Romeo and Juliet with a Blinny twist

Act XV

Near the corridor to the observatory Ginny is crying with her head rested against the wall. Her hands were in fists and were pressed against the wall as well. Her dark green dress was untidy and her makeup, though was put on very lightly was smudged and tears were running down her checks. Her ginger hair was coming out of the silver clip.

“Oh Merlin, why am I crying?” She said and hit the wall lightly.

“Because you’re upset,” a voice said and Ginny turned to see Blaise leaning against a pillar in dark blue jeans, a dark black t-shirt, black shoes and the same leather jacket. His hair was brushed back and long. It showed his sky blue eyes even in the night.

“Zabini?” Ginny sniffed and wiped her eyes. “What are you doing here?” She asked and Blaise started to walk to her. Ginny’s heart began to race as he got closer and when he got to her he stopped.

“What do you want?” Ginny asked and backed towards the wall.

Blaise smiled and held out his arms.

“Come here,” he said quietly and hugged her. At first, Ginny was shocked but she started crying again in his arms.

“Oh! Shhhh” Blaise sat down with her still in his arms.

“There, there Bella, don’t cry” he pulled away and held her chin then wiped the tears on her cheeks.

“Here, dry your eyes,” he said and handed her a soft tissue from his pocket. Ginny smiled and took the tissue.

“Thank...thank you” she replied and wiped her eyes. “We...we were engaged you know, and I... I knew he slept with other girls and I even... Saw him flirting and kissing with other girls” Ginny explained.

Blaise rubbed her back and shushed her.

“I know,” he said and nodded.

“I... I didn’t tell any...anyone because of what...what my father said. He’s the minister of magic for Britain you know” Ginny continued. Blaise raised his eyebrows and nodded.

“I never...never get to see him and...he’s changed since the war, I don’t know why but...he never has time for us, that’s why I think he...married me off to Harry,” Ginny said between tears.

Blaise shook his head at her words.

“How can a man do that to his only daughter, when I was eight, my grandpa became minister of magic for Italy. He was working all the time and he would say to my papa that I was being raised wrong and that I should be raised to be a politician. But my mama ignored him and reassured my papa that they were raising me properly” Blaise got up as he spoke and used his hands to gesture as he spoke.

This helped take things off Ginny’s mind.

“Harry didn’t have that, he didn’t have the best guardians. My family took him in and made him family. The least he could have done was to have been more caring and not hurt my feelings and lie to my face, but I bet he’ll do to other girls what he did to me, including break my heart” Ginny said and shed a few more tears and sniffed a few times. Oh Ginny, you poor thing, Blaise thought as he watched her and when she finished he knelt in front of her and put his hands on her knees.

“My papa did tell me something about a woman’s heart. He said that it is a very fragile and delicate thing, you must cherish it and never break it because one day it may be yours forever” he said and Ginny smiled at his words and Blaise blushed a little.

“Your father sounds like a good man,” she said. Blaise looked up at her and they both smiled. He nodded in agreement with her and they both just stared at each other.

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