Romeo and Juliet with a Blinny twist


One hour after blacking out, Ginny awoke under the dark green sheets with the smell of a heavenly cologne that was familiar to her. Was this Blaise’s room she thought. She rubbed her temples then slowly sat up to see she was in a kingsized bed n a large room that had dark green walls, a black wood floor, several portraits on the walls and dark green curtains coming from down the top of the four bedposts. Near the bedroom door Ginny saw her trunk and another trunk that was probably Blaise’s, she thought.

Blaise. Where was he? Ginny asked herself and jumped out of the bed and looked down to see that she was wearing an extremely short nightgown that had some lace on it and was a bright red. Why was she wearing these clothes?! She thought and the bedroom door clicked open.

“Hello Bella, I’m glad your awake,” the deep and Italian lined voice of Blaise said closing the door behind him. Ginny sighed happy to see him and the two walked over to each other to embrace each other in a hug.

“What happened to me?” Ginny asked looking up at Blaise while still standing in his arms. Blaise stroked her ginger hair before replying.

“Hermione said you fainted with shock, you gave me quite a shock my love though,” Blaise replied with a light chuckle at the end.

“Oh, I see. I was a bit of an emotional mess when you asked me, Blaise,” Ginny replied. Blaise nodded but his expression changed to a slightly sad one.

“Ginny, did you doubt my love?” Blaise asked almost heartbroken. Ginny took in a sharp breath of guilt but nodded.

“I’m sorry I did Blaise, but it did look like it when you didn’t come to try and help me explain to Hermione-” Ginny began but was cut off my Blaise slamming his lips on to hers. Blaise then parted her lips with his tongue swirling his tongue around her mouth and placed his hand on the side of her face. Ginny was shocked at this but she gladly kissed Blaise back and ran a hand through his dark hair. The two of them start to then pull each other extremely close and begin to heat up with passion fuelling it. Eventually, their lips broke away to breath panting heavily.

“Don’t apologise Ginny. I’m going to prove that I love only you and will be only yours forever.” He said and the two of them backed towards the bed to become lost in each other for an hour or so, by becoming one.

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