going"

"We'll call you two when we get off ok" says Kon

Corey nods in agreement and says "Ok and we'll do the same"

With that the gang go their separate ways with Kin and Kon going to the Vomit Rocket and Corey and Laney going to the Rockin Roller coaster.

"Hmm the line isn't all that long" says Laney relieved."It looks like its gonna be at least a hour wait though"

"Yeah well its better than waiting three hours" says Corey

Corey and Laney head to the line to wait to go on the ride when they suddenly bump into a couple which to their horror are the Newman's Carrie and Lenny

"OH NO!" snaps Laney

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