Grojband Between Me & You

Wrecking Ball

At that moment Dominic walks up and grabs her by the waist

"Shes my new girlfriend" smiles Dominic

Everyone's jaws drop when they hear those words from Dominic

"And I'm that hoodie boy's sister" says Angelique finishing Laney's sentence "My name is Angelique and its a pleasure to meet you all"

"The pleasure is all ours" says Corey

"Hey Laney can I speak to you in private for a bit?" asks Angelique

"S-Sure" says a hesitant Laney

"Lets go over there" says Angelique who points to the hallway

"Ok" says Laney who follows Angelique towards the hallway

"So….. whats up guys?" asks Dominic who sits down in Laney's now empty seat

"Whats up?!" says Corey "How did you and her happen dude?"

"Yeah shes a total babe man" says Kon "And its just the first day of school!"

"I guess it was love at first sight" smiles Dominic

"Aww don't even start with that shit" says Toni "You just said the right words and shes now all over you am I right?"

"I'm serious though when I first laid eyes on her I fell in love" says Dominic

"Oh really" says Toni

"Yeah" says Dominic "She has a exotic thing going on and to be honest I like it"

"Wow just wow" says Toni who face palms herself

While the gang was talking in the lunch room Laney and Angelique was starting their discussion in the empty hallway

"So you liked what you saw?" asks Angelique

"Actually it creeped me out" says Laney

"Well sorry to hear that" says Angelique "I wish you had a better experience"

"Sorry if I sound rude but can you please get to why we are out here" says a inpatient Laney

"Ok ok ok" sighs Angelique who then puts on a serious face "I need you to keep what you saw a secret"

"Ok and can I ask why?" asks Laney

"Because I said so" says Angelique

"Alright but I have a question. What makes his right eye go like that?" asks Laney

"Isabelle is responsible for that" says Angelique

"And who is she to you two?" asks Laney

"She is the reason lil bro acts the way he does" answers Angelique

"What did she do to him?" asks a curious Laney

"That will be answered at another time" says Angelique who then reaches in her pockets and takes out her phone "Lemme get your number"

"For what?" asks Laney

"So I can keep in touch with you and to give you my address" answers Angelique

"Why do I need your address?" asks a dumbfounded Laney

"Because thats where we will talk about everything else" says Angelique

"And why?" asks a puzzled Laney

"Everything that will explain it is at our home" answers Angelique

"Ok" says Laney

Back In The Lunchroom

"Anyways that love at first thing is nothing short of bullshit" says Toni

"Well now that we got that out of the way" says Corey who then hears someone which makes him turn around to see who it is and he sees Brianna Allison running to his table

"Hey Corey" who then sees Kin and waves at him and says "Hey Kin"

"Sup Bri" says a slightly blushing Kin

"Hey Brianna" smiles Corey "Whats up?"

"Oh nothing really" says Brianna "But me and my group are having a gig tonight at the the Peaceville Arena and I wanted to know if you and your friends wanted to come"

"Sure" says Corey "So when is it?"

"9:30" says Brianna

"Ok we'll be there" says Corey

"Ok see you there!" says a happy Brianna who runs back to her table

"Well now back to the topic" says Corey

"Well me and Angelique have the exact same classes together so far we've been getting to know each other" says Dominic

"But did you know she was that boy's sister?" asks Corey

"Actually I found out fourth period when she she showed me a picture of her and him as her wallpaper on her phone" says Dominic "I was scared at first but she told me a lot of stuff about him and I was shocked when she said he is a nice guy"

"Yeah I heard the same thing too" says Corey

"How did you hear it Corey?" asks Dominic

"Yeah you and Angelique aren't in the same class" says Kon who then stares at Corey with a suspicious look and says "Or are you?!"

Kin smacks his brother upside the head and says "Kon don't be an idiot"

"Yeah well remember the guy I told you guys we saw before the hoodie dude?" asks Corey

"Yeah" says the gang

"Well he is in my class and he told me about him" says Corey "And me and him have become good friends"

After saying that Corey starts to look around the cafeteria

"Matter of fact where is he right now?" says a curious Corey

Off To Somewhere Transition

It looks to be somewhere else on the other side of the school where Dan is sitting down under a tree and is drinking a beverage called adrenaline

"Ahhh I sure know how to make some good non-alcoholic beer" says Dan drinking the beverage

Moments later Dan looks up to the tree to see Ikeem sitting on one of the branches.

"Hey man you want some I got more" Asks Dan

"Sure" says Ikeem

Dan then throws a can of Adrenaline to Ikeem who catches it with one hand who then opens it and starts to drink it.

"This is pretty good" says Ikeem "But I think sis's Forbidden Fruit is a little bit better though"

"Oh really?" says Dan "I'll have to try it sometime"

"Yeah" says Ikeem "Anyways enough about drinks now. What's our mission Blaze?"

"Its a retrieval mission" says Dan who takes another sip of Adrenaline "Well rescue mission is more like it. We have to rescue the kidnapped daughter of Daddy Kain who is the leader of the Kain Mafia"

"Hmmm a rescue mission?" says a shocked Ikeem "That's a first. I never thought assassins get these type of missions"

"I know but it won't be easy though" says Dan "She was taken by the Kamakazi"

"Well it just got more interesting" says Ikeem who then jumps down the tree to land right next to Dan

"You sure you can handle it Hastur?" asks Dan "You're just a part-time assassin ya know"

"I can handle myself" says Ikeem "so when is it?"

"We head out tonight around nine o'clock Briggs will fly us " answers Dan who then looks at Ikeem with a serious face and says "Hastur make sure Isabelle doesn't show up"

"I know we're better off without that demon" says Ikeem

"You sure?" says Dan

Ikeem then pulls down his hood and his eyes are both hazel and then says with a serious face "I got her sealed away so she shouldn't be running loose"

"Alright" says Dan who gets up from the ground "Well Imma meet up with my bandmates before lunch is over with"

"Kay" says Ikeem who puts his hood back up then says "I'll probably just go walk around"

With that the two assassins go their separate ways. A few moments passed and while Dan was walking he had a flasback. It has his past self with a monk. The monk then says beware of the one with the eyes of lime because if you don't it will make you meet your end. Back in the lunchroom Corey and the gang are just finishing their discussion and Toni and Brady has left Laney and Angelique have been back for a while now. The group is about to leave when Mina runs towards the them

"Hey Guys!" says Mina who rushes towards the gang

"Hey Mina" says Corey "I forgot I need to talk to you for a minute"

"Well I think it can wait" says Mina

"Whats wrong?" asks a worried Corey

"Its Trina" says a frantic Mina "I think shes getting on to us"

"Huh?!" says a now frightened Grojband while Dominic and Angelique look around dumbfounded at their reaction

"Oh no this isn't good" says a frightened Corey

"I don't know for sure but she is acting kind towards me and she-"

"Wait!" says a relieved looking Corey "Trina is ok Mina"

"Forreal" asks Mina

"Yeah Trina has been like that since she started "dating" Nick Mallory" says Laney

"You guys mean dating Nick Mallory has her acting like that?!" says Mina pointing at the other Cafeteria where Trina is spotted.

Trina is sitting at a table at the other end of the cafeteria and she is sitting down next to Nick Mallory. Her eyes are big pink heart's as she is cuddled up with Nick and the couple are surrounded by angels and a garden of gang shivers at the sight of it.

"Yeah but nothing to worry about Mina" reassures Corey "Just act normal"

"Ok" says a now calm Mina "Well you found any clues on the her other love?"

"Weeeell" says Corey who looks at Kon and slightly points to him

"No Way" says Mina with a face of shock

"I'm not so sure but we know he likes her" says Corey

"Really?!" asks Mina

"Yeah but look we'll talk about it later ok?" says Corey

"Please make it quick" pleads Mina "Nick keeps on trying to make out with me when we're together and I'm starting to lose resistance"

"Ok gotcha" smiles Corey who gives Mina a thumbs up "I'll call you if we come up with a idea"

"K" says Mina who then walks off

With that Corey and the gang continued to socialize during lunch but then the bell rings for next period.

"Ok guys look we all have the same class sixth period so lets continue our talk there" says Corey

"Alright" says the gang

Back To Class Transition!

Corey enters his classroom and he bumps into Dan.

"Hey Blaze wassup man!" smiles Corey

"Wassup Corey" says Dan "So looks like we have the same class again"

"Yeah seems that way" says Corey "Well this awesome"

The two head into the classroom and they see the blue haired menace sitting down in a seat.

"Ok you got to be damn kidding me!" says a now pissed Corey

"Oh hey Riffin" smiles Carrie "looks like we have the same class...again"

Dan shakes his head and says "Oh brother not this again"

Corey and Dan sit down far away from Carrie.

*This is gonna be a long school year* thought Corey

With that the rest of the school day went by pretty quick. Grojband met up sixth period and they also were met by Toni,Brady, Celicia, and Sam. Then 7th period Corey and Laney was together. School has now ended and the Grojband plus Toni and Brady are heading to Corey's place. Corey also wanted Celicia to join but she had detention and even if she didn't it might have become a bloodbath if she did.

"So what do you guys usually do after school?" asks Brady

"We practice at the Groj for a little bit" says Corey "Then whatever happens just happens"

"Wow that sounds absolutely boring" says smiling Toni

"You know if you don't like it then you can leave" says a peeved Laney "There is nothing stopping you"

"Sorry Laney its just how she is" apologizes Brady "She doesn't mean it"

"Yes I-" says Toni who then has her mouth covered by Brady's hand

"Come on Toni" says Brady who whispers into Toni's ear "These are the first and only people that want to be our friends can you please try to control yourself"

Toni looks at Brady and slightly nods her head which makes Brady smile as he removes his hand away from her mouth.

"Look its ok" says a benevolent Corey "I don't mind"

"Same here" agrees Kin

"Yeah she hasn't seen hasn't how awesome we are yet" gloats Kon

With that a few minutes later they arrive at Corey's place and head towards the Groj

"Welcome to my humble abode" says Corey as they enter the Groj

"Cool" says Brady

"I've seen better" says Toni which makes everyone sighs. She then walks towards Corey's Guitar "Hey this yours?"

"Yep" answers Corey

"Can I try it out?" asks Toni as she picks up his guitar

"Sure" smiles Corey "You think you can handle it?"

Brady puts his hand on Corey's shoulder and says "She can handle it"

Toni then starts to plays the guitar and shes playing it pretty good too. Everyone except for Brady was shocked at how good Toni was playing the guitar. A few minutes passed after her little showcase and she puts Corey guitar down.

"Its pretty good I guess" says Toni

"Wow you sure can play a guitar" says a impressed Corey

"I know I don't need you telling me that" says Toni

"So how long you been playing?" asks Laney

"Since I was 8" says Toni

"She can play pretty much every instrument" adds Brady "Well except drums she is still working on that"

"Brady no one asked you!" growls Toni

"S-Sorry!" apologizes Brady

After that the band practice for a couple of hours and before knowing it the time was 9:00"

"Well I think its time for us to go" says Brady

"Well it was nice chillin with you two" smiles Laney

"Thanks and likewise" smiles Brady

"Hmph whatever" scowls Toni

They then leave the groj and start heading home and with that the gang started to get ready to go to Bri and her band's performance

"So guys its about time to head to show" says Corey

"Yeah it sure is" says the twins

"Everyone ready?" asks Laney

"Wait a minute guys" says Corey "I need to get something from my room"

"Ok" says the gang

Corey goes into his room to get something. When all of a sudden he felt someone tap on his shoulder. He turns around to see that its Laney

"Oh hey Lanes" smiles Corey "Wassup"

"Hey Core I was wondering….." says a slightly blushing Laney

"Hmmm what is it Lanes?" asks a puzzled Corey

"Well I wanted to ask you this later but do you wanna go on a date this weekend?" asks Laney

"Sure!" says a happy Corey "Where do you wanna go?"

"Can we go to the movies?" asks Laney

"Ok then but we gotta make sure the twins don't find out" says Corey

"Yeah well before we leave can I do something?" asks Laney

"Yeah what is it?" aks Corey

Immediately after that Laney kisses Corey which lasts about 5 second before she breaks it and walks off

"See ya downstairs" smiles Laney as she heads downstairs

Corey who is blushing then says with a smile "Jeez Lanes what am I gonna do with you?"


Somewhere at a undisclosed location the assassin Duo Hastur and Blaze was together. They are near a Jet and are talking to a big burly man who is dressed up in a black suit with black slacks and a long black tie. The man looks to be in his early 30's he has black hair with a brush cut. He has blue eyes and near his right eye is what looks to be a cut across it. He has papers in his hands and are giving them to Hastur and Blaze.

"Ok Maggots" says the burly man "Don't even think that this mission is easy you two will have to infiltrate the Kamikaze's hideout and they are no small fry. Be prepared or you will both lose your lives"

"No sweat Briggs" says Blaze

"Yeah you should believe in us more" says Ikeem

"Oh I do believe….. that your ignorance will come back to hurt you" says a serious Briggs

Dan and Ikeem then sighs at Briggs statement.

"We hear you Briggs" says Ikeem "We'll be careful"

"You better be" says Briggs "We don't want THAT to happen again got it?"

"Yes sir!" says the two

"No worries Hastur here has that under control" says Blaze

"Ok then lets board this jet" says Briggs who then starts walking to the Jet

Dan and Ikeem look at each and nod their heads and walks on to the Jet

"Oh yeah Blaze you said you saw that dude from the other night?" asks Ikeem

"Yeah his name is Corey you gotta meet him he is pretty cool" says Blaze "Why you asked?"

"Because Isabelle saw him too" says Ikeem in a worried tone "And she wants to meet him"

Dan looks at Ikeem with a dark stare and says "You kidding right?"

"I'm afraid not Blaze" says Ikeem

"Man we'll talk more about this after the mission ok" says Blaze

"Ok" says Ikeem

Dan and Ikeem then enter the Jet and go on with their mission

Back To Grojband Transition!

The band are going to sit down when Corey and the gang spots Brianna with her band.

"Hey Corey! over here!" smiles Brianna as she waves at grojband

The band walk over to Brianna to say hello

"Hey guys" smiles Brianna "Well lemme introduce you guys these are my bandmates"

"This is the fun bunch Serena and Mina" says Brianna who point to the twins

They both have long blonde hair and dark blue eyes. Serena is wearing a white top and a red skirt with red flats. While Mina is wearing a purple dress with purple flats.

"Wassup!" says the twins in Unison

"Over here is little miss cool Olivia"

Olivia has long brown hair with blue streaks and brown eyes. She is wearing a black top with a blue skirt and black boots.

"Sup" says Olivia

"And last but not least the brains of our group Amy"

Amy has short black hair and blue eyes. she is wearing a hot pink dress with pink heels

"Hello its nice to meet you" says Amy

"Its nice to meet you too" smiles Corey "Also this is my band. Over here are the awesome Kijura twins Kin and Kon"

"Hey" smiles Kon

"Heya" smiles Kin

"Then right next to me is the one, the only Lanes" smiles Corey

"Hey guys nice to meet ya" smiles Laney

"Likewise" smiles Brianna "Well anyways we gotta go and get ready we're gonna perform soon"

"Ok then" says Corey "Good luck"

"Thanks" says a slightly blushing Brianna who then with her band and walks off

Serena nudges Mina and says to her twin "Looks like Bri has some competition"

"Shhh quiet" says Mina "She might hear you"

Brianna turns around and looks at the twins which makes them jump and she smiles and cracks her knuckles

"We're sorry!" says the apologizing and scared twins

Brianna sighs and says "I know. Anyways come on guys we got a show to do"

While Brianna and her band was going to get ready Corey and Grojband was going to their seats. Soon after that it was time for Brianna and her band to perform.

Brianna and her band are on stage and are about to perform now.

"Hey everyone thanks for coming" says Brianna "No without further ado"

She then queues her band and they start to perform

Wrecking Ball By Miley Cyrus

We clawed, we chained our hearts in vain

We jumped never asking why

We kissed, I fell under your spell.

A love no one could deny

Don't you ever say I just walked away

I will always want you

I can't live a lie, running for my life

I will always want you

I came in like a wrecking ball

I never hit so hard in love

All I wanted was to break your walls

All you ever did was wreck me

Yeah, you, you wreck me

I put you high up in the sky

And now, you're not coming down

It slowly turned, you let me burn

And now, we're ashes on the ground

Don't you ever say I just walked away

I will always want you

I can't live a lie, running for my life

I will always want you

I came in like a wrecking ball

I never hit so hard in love

All I wanted was to break your walls

All you ever did was wreck me

I came in like a wrecking ball

Yeah, I just closed my eyes and swung

Left me crashing in a blazing fall

All you ever did was wreck me

Yeah, you, you wreck me

I never meant to start a war

I just wanted you to let me in

And instead of using force

I guess I should've let you win

I never meant to start a war

I just wanted you to let me in

I guess I should've let you win

Don't you ever say I just walked away

I will always want you

I came in like a wrecking ball

I never hit so hard in love

All I wanted was to break your walls

All you ever did was wreck me

I came in like a wrecking ball

Yeah, I just closed my eyes and swung

Left me crashing in a blazing fall

All you ever did was wreck me

Yeah, you, you wreck me

Yeah, you, you wreck me

The whole place went crazy. The people was chanting for an encore which the did do. While they just finished Corey and the gang sensed something after that.

"They were pretty good" sas Corey and the twins

"Yeah they were" says a disturbed Laney

Then the gang all looked at each other and says in complete unison "We have more competition now"

A/N:Lots of things is developing now looks like it :) Also who is this Isabelle chick and whats her connection with Blaze and Hastur? We'll just have to find out next time. Thanks for reading and please review. Oh and before I forget also a shoutout to the creator of Dominic FearYeTheReaper who had to leave fanfiction I hope you get better soon man.

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