Romeo and Juliet with a Blinny twist

Act X

In the great hall, everyone is having breakfast. On the Gryffindor table, Harry and Ron are eating like pigs, as usual.

“Boys don’t eat so fast, you could choke,” Hermione said to Ron and Harry as they feasted like kings.

“We’re hungry!” Ron replied with his mouth stuffed with toast.

“And it is good food, Hermione!” Harry added.

“I’m surprised you can even taste it at the speed you’re shovelling it in at” Hermione replied joking slightly.

“Alright so we like food leave us alone would you!” Ron snapped and Hermione when silent.

“You ok Hermione?” Ginny asked and Hermione shook her head.

“I...I need to go to the library” she replied and got up with her books.

“You always need to go to the library” Ron commented but Hermione didn’t react. She just left swiftly. Ginny looked down at her plate and pushed it aside.

“Not hungry sis?” Ron asked Ginny shook her head.

“I feel a little bloated, I think I’m due...” Ginny began looking down miserably.

“Whoa, trying to eat here!” Harry interrupted and Ginny was shocked.

“Well sorry for boring you with my problems,” she said back hurt.

“That’s ok, honey!” Ginny’s jaw dropped at Harry’s last words and didn’t speak it him again.

For a few more minutes, Ginny was silent. But she was brought back to earth with a note that landed on her lap. It read: ‘hey Gin, sorry if Harry and your brother are giving you a hard time, look I talked to Blaise and he said he’s sorry for calling you names. You see I was the one who just told him about Pansy’s wedding and what’s going on with you and Harry. He’s given me his word that he’ll apologise. Is it ok if I sit with you girls at lunch? My sisters are driving me crazy and I need to talk to someone. Chrissy xxx’

Ginny was shocked at the level of friendliness from Christina and she was surprised that Blaise was going to apologise to her. Wow, I thought he knew about Pansy and yet, why did he act like he did? Still, that was nice of Chrissy, I’ll write her a reply, Ginny thought and wrote back: ‘Thanks for that Chrissy can’t believe he didn’t know about Pansy and I’m surprised he’s going to apologise and did you have to tell him about me and Harry?! Signed Ginny’

Christina chuckled at Ginny’s reply. She looked up at Ginny who was shaking her head. Christina shrugged innocently then left. Ginny started looking around the room. She looked at Pansy eating and Scarlett with her head on the table. It seems Scarlett’s got a hangover! She thought and smiled to herself. She then looked at the Greengrass twins. All done up with makeup and short skirts with a button or two open on their shirts. Ginny shook her head. Merlin, who do they think they are? She thought again. Astoria Greengrass fired a dirty look at her and muttered something to her sister.

“She’s looking at us,” she spat to her twin.

“I can see her, just ignore her the little slut” Daphne replied and the two left the great hall.

Draco and Vincent kept talking but Blaise was staring at Ginny. Oh, Merlin, he’s staring at me! Look away! Look away! She thought and looked back down at her plate then to her brother who was finally finishing.

“You ok gin?” He asked with his mouth full. Ginny nodded and looked away from her brother. Blaise, however, was taking full advantage of her state. He watched constantly. Studying her, trying to figure her out. What secrets, do you hold? He thought. From his mouth grew another Zabini smirk.

‘Pericoloso’ meant dangerous. Ginny glanced back at him. His eyes, two deep blue pools that were endless and enchanting. His hair was jet black and long. He ran his fingers through it and Ginny’s began to race. She looked upon his face with features that were attractive and made him perfect. His uniform was a tad scruffy but gave him that bad boy image that always made him stand out to the girls. His body was in great shape and Ginny always would wonder what it was like under the shirt, school jumper and long black robe. She was falling for what is only known as, the Italian stallion of Hogwarts. I have officially lost it, Ginny thought as she realised she was slightly turned on by Blaise’s attractiveness. It took only a smirk and any girl would fall. She shook her head and left for potions.

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