Romeo and Juliet with a Blinny twist


~After an hour Ginny, Hermione, Cho, Luna, Scarlett and Pansy are all sat in their pyjamas talking in their room. Ginny gets up and goes to get a hairband to tie her hair back when she hears a knocking sound from outside the window.

“Do you hear that?” She asked. Her friends all get up and listen

“It sounds like it’s coming from the window,” said Cho as Ginny opens up the window.

Outside they look out to the courtyard and Ginny is the first to see Blaise standing in a simple suit and is dusting his hands off. “Oh, my Merlin! Its Zabini!” Said Hermione as she and her friends giggled. Ginny, however, was more hesitant. She backed away from the window towards the door. “Oh no you don’t!” said Scarlett as she and Luna pulled the now shaking Ginny away from the door.

“You cannot ignore him now Ginny,” said Luna as Ginny stepped up to the window. He then began to speak to her in Italian. It sounded heartfelt and Ginny tugged at Pansy’s arm.

“Pans, what is he saying?” She asked her friend who understood that language.

“He said good evening my love,” Pansy translated. Ginny nodded and he spoke again with a deep voice. Ginny turned her head to Pansy who was pouting.

“Awww, you look even more pretty in the moonlight,” she translated.

Ginny looked at her shocked.

“How can he even say that? You can’t even see me in the moonlight!” she the first bit to Pansy then the second bit to Blasie and leaned over so she could hear him speak again.

“Well?” Ginny asked.

“I don’t have to see you to know you are beautiful, your eyes shine like diamonds in the light, I love you so much Ginny,” Blaise said in English and raised his arms to express how his happiness and Ginny just shook her head.

“This is ridiculous,” she said and Hermione put a hand on her shoulder

“He loves you, Ginny. How many people in this school would do what he’s doing right now?” she said and Ginny signed and looked back at Blaise when he began speaking again. Pansy awed again.

“If I could reach you I would hold you in my arms and make you safe. Nothing would harm you,” she translated with a look of admiration on her face. Hermione and Cho awed even longer than Pansy.

“What are you doing here?” Ginny asked. Blaise just smiled sweetly.

“Well I have something for you,” Blaise turned his back for a minute and when he turned around he held a red red rose in his hand. He then spoke again in Italian as he held it up to her.

“Ginny I have no clue what you did to him but it is adorable,” She exclaimed grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“Why what did he say?” She asked.

“A rose without a thorn for a girl with lips that shame the reddest of roses,” She replied looking down at him while shaking her head. He laughed bashfully as the rest of the girls giggled.

“Well, he can’t give me it now. He’s all the way down there, you can’t give me that rose Zabini your down there!” Ginny calmed down her friends and looked out at Blaise as she spoke.

“Well there’s only one thing I can do about that,” he replied. A look of desire and determination was in Blaise’s eyes as he put the rose on his mouth and started to climb up to the window of the girls' dormitory. Ginny’s friends all jumped up and down and giggled and as he got closer to the window, Ginny’s heart started to race and her breath got quicker.

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