Romeo and Juliet with a Blinny twist


Ginny was still sat in Blaise’s room when he got back. He rushed straight to their room and slammed the door behind him with a heavy sigh.

“Blaise? What’s wrong?” She asked walking over to him. She placed a hand on his tensed shoulder.

“...nothing.” He told her then turned around. “I just, need you again.” He replied with a deep voice that made Ginny feel weak. He carefully picked her up bridal style and carried her back to the bed where they stayed for an hour. Lost in making love to each other.

“Ginny?” Blaise asked as they lay in the bed together.

“Hmm?” Ginny replied sleepily. Her head was placed on Blaise’s chest and he had an arm wrapped around her.

“I need to go. I have quidditch practice.” Blaise began but Ginny sighed not impressed.

“I’m so sorry darling but I promise Draco and I will be with you again tonight,” Blaise said stroking Ginny’s cheek.

“Alright,” Ginny said and placed a kiss on Blaise’s forehead. She then got up to get dressed again. Blaise did the same a little quicker. After a few minutes, they were both dressed. Blaise admired the way Ginny glowed in the light of the afternoon. He hugged her and kissed her passionately for a second before pulling away.

“I’ll see you tonight my love,” Blaise said and left the room. Ginny wave and said goodbye before he closed the bedroom door.

She then sighed happily and threw herself down on the bed. She felt so much happier with Blaise. He could give her the attention Harry couldn’t and Blaise love her. She still, however, wondered what was wrong with Blaise before. Why did he tell me? She thought to herself.

“Ginny?” A voice called from behind the door. Ginny got up and opened it to reveal Hermione with a letter in her hand. Hermione had a worried look on her face that made Ginny frown.

“You got a letter, from your dad,” Hermione said.

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