Romeo and Juliet with a Blinny twist

Act XX

“Phew!” Ginny said and sighed deeply in relief.

“I told you they liked you,” Blaise said and hugged her again.

“Yes but, your father doesn’t seem pleased,” she said and looked up at him. He shrugged and smiled.

“He’ll come around, but my mama loves you,” he said and Ginny relaxed a bit.

“That was nerve-racking for me, but why did you turn that? It was a chance of a lifetime Blaise” Blaise shook his heads and hugged her from behind.

“It wouldn’t be complete because you would not be with me Ginny” he replied softly and kissed her neck. “Blaise, as much as I would like you to continue, it’s getting late and I don’t want to get discovered by one of the teachers out of bed” she stated closing her eyes at the feel of his kisses.

Blaise stopped and looked at her with a pout. Ginny smiled cheekily.

“But I did like it,” she said and kissed his cheek. Blaise chuckled and took hold of her hands.

“Oh dear dear dear,” a voice said from behind. Blaise and Ginny looked back to see professor Flitwick standing with his arms crossed and a sour look on his face.

“Mr Zabini and miss Weasley, up out of bed are we?” He said raising his eyebrow. Blaise shook his head and held up his papers.

“I have permission to be out professor,” he began but the professor laughed once.

“And what about her?” He asked pointing to Ginny. Ginny looked at the professor nervously.

“Look, I’m sorry I’m out of bed professor but please can you forgive me” she pleaded. Professor Flitwick pursed his lips and sighed.

“I’m not going to take you to the headmaster but you do have detention tomorrow and we’ll leave it at that Miss Weasley,” he said and both Ginny and Blaise sighed in relief.

“Get to bed both of you!” The Professor said and walked away. Ginny and Blaise laughed together and looked at each other. They then exchanged a warm hug.

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