Romeo and Juliet with a Blinny twist


Ginny stood up with a tear-stained face to glare at Blaise with the fragments of her broken heart powering her.

“Why did you go to find Pansy?!” She yelled at him and he frowned. “Are you cheating on me with her?!” She added and Pansy gasped.

“No Ginny! I’d never do that! And neither would Blaise!” She yelled pointing to herself then Blaise as she spoke.

“When Ginny had to go and explain to Hermione about her secret relationship Blaise ran off to find you Pans, that is very suspicious you know,” Draco stated with Hermione nodding in agreement.

“Blaise and I are just friends Ginny. I’ve known you two have been together for ages.” Pansy said to Ginny who had a confused frown.

“You told her before you told me?!” Draco yelled almost snapping. Blaise rapidly shook his head.

“A girl just knows, and it was obvious when he said he was going to find his lady in Italian and when he climbed the roof to get you,” Pansy added which made everyone nod in realisation.

“Ginny, the reason Blaise came to find me because he wanted to ask you something and preferred if I was there for him, we’re friends,” Pansy explained which made Ginny calm down and look over to Blaise.

“Well, what is it?” She asked shrugging her shoulders. Blaise grinned and took her hand.

“I love you, Ginny, we’ve snuck around together like forbidden lovers and gone against those who were closest to us. Your friends said that I was nothing but a Casanova and evil because I was a Slytherin. My friends told me to stay away from you because you supposedly below me and a stupid Gryffindor.” Blaise began to explain making both Hermione and Draco feel guilty and Pansy gulp at the memory of the past his words brought up.

“I’m tired of our house and friends and families fighting. I just want to be with you and love you, Ginny. And to me, this is the only way how.” Blaise added and then he took out a ring.

“Please marry me, Ginny, be my wife and I’ll be your husband.” He added making both the ginger and her friend gasp and Draco’s feet eyes go wide with disbelief.

“What about my brother and father, I can’t get married without telling them!” Ginny exclaimed but Blaise shook his head.

“Marriage is your own choice, Ginny. Not theirs. Marriage should be to the one you love and I love you, Ginny.” Blaise said and then dropped down on one knee in front of her. “Please marry me!” He almost begged. Ginny’s eyes filled with tears again and she nodded slowly.

“I will Blaise, I will!” She exclaimed then knelt herself to kiss him.

“She said yes!” Pansy cheered and clapped for them. Hermione found herself eventually smiling at them as well. Blaise and Ginny were in love and happy so, Hermione was happy for them.

Draco, however, started shaking his head.

“No one but us will accept this Blaise, and you’ve only just broken up with your old girlfriend so she’ll tear you to shreds!” Draco warned Blaise who was now hugging Ginny.

“They’ll have to accept it. I don’t care to be honest,” he shrugged and smiled down at Ginny. “Because I love Ginny more than life itself.” Blaise finished and that’s when Ginny’s vision went black.

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