Romeo and Juliet with a Blinny twist


Near the entrance, Blaise is stood still in his normal fine clothes with his broom and a large brown leather suitcase in his hands.

“Right now have you got your suitcase and your broom?” Professor Slughorn said while walking to him with some papers in his hands.

“Yes, and I handed my robes into Madame Pomfret” he replied and professor Slughorn nodded.

“Right well here’s the correct paperwork” professor Slughorn handed Blaise the papers and Blaise put them in his pocket.

“Right, so do you know when your parents are coming to collect you?” Slughorn asked.

“Err they should be here anytime soon” Blaise replied.

“Right well, I need to get back, work to do. Goodbye Blaise” he extended his hand to Blaise with a warming hand.

“Goodbye professor” Blaise shook his hand and the professor left.

Blaise took a deep breath and looked around. In the distance, Blaise heard his name being called. He looked around and listened to try and locate where it was coming from.

“BLAISE!” From behind, Ginny ran and jumped into Blaise’s arms. He was surprised and dropped his suitcase and broom to hold her legs. She hugged him tightly and he hugged her back.

“Bella? What are you doing here?” Blaise said and put her down but Ginny still hugged him tightly. “Blaise. You can’t leave!” She said and pulled away with her hands in his shoulders.

“Why not?” He asked and ran his hands down her arms. “Because...” Ginny said and looked down.

Blaise smiled and lifted her chin. “Why because?” He said softly. Just give yourself to him Ginny! She thought. Ginny shook her head and smiled.

“Because I love you...I have fallen for you so quickly I can’t-” Ginny was cut off by Blaise’s wonderful lips that kissed her passionately. This made her heart go even faster and as he kissed her deeper she pulled him close to her. After a minute or so he broke away and looked deeply into her eyes.

“I love you too, and will forever Ginny” Ginny was overjoyed and Blaise hugged her again.

“Please don’t leave me,” Ginny said in his arms and he shook his head.

“Never again my love, I’m not going anywhere” he replied with a deep voice. Ginny put her head on his chest and Blaise stroked her ginger hair and kissed the top of her head.

The doors opened and in walked a middle-aged man and woman. They both watched them come in. The woman looked at Blaise and grinned.

“Blaise!” She called and held out her arms.

“Mama!” Blaise called and ran down some steps to her. Ginny watched him and looked towards the man. He was smiling at her and she smiled back. It was a warm but aged smile.

“How are you son?” He asked and shook hands then hugged Blaise.

“Good” he replied and pulled away.

“Are you ready to go?” his mother asked him and he looked down. “What’s wrong sweetie?” His mother asked and Blaise backed towards the stairs.

“It’s all right, you can come downstairs and meet them, Bella,” he turned his head to her and spoke. Ginny walked slowly down the stairs and when she got to the bottom, Blaise faced his parents and took her hand.

“Mama, papa, I would like you very much to meet Ginny” Ginny smiled and Blaise’s mother smiled. “Ginny this is my mama, Rosella and my papa, Antonio” Blaise Ginny smiled bashfully and looked down.

“Lovely to meet you, now are you ready to go Blaise?” Antonio asked and folded his arms. Blaise looked at Ginny and smiled.

“Please, please don’t leave” Ginny begged quietly and Blaise kissed her cheek.

“I gave you my word Ginny” he replied and held his head high to his parents.

“Mama, papa I’m not going anywhere, I’m staying at Hogwarts,” he said and his father grew angry.

“But we’ve been trying for years to get you into Durmstrangs!” he yelled and gestured with his hands. Blaise’s mother watched her husband, then her son.

“Why do you want to stay Blaise?” She asked and Blaise turned to his mother.

“Because, I love Ginny, and I can’t leave her” he replied honestly and Antonio shook his head.

“I can’t believe you, after all, we did this is what you do! We raised you...” He began but was cut off.

“Can I remind you of something Antonio Martel Zabini” Rosella began and they all looked at her.

“When you married me it was because you loved me. Even though your family didn’t approve and your father gave you hell you didn’t leave me. Blaise is doing the same for the girl he loves. You need to accept that” Rosella explained. Blaise’s father looked down and thought and everyone looked at him and waited. He looked at Ginny then to Blaise and back to his wife. He then smiled as his wife place one hand on his cheek.

“All right, you can stay,” he said and Ginny and Blaise looked at each other in happiness.

“Thank you, papa!” Blaise replied and hugged him. Ginny started crying a little.

“Aww, sweetheart!” Rosella said and hugged Ginny with a warming smile. Ginny was surprised at Rosella hugging her accepted it by hugging back.

“Thank you Mrs Zabini,” she said and Rosella pulled away. “Call me Rosella or Rose, we maybe family soon,” she said with a giggle and Ginny’s jaw dropped at how welcoming she was being.

“Thank you, mama!” Blaise said and hugged his mother. Ginny turned around to Antonio who had been convinced by his wife. “Thank you, Ginny, you and my wife realised that we did raise our son to love, and I believe that he does care dearly for you” Ginny smiled at his words and Antonio hugged her.

“Welcome to the family,” he said and pulled away and when to his wife’s side.

“Well, we’d better get going. Blaise make sure that these papers get back to Professor Slughorn,” Rosella said pointing he finger at her son. Blaise and Ginny hugged and held hands and Blaise looked back at his father.

“I will Mama, see you both soon, I love you both lots” his replied as his parents prepared to disapparate.

“You look after her now, remember what I told you,” Blaise’s father said while pointing a finger at his son.

“I know, a woman’s heart is a very fragile and delicate thing, you must cherish it and never break it because one day it may be yours forever,” Blaise said with Ginny in his arms and Antonio smiled.

“That’s my boy goodbye son, goodbye Ginny” Antonio said waving

“Yes, goodbye!” Ginny and Blaise both said and waved as they disapparated.

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