Romeo and Juliet with a Blinny twist


The morning flew by and soon it was lunch. Ginny got the odd note and smile from Blaise in the classes she had with him and Blaise got a few death glares from Ron and Harry. Ginny and Blaise met up in secret near the library and decided to walk to professor Mgonugall’s office.

“I’m sorry you Ron and Harry were giving you death glares in class,” Ginny said sympathetically as she and Blaise stood holding hands behind a statue.

Blaise shrugged and kissed her hands.

“Doesn’t bother me, they give me death glares all the time” he joked and Ginny laughed. The sound of it was music to his ears. He placed a soft kiss on Ginny’s now rosy cheeks. Ginny frowned with a silly smile on her face.

“What was that for?” She asked. Blaise tilted his head not breaking his eyes from hers.

“Nothing, it just your laugh is beautiful,” he said and Ginny blushed more. Then the sound of footsteps filled their ears and with one final quick kiss on the forehead, Blaise pulled away to look up the hallway to see Draco walking towards him with his head shaking and his hands in his trouser pockets.

“I can’t believe we’re both here,” he said and Blaise shrugged casually. Ginny looked down as Blaise replied.

“Yeah, well at least we get some time away from the terrible two tarts,” Blaise said jokingly and they both started laughing. Ginny frowned softly and Draco turned to look at her.

“Oh, Weasley” he greeted only glancing at her for a split second.

“Blaise” Ginny replied smiling slightly. Draco sighed before speaking again.

“So, how are things in the Gryffindor tower?” He asked her and she laughed once.

“Fine, surprisingly cold” Ginny joked and both her and Draco laughed a little. After another minute Hermione appeared. Her hair was a little wild and she held her books close to her.

“Hi everyone sorry I’m a bit late,” she said and received a hug from Ginny.

“That’s fine,” Ginny told Hermione and then pulled away.

“Hi boys” Hermione greeted. Blaise pursed his lips into a smile and he nodded once to greet her.

“Hello Hermione,” he said. Draco just stared at her before mumbling hello. Before anyone could stay anything else the door to professor Mgonugall’s office opened to revel her holding a scroll in her hand.

“Welcome children,” she said joyfully.

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