Romeo and Juliet with a Blinny twist


Ginny slowly and hesitantly opened the letter and started to read it out loud.

“Ginevra Mollie Weasley. How dare you call off your marriage to Harry! It doesn’t matter how you feel my dear it’s about what’s best for you. If you marry Harry then he’s likely to become Minister of Magic one day after me and having him in the family will do us all good.

You’re going to marry him even if I have to drag you to the wedding chapel myself by your hair! Also, you probably didn’t know this but your brother got punched by that wretched Slytherin boy Blaise Zabini. Doesn’t matter though, he’s being excluded.

Signed your father.” Ginny read and towards the end, her eyes started to tear over.

“No, no Blaise can’t be sent away!” Ginny exclaimed as she was hugged by Hermione.

“Oh Ginny, don’t be sad. Maybe, if you marry Harry your dad won’t send Blaise away.” Hermione suggested and Ginny gasped.

“What?” She asked Hermione who sighed.

“It makes sense Gin and it will stop problems from happening,” Hermione said and Ginny shook her head.

“But after the war the wizarding world became free. Me being forced into marriage isn’t be being free!” Ginny exclaimed because it was the truth. Hermione diverted her gaze from Ginny.

“Just, do what he says Ginny,” Hermione said and left her room. Ginny shook her head at her friend abandoning her.

“You traitor.” She muttered under her breath.

Ginny then gathered her clothes and put them on. She went to the quidditch pitch to find Blaise. She wanted to know why he didn’t tell her about him punching Ron. Why would he do that anyway? She asked herself as she got to the quidditch pitch.

“Blaise! Pass!” The voice of Marcus called and Ginny looked up to see that Marcus, Vincent and Blaise all broomsticks practising.

Blaise noticed her almost immediately and he flew down to her.

“Ginny.” He sighed and hugged her. Ginny, however, stopped him.

“Blaise, we need to talk.” She said and Blaise frowned.

“Oi! Blaise, what’s Weasley doing here?” Vincent asked as he flew down towards them.

“Oh, umm-” Blaise began but from behind them from the entrance to the quidditch pitch came footsteps and a voice.

“Blaise Zabini!” Professor McGonagall called and they all turned to face her. She was walking towards them with a letter in her hand.

“I believe you got into a fight with Mr Weasley at breakfast,” Mgonugall said and Blaise nodded.

“It was because he was fighting with Mr Malfoy yes?” McGonagall asked and Blaise nodded.

“He was just defending his friend professor,” Vincent defended. Professor McGonagall looked at him then to Ginny for a second then to Blaise again, slightly disappointed and sympathetic.

“Well, by order of the ministry of magic you are by removed from the post of head boy and expelled from Hogwarts,” Mgonugall added and Blaise and Vincent gasped.

“You cannot expel me, professor, this is my last year!” Blaise protested.

“I’m sorry but it’s what the ministry wants. I recommend you apologise to Mr Weasley.” Professor McGonagall finished and she left.

“I don’t believe this,” Vincent muttered. Blaise nodded in agreement and looked down in sadness. Vincent then looked at Ginny in disgust.

“This is your fault!” He yelled pointing at Ginny in anger. Ginny stepped back shaking her head in slight fear.

“Vince, don’t get mad at her. She hasn’t got anything to do with it.” Blaise defended standing in front of Ginny.

Vincent looked angrily at him from Ginny then he walked away.

“I’ll see you later,” Vincent said bluntly as he walked away. Blaise then slowly turned to Ginny.

“Blaise, I’m so sorry I swear has nothing to do with it.” Ginny pleaded honestly and Blaise placed a hand on her soft delicate cheek.

“It’s alright Ginny.” He said and she smiled leaning into his touch.

“Come, let’s go back to our room.” He said and held out her hand. Ginny took it and they started to walk.

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