Grojband Between Me & You

Who Did You See

Corey kisses Laney to stop her from talking and says "Now let me finish I don't like you Lanes… I…. I love you"

All Laney can do is blush and softly cry into Corey's chest and think *OMG HE LOVES ME BACK!*

Corey hugs Laney tight when and says "Look Lanes I had these feelings for a while now and I want to know if you would be my girlfriend"

Lanes still having her face planted into Core's chest says "YES I'LL BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND"

Corey smiles and says "Hey Lanes can you lift your head up I wanna see your face"

Laney does as Corey asks and says while smiling "Happy now"

"I've been happy" smiles Corey "But wait!"

"Whats wrong?" asks a worried Laney

"How are gonna tell the twins though?" asks Corey

"Yeah I didn't think about that" says Laney "Hey are they still at that ride?"

"Yep and with the Newman twins to boot" says Corey shaking his head

"No!" says Lanes

"Yeah I know" says Corey "I wonder how they're doing"

Meanwhile, at the Vomit Rocket Kin was impatiently waiting while Kon and Konnie is still giving each other evil glares and Kim still blushes every time Kin looks her way.

"Why? Why me?!" says Kin to himself

then all of a sudden Kin sees that they are about to get on the ride and he went to his lil brother and says "Hey Kon can you stop staring at Konnie for a minute"

"No way bro I'm in the middle of war right now" says Kon as he is still glaring daggers at Konnie

"Ok whatever" says Kin who creeps up to Kon's ear and whispers "Don't blame me if words get out about your thing bout you-know-who"

Once Kon hear those words he jumps in fear and turns to Kin and says "You wouldnt" says Kon with fear in his voice

"Oh yes I would" says Kin with a smile on his face

"Please don't bro I'll do anything!" says Kon on his knees begging

"I know anyways we need to get ready for the ride we're almost up" says Kin

"Ok" replies Kon

"Oh and Kim" says Kin looking at Kim who blushes as soon as he looks her way

"I not too long found out why you're acting this way and all I have to say is lemme think about it" smiles Kin

When Kim heard Kin's words she fainted into her twin Konnie who is confused with what is going on and asks "What the hell did you just do to my sister?!"

"Oh nothing you need to know about" says Kin "Anyways its about time me and Kon become the first people to not barf after riding the Vomit Rocket"

Soon the the pair of twins get on the Vomit Rocket which is

"You ready Kon?" asks Kin

"Yep" answers Kon

The twins buckle up in their seats and ride the gruesome Vomit Rocket which has a 280 ft lift and drop and then after that has 8 loops and 6 sharp high speed turns with ending with it ending with a twist turn. Its so punishing that every rider has so far vomited after riding it. The ride starts to go.

"Here we go bro" says Kon nervous

"Yeah godspeed lil bro" says Kin

After Kins words they blast off to the top of the ride and they're at the top of the ride about to drop.


"Yea I can too-" Kin says as he then looks around the park and sees something he never thought would happen. "Wait a minute is that-" before Kin could say another word the ride drops and shit gets real.

During the ride other people in the ride are already close to throwing up by the time they hit the 5th loop. Kin, Kon, Kim, and Konnie are enduring the ride so far. When the ride reaches the eight loop and some people in the eighth row started to vomit.

"Oh shit the vomit shower is starting" yells Kon

The ride speeds up and starts heading for the sharp turns. The Grojband and Newman Twins are still enduring the ride when they start with the first sharp turn to the right and then a sharp turn to the left and this happened three more times and then the last segment the twist turn. The twist had most of the people throwing up except for the pair of twins. After that the ride was finally over with. Everyone except for the twins hurried somewhere to throw up.

"Wow that was easy" says Kon

"Yeah I thought this was suppose to be a challenge" says Konnie "This was too eas-" before Konnie could finish talking she started to throw up

"Oh Konnie!" exclaims Kim who helps her twin up and says "Come one lets get you to the bathroom"

Kim and Konnie leave to go to the bathroom

"Yo Kin you ok man?" asks Kon "You've haven't said anything since we was about to drop"

Kin is staring into space and he then turns to his little brother and says "I'm good just thinking about something. Anyways lemme call Corey and let them know that we got off the ride"
Back to Corney Transition

Corey and Laney are now at a food vendor getting something to eat when Kin calls

"Hey wait a minute Lanes" says Corey " Its the twins lemme see whats going on"

"Ok" replies Laney

"Wassup guys how was the Vomit Rocket?" asks Corey

"It was awesome and we didn't barf at all" says Kin "Well except for Konnie though"

"Awesome…. wait you was riding with them?" asks Corey

"Yeah they were no trouble though" says Kin "Anyways Corey get this when we was on the ride right before we dropped I saw… with …. and they were…."

"Wow well if you guys wanna find us we'll be in the food vendor near the roller coaster" after Corey just learned what Kin saw he was in a frozen state of shock for about a minute

"Hey Corey you ok are you good babe?" asks a worried Laney "Whats going? What did Kin just tell you?"

Corey slowly turns his head towards Laney and says "When Kin was on the ride he saw ….. with …. and they were …."

Laney's eyes popped up when she hears those words and asks "Wait you talking about our … and …..?"

"Yep and if you know who finds out this could get crazy" says Corey says with fear in his voice

"Well lets just hope that Kin was just seeing things" says Laney with a smile

"Ditto" says Corey "So Lanes what do you want to eat?"

"HOLY SHIT!" yells Laney as she looks off to something horrible

"Um Lanes I dont think they sell- HOLY SHIT!" says Corey as he looks at what Laney is looking at

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