Romeo and Juliet with a Blinny twist


“Where is he! I’ll kill that prick!” Ron shouted as he, Harry Dean and Seamus stormed into the room.

“Ron he’s not here! We were just reading witch weekly!”

“Yeah, and there was an article about a cute muggle couple!” Ginny and Pansy were trying hard to convince Ron that Blaise was never here but he was furious.

“Oh yeah! Where’s your copy of witch weekly?” He roared and Luna held one up. “Here it is,” she said calmly. Ron stormed up to her and snatched it off her. “Rubbish! There’s nothing in here about a couple!” He shouted as he flicked throughout the pages.

“That’s because I told them about it, it was in another copy’s of it that I read the other week,” Luna told Ron and he calmed down a bit.

“Hi, Harry,” she said and walked over to Harry slowly. “You seem upset, maybe you should take a walk” Harry nodded and walked out.

“I think I will,” he said quietly and left. “What’s wrongs with him? Did you do something to him looney?” Ron said and scowled at Luna.

“Her name is Luna and leave her alone!” Pansy yelled and Ron turned to her even madder.

“Is there a problem here guys?” Everyone turned to the door to see Christina standing in her normal clothes.

“No the guys were just talking to us, and now they are leaving,” Ginny said and glared at Ron.

“We are not leaving until you tell us where that prick is!” Ron shouted back.

“Ginny are they holding you girls against your will?” Christina asked and the girls were confused but Ginny’s nodded.

“I see, STUPIFY!” Christina sent Ron flying towards the wall and he landed with a thud.

She pointed her wand at Seamus and then Dean and they backed towards the wall. “Out!” She yelled at them and moved away from the door.

“Leg it!” Dean shouted then he and Seamus ran out. Ron got up and ran after them. He was limping and dizzy.

“Oh, my Merlin, nice one Christina!” Pansy said as she and her friends giggled. “Thanks, no offence Ginny but your brother is a jerk,” she said and smiled.

“Is okay, I already know” Ginny replied and sighed. “Thank you” she added and Christina hugged her.

“I heard about you and Harry, I’m sorry,” she said and Ginny hugged her back. “Thanks, Chrissy. We’re not getting married now” Ginny told her.

“I heard,” Christina said then pulled away and smiled at Ginny.

“I also heard that you had a very interesting shoulder to cry on?” She said. Christina’s smiled turned into a grin. “Yeah...” Ginny replied and smiled.

“Blaise told me, he also said that Ron would probably give you trouble and asked me to check on you and to protect you girls if he gave you hell” Christina explained.

Ginny smiled at her kind word.

“Thank you, Christina,” she said and hugged her again.

“It was the least I could do for him considering,” Christina said. Ginny frowned and pulled away from her then looked at her.

“Considering what?” She asked and Christina looked down.

“He didn’t tell you?” She asked with a frown. Ginny shook her head and became worried. “Christina, what are you talking about?” She asked worried.

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