Romeo and Juliet with a Blinny twist

Act II

Just as Ginny finishes, a raven flies into the room through the window. It lands on the floor ruffling its feathers before it flew onto Ginny’s lap. Her spirits become lighter slightly. “And where did you come from?” She asked as it squawked and softly pecked at her hand. Suddenly the door was open and young brown-haired Slytherin girl came in and rested her head against the door frame.

“That’s Blaise’s pet raven Shadow,” the girl said plainly.

“He never lets anyone else pet him only Blaise,” Pansy commented and Ginny looked at the girl frowning slightly.

“And you are?” She questioned the girl.

“Scarlett, Scarlett Parkinson,” she replied. Ginny lifted her left hand and softly pet the raven’s wing.

“I never knew you had a sister Pansy,” she said and looked back at her.

“She’s in yours and Luna’s year,” she replied and turned to Scarlett. “Where are the boys?” she asked and Scarlett replied.

“They’re with the twins, being stupid. They also want to know why you aren’t with them,” she stated dully and folded her arms then shook her head at the thought.

“I’m not friends with them. You know because Marcus slept with the twins that’s why my father called off my marriage,” Pansy replied and her friends were shocked Scarlett looked shocked at her sister as well.

“Really?! Thank goodness!” she yelled and threw herself down on the seat next to Luna. “Because I didn’t like them, they always use to pick on me because I was younger,” she sighed pouting slightly and Hermione nudged Pansy’s arm.

“Perhaps an introduction could be in order?” She asked smiling and Pansy nodded.

“Of course, Scarlett, these are my new friends, Hermione Granger, Cho Chang, Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood,” she said pointing them out each to her sister. They all wave and/or say hello to Scarlett who then asked.

“Can I be your friend as well?” She chirped hopefully. Hermione nodded with a smile.

“Of course you can Scarlett!” She replied and Scarlett smiled thankfully.

“Me and Ginny are in your year, we can spend time together in class,” Luna commented and Scarlett nodded.

“Great,” Scarlett replied. On Ginny’s lap, Shadow flapped his wings a bit more and looks up at Ginny. The girls all looked at the bird.

“I’m glad Crookshanks isn’t here he’d probably try and get him,” Hermione commented, her cat was in his carrier in the luggage cart. Shadow squawked and the girls all laugh.

“He agrees!” Scarlett said with a chuckle.

“Come on,” Pansy said and got up. “We’d better give him back to Blaise,” she added and Luna looked at her in question.

“Why?” She said tilting her head.

“He seems happy here” Cho added frowning.

“Blaise is protective of him” Scarlett answered and Pansy nodded.

“The bird is practically Blaise’s child,” she said and Ginny got up holding Shadow.

“Really?” She asked and Pansy nodded. For a minute, Ginny was lost in thought and she looked down at Shadow. “I suppose we should give him back” she added and Pansy smiled and put her hands on her hips.

“That’s the spirit! Come on” Ginny and Pansy walk down the hall towards an open cart. Inside people are talking and right at the back of the cart, there are the Slytherins.

“Calm down Blaise I’m sure he’s ok,” Vincent said sitting next to Draco. Blaise was rubbing his forehead and pacing back and forth.

“I can’t calm down knowing that he’s missing, what if a cat got him?!” He said with a tone of worry in his Italian voice.

“Chill out Blaise, your bird’s fine,” Pansy said and the Slytherins all looked at her as she walked to them.

“What are you doing here?”

“Weren’t you hanging out with the losers,” the notorious Greengrass twins, Astoria and Daphne had spoken bitterly. Both had filthy looks on their faces that they were firing at Pansy and Ginny walked forward bravely.

“Well us losers are here to give Shadow back,” she said while holding the raven. Blaise grinned widely in relief.

“Oh, Shadow!” He said with a sigh. Blaise reaches for shadow and as his and Ginny’s hands touch she looks up into his deep blue eyes.

“Thank you very much!” He said to Ginny and gently stroked Shadow’s wing. “He seems to be quiet calm” he stated. Shadow squawks and looks back at Ginny. Ginny smiled quietly at the bird and Blaise gently strokes the bird and looks at Ginny.

“You’ve given him the bird now get out of here Parkinson!”

“Yeah, we can smell you from here!” Astoria tongue shot at Pansy closely followed by her sister Daphne. Pansy turned to Ginny.

“Let’s go Ginny,” and the two of them when back to the hall.

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