Grojband Between Me & You

It Doesn't Always Take Two

"Hey Core" says a smiling Laney with tears falling from her face

"Lanes lemme-" Corey tries to plead his case but is interrupted with huge slap to the face from Laney

"Had Fun?" asks a crying Laney

"Lanes I can explain!" says Corey walking up to Laney "It wasn't like that Carrie...she-"

Laney stops crying and puts her hand up to Corey's face to shut him up then she says with a smile "No Core. I thought you wouldn't do something like that. But-but looks like I was wrong about you"

With that Laney runs off

"Lanes wait!" says Corey trying to run after a sobbing Laney. But he couldn't catch up with her when they got into the crowd. All of a sudden Corey gets a phone call from Kin and he picks it up."Wassup Kin?'

"Wassup?!" shouts Kin "What the hell is going on?!"

"Wait calm down and tell me whats wrong?" says Corey

"Alright well we was chillin waiting on you to come back right? Then Carrie comes back from the funhouse with a big smile on her face and then she heads towards Laney and whispers something in her ear that makes her cry and run off somewhere.

"What happened after that?" asks Corey

"Then the bitch says good luck and leaves with her band" says Kin "Corey you gotta tell me what the is going on here because me and Kon are clueless right now"

"Look Kin all I can tell you is that I'm gonna handle it so you and Kon sit tight" says Corey "Oh and tell Mina I need to talk to her later"

"Alright roger that" says Kin who then hangs up the phone.

Corey then starts to search for Laney.


Laney still sobbing is now sitting by herself at an outdoor restaurant near the rockin roller coaster not too far where Corey and Laney experienced their first kiss together. Laney is trying to compose herself.

"Calm….calm down d-d-don't need him" says a sobbing Laney

then all of a sudden Laney hears someone says "Hey are you ok?"

Laney looks to where she hears the voice and she sees a big muscular teen. He has deep tan skin, with black hair that stops at his neck, and grey eyes. He's wearing a white shirt with the words "tapout" on it in bold letters, black cargo shorts, and orange and black nikes. He has a chain necklace with a small silver cross on it and he has a Gothic cross tattooed on his right forearm

"You ok?" asks the teen "Is there anything I can do?"

"Buzz off!" snaps Laney "I don't need your pity"

The teen doesn't listens to Laney and instead sits down next to her and asks "It looks like this is a relationship problem isn't it?"

With that Laney without turning her head to the teen nods her head

"You can talk to me if you want" says the teen sincerely

Laney turns around and says "Whatever its not like you're gonna give a damn"

"Wanna bet?" smiles the teen

"Whatever" says Laney and with that she starts telling the teen her situation

15 minutes passed and Laney has just finished her little story to the teen.

"Wow" says the teen "Now thats….whoo...messed up"

"I don't need you to say it to know that" snaps Laney

"But I don't know why but I have a feeling that he wasn't in on it" says the teen

"What are you talking about?" asks Laney "Isn't it obvious Corey was only going to use me until something better came along"

"Come on now don't say that" says the teen " From what you told me I know he is looking for you right now"

"R-Really?" asks a sobbing Laney

"Really really" smiles the teen

"But he kissed Carrie and he-" says Laney

"Kissing doesn't always take two people" says the interrupting teen bluntly

"That is bullshit what you're-" says a emotional Laney

The teen kisses Laney for five seconds and breaks the kiss

Laney slaps the shit out of teen and says "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?! I DON'T LIKE YOU LIKE THAT!"

"Now you see what I mean?" asks the teen who is rubbing his slapped side of his face "At times it only takes one person to kiss someone else. It may be true that girl kissed your boyfriend but that doesn't mean he kissed back or that he even wanted it"

At that moment Laney caught on and sat back down and starts to break down crying when she says "Omg then him and Carrie and the funhouse and I did that to Core and I...I...I.."

Laney starts the water works and the teen being kind gives her his shoulder to cry on and pats her back while saying "Everything is gonna be ok"

six minutes passed and Laney finally calms down and tells the teen "Thanks for your help I appreciate it"

The teen smiles and says "No problem anytime"

"By the way whats your name?" asks Laney

"Its Dominic" answers the teen "But my friends call me Dom, Big D, and D."

"So can I call you Dom" asks Laney with a smile

"Yeah like I said friends can me Dom" says Dominic with a smile

"You consider me a friend?" asks Laney "But we just met"

"Yeah but I can tell that you are cool, nice, and pretty girl to hang with" responds Dominic

"Aww thats so sweet if I wasn't in love with Core I would totally date you" says a smiling Laney

"Oh thanks...I guess" says a blushing Dominic while rubbing the back of his head "Oh and what is your name?"

"Its Laney" says Laney who gets up from her seat "Well it was nice meeting ya I gotta go and find Core"

Dominic gets up and says "Wait I can help you find him if you want"

"Ok suit yourself" says Laney getting ready to look for Corey

Back To Corey Transition!

Corey has been looking for Laney non-stop.

"Where is Lanes I gotta find her and clear some things up" says Corey running around the amusement park

Corey still running accidentally bumps into a girl and they both fall down.


Corey looks up to see the girl and he spots a small framed girl likely in her early teens. She has a skrillex hairstyle with midnight black colored hair with a blood red stripe and royal blue stripe next to it. she has a decent golden brown tan. She has blood red eyes but Corey looks harder and sees that they are contacts. Shes wearing a black t-shirt, with black jeans with little spikes on them, and black converses. She has the Skrillex symbol tattooed on her right hand and the Avicii tattooed on her left hand. On her wrists she has about 9 wristbands on. there are five on her left wrist with a survival strap and there are 4 on her right wrist with a rope bracelet and a red g-shock watch. she also has a some scars on her body. The most noticeable ones is the one right above her right eye and what looks like a punctured dog bite on her right cheek that makes one cheek look bigger than the other.

"Sorry my bad" says Corey who tries to help the girl up

"Get your damn hands away from me!" snaps the girl

"Whats your deal?" asks Corey "I was just trying to help you"

"Well if you wanna help me then get out of my damn sight!" retorts the girl

"Whatever have it your way" says a somewhat mad Corey "Oh and I have to say that skrillex and tattoos suits you pretty good" and with that last comment Corey left to continue looking for Laney

The girl looks on as Corey leaves and finds herself blushing.

The girl then shakes her head and says to herself "Fucking asshole". After that girl gets off the ground and then starts walking off somewhere.

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