Grojband Between Me & You


It's nightfall and its been 5 hours since Grojband left the amusement park. Corey Riffin is now at home in the shower with his back against the wall.

"Why?! Why?! Why did all this have to happen to me?!" says an emotional Corey "If only I could go back"


"Mina what are you doing here?!" says a voice all too familiar " Not only are you here but you're with Grojband AND Nick Mallory?!"

Corey and the gang slowly turn their heads to see it is and they say "Oh Shit!" as they see their arch nemesis "The Newmans" who for some reason is missing Lenny and is replaced with someone in a green and black hoodie.

"Hey wait a minute who the fuck is that in the green and black striped hoodie" asks Laney

"Yea he looks like a lousy 8-mile impression" says Kon

Laney still curious then looks harder to see the persons face *Wait a minute is that…. Lenny?!* thinks Laney

Kin looks at Kim and smiles. Which makes Kim blush a little.

"So I see you didn't heed my warning Riffin" says Carrie walking over to Corey

Corey gets up from his seat and says "Look Carrie we don't have time this an-"

"Look here Riffin I don't care if you don't got damn time for anything!" snaps Carrie who gets in Corey's face "I told you the next time I see you there was gonna be trouble"

Laney jumps off her seat and says "Ok bitch you asking for it!"

But Corey says "Lanes I got this" and with that Laney sits down

Corey smiles and says "Look here as much as I want to kick your ass Carrie and I mean I reeeeally wanna kick your ass. I got more important things to do. Now if you would excuse me I-"

Carrie puts her hand on Corey's mouth and says "You and me over there in the funhouse now!"

"What the fuck for?!" asked a dumbfounded Corey

"Would you rather settle this where there are distractions or somewhere where it can end quickly?" asks Carrie with a smile yet with daggers in her eyes

Mina steps in between Carrie and Corey and says "I can't let you do this Carrie. I'm not letting my little sis go through this"

"Sis I love you very much but if you get in my way I will hurt you" says Carrie with nothing but evil in her eyes

Mina looks at what her younger sister becomes and steps back and cries when she says "Those eyes! Those eyes! I haven't seen these eyes since- "

"I know since Tim took Kon's girlfriend" says Carrie

"What is she talking about Mina?" asks Corey and Kon

"Thats old news" says Carrie "Now Corey what's it gonna be?"

"Lets go have some fun in the funhouse" says a sarcastic Corey

"Corey where are you going?" asks Laney and the twins

"to handle some business be right back" says Corey with a reassuring smile

Carrie was the first to walk off to the funhouse. Before Corey could follow the person in the green and black striped hoodie stops Corey looked into the hood he saw it was a distraught looking Lenny.

"What do you need Lenny?" asks Corey

Lenny looks dead into Corey's eyes and says with an ominous tone "I know"

Once Corey hear Lenny's words he says "About what?"

"Thats none of your business all I have to say is that you better watch your back" says Lenny who then walks off with the rest of his bandmates to sit at a table across from Grojband.

Corey starts to walk to funhouse when Mina gets a hold of Corey and says "Corey listen to me ok? Please be careful with Carrie" says a scared Mina "There's no telling what she will do"

"I gotcha Mina" says Corey who then heads towards the funhouse to meet up with Carrie

"Finally you're here Corey" says Carrie who shows him the entrance and with a smile she says "Bitches first"

"Oh then you should probably go in first then" retorts Corey

Instead of making a comeback Carrie says "Whatever" and she then goes in

That action made Corey who followed after Carrie think to himself *Wow no comeback? Now that was unexpected*

Carrie and Corey start walking through the funhouse where they go through the never ending Bridge.

"Are we there yet?" asks Corey in a childish manner

Carrie looks at Corey and says "Please shut the fuck up"

"Hey you got me walking in some damn funhouse to settle things once and for all and you haven't even told me where we're going!" snaps Corey

Carrie puts her head down when she says "We're going to the Hall of mirrors Coco"

"Coco?" laughs Corey "The last time you called me that we was in-"

"first grade I know…. that was the last time we were on good terms" says Carrie who interrupts Corey "Now come on"

"Whatever" says Corey who follows her through the moving and spinning floors. They then eventually make it to the Hall of Mirrors

"Finally" says relieved Corey "I thought we had to go through something else"

"Yeah you wanna end this quick huh?" asks Carrie whose eyes loses its evil gaze "So you can go back to that red hair bitch huh?!"

"Wh-wha-what are you talking about?!" asks a stammering Corey trying to play stupid

"I saw everything Corey" answers Carrie with tears starting to fall down her face "Me and Lenny saw everything you two was doing at that corner. It looked like you had some fun"

All Corey could do was stand idly by and he tough to himself *So thats what Lenny ment*

"Speechless huh?" asks a emotional Carrie "Figures since unfortunately for me its all true"

"What are you getting at with this?" asks a clueless Corey

"YOU ARE SO STUPID!" says Carrie who snapped with Corey's last remark "It looks like I have to do something more drastic for your dumb ass to get it"

With that Carrie starts walking towards Corey which makes him walk backwards which makes him then eventually backs into a wall of Mirrors.

Carrie who now is pressed against Corey who is against a wall of mirrors then says "I like you and I want you, we can do this the easy way or the hard way the choice is yours[1]."

Corey was trying to push Carrie off him but Carrie wouldn't budge.

"Looks like we gotta do this the hard way" smiles Carrie

"Carrie stop! this isn't right" pleads Corey still trying to get away from Carrie.

"Sorry but it is right…. for me anyways" says Carrie then motions her face in and-

Corey pinned against his will thinks to himself *Right now in a funhouse at the new amusement park in Peaceville Carrie Beff who is my archrival. Carrie Beff the same Carrie Beff who hates me with all her heart has me against a wall of mirrors…. and…..and…. she…. is kissing me with all her might*

30 seconds passed and she breaks the kiss and says with a smile "This isnt over yet Corey. Not by a longshot" and with that she leaves the funhouse.

Corey slides down to the floor and is going crazy with what just happened.

"Aww no man! no! man more drama" says a stressed out Corey. A few minutes of panic passed and Corey said "I gotta keep this a secret"

All of a sudden Corey gets a call on his cell phone from a unknown number and he picks it up

"Hello?" asks Corey picking up his cell

"Whats your favorite scary movie?[2]" asks the person ending up to be Carrie

"How did you get my number?!" snaps Corey

"Oh a little pink birdy told me a while ago" answers Carrie "Oh and don't even try telling Laney what happened"

"And why is that?" asks Corey

Carrie laughs and then says "Cause I already told her. You should of saw the look on her face"

In that moment Corey's heart broke into a million pieces when he said "YOU BITCH!"

"Hey I told you this isn't over its only the beginning anyways bye Coco" says Carrie who then hangs up the phone

Corey still in the funhouse starts to feel tears come down from his face. Corey has never cried before in his life. Not even when he came out the womb. He doesnt know what to do he is at a loss of words.

15 minutes passed and Corey finally walks out of the funhouse and unfortunally for him bumps right into a waiting Laney

"Hey Core" says a smiling Laney with tears falling from her face

"Lanes lemme-" Corey tries to plead his case but is interrupted with huge slap to the face from Laney

"Had Fun?" asks a crying Laney

A/N: Thanks for reading and please review. Until next time Peace. Oh and before I forget AJRulez and FearYeTheReaper I love your characters looks like I'm gonna be adding more than two oc's.

[1]-Had to use that line from the Boondocks "Booty Warrior" episode

[2]-I couldnt resist using that line from "Scream"

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