Romeo and Juliet with a Blinny twist

Final Act, Act XXXV

Minutes after Ron left, Blaise returned with a flu powder patch.

“I got some potions so we could maybe-” Blaise began but he immediately stopped when his eyes landed on Ginny. She was lying still unconscious with her eyes closed.

“G-Gi-Ginny?” Blaise sputtered and dropped to his knees at the side of her.

“Oh my goodness.” he whimpered shaking his head.

He looked at her face with tears starting to fill his eyes. He then saw in her hand was her wand.

“You killed yourself? Why my love?” He asked touching her hand that was now cold. He then sighed deeply and wiped his eyes with his sleeve on his trench coat.

“Well, I want to be with you in the afterlife Ginny. I simply can’t live on this earth without you.” He said to her then took out the potion that he brought that was supposed to be able to stop Ginny from getting pregnant if they made love for four hours.

“It stops life from being created by the two of us together, so with a bit of magic it can stop my life,” Blaise explained as he took out his wand.

He then muttered a small spell that turned the liquid in the glass vile black and thick. He then held it in his hand while studying it. He looked at Ginny who was still lay in her death state. He then sighed again and took the cap off the vial of poison.

“Here’s to us, Ginny.” He said holding the vile as if to toast. He then gulped the liquid down whole and threw the glass vile across the hall.

Within seconds Blaise felt the poison take hold. He doubled over as the liquid-filled his system, killing him painfully.

“I love you, Ginny.” He said with a weak voice then gave Ginny a quick but sweet kiss on the lips. Eventually, his shaky breaths left him and he fell to the ground lying next to Ginny. He was dead.

A second after his soul left his body Ginny snapped open her eyes. She slowly sat up rubbing her slightly throbbing head and looked around. Her eyes landed on Blaise’s now dead body.

“Blaise, what are you doing?” Ginny asked shaking his shoulder slightly. Devastatingly, he didn’t respond. Ginny frowned and shook him more yelling his name.

Eventually, tears started to stream down her cheeks and she started to cry at the side of his body realising he was dead. After minutes of crying, Ginny sat up. She wiped her eyes and looked over Blaise’s face. She then stroked his cheek softly admiring him while he lay dead.

“Even in death, you’re still handsome,” Ginny said laughing weakly at her joke. She then picked up her wand and held it in both hands pointing the tip and her stomach.

“Don’t worry Blaise, I’ll be with you soon.” She said looking at his body one last time. She then took in a deep breath. “I love you!” She said closing her eyes and she stabbed herself in the stomach with her wand. She screamed in pain as blood started to ooze from the wound. Ginny fell to the ground next to Blaise feeling the life leave her. She weakly laced her left hand in Blaise’s before shutting her eyes dying.


Blaise and Ginny’s friends and family members at the school were led by professor Mgonugall to the scene where their dead relatives were laid.

“Oh my god!” Pansy cried and burst into tears. Hermione hugged her getting tearful with Luna and Cho.

“Blaise,” Vincent said tearing up. Draco patted him on the back and Christina hugged him sobbing a little.

“They were found like this.” Professor McGonagall said gesturing to them. “Do any of you know why they might have done this?” She asked looked around at all the faces. Hermione and Draco made eye contact and both nodded knowing they had to speak up about their best friends being in love.

“They were in love professor,” Draco said stepping forward. Everyone gasped and muttered among themselves.

“W-what? In love?!” The high pitched voice of Daphne said surprised.

“Yes, in love,” Hermione replied stepping forward from her friends. “Something you wouldn’t know about.” She added and Daphne looked down sadly.

“Ginny would never fall for a prick like him!” Ron yelled and Hermione turned to look at him sternly.

“She’s engaged to me,” Harry added and Hermione opened her mouth to speak but was stopped.

“She was engaged to Blaise,” Draco said and everyone gasped again. Ron nearly yelled out in rage but he didn’t say anything because Draco continued.

“Both Hermione and I witnessed it. They were in love and wanted to be married to each other. They truly were in love.” Draco said and Ron looked down feeling sick.

“Marrying Ginny off to Harry would have made her miserable and you know it,” Hermione said. Ron gulped before replying.

“But, if she married Harry it would have meant our family would become more honourable” Ron replied a little but Hermione rolled her eyes.

“Who gives a damn about family honour?!” She snapped. “Ginny is dead!” Hermione yelled gesturing to her friend’s dead body. Ron looked down backing away in shame.

“And you two,” Draco began looking angrily at Astoria and Daphne.

“If you two weren’t so hateful towards Ginny just because she was a Gryffindor and let him and Ginny be together happily then maybe Blaise wouldn’t be dead!” Draco snapped and they both looked down.

“I-I’m sorry, Draco.” Daphne sobbed. Draco sighed shaking his head. He and Hermione then turned to each other.

“Looks like we’re the only ones who can fix this,” Draco said and Hermione nodded.

“I wish that I could say to Ginny that she shouldn’t marry Harry,” Hermione said sadly. Draco nodded before replying.

“I wish I didn’t curse Blaise for not coming to help me when I got beat up,” Draco said.

“How can we fix this when their both dead and we were mean to them?” Hermione asked looking at the two bodies. Draco tilted his head looking at her. He saw a beauty in Hermione that he didn’t notice before.

“We can set an example,” Draco said and Hermione looked up at him frowning. Draco then got down on one knee and took her hand in his.

“Marry me, Hermione.” He said and everyone watching gasped. She looked at Blaise and Ginny’s bodies then to Draco. She could not deny that he was attractive now he was older and he was changed since the war. Maybe he would make a good husband, and maybe they could love each other.

“Yes Draco, I will,” Hermione said. Professor McGonagall then walked to the two of them as Draco stood to his feet.

“I’ll let the ministry deal with the bodies. they will be given a full respectful funeral,” She said and both Hermione and Draco nodded. Professor McGonagall then turned to the rest of the students stood around. “This feud between the houses of Gryffindor and Slytherin ends here.” She said and everyone nodded slowly before leaving Draco and Hermione stood near their dead friends.

Draco held out his hand for Hermione and she took it and held it tightly.

“They need a memorial. Here where they died.” Draco said and Hermione nodded agreeing. They then held up both of their wands and worked together to make a stone pack that read this:

‘Two star crossed lovers that took their own lives here, on the evening on the 29th of September. Remember forever, Ginny and Blaise Zabini. The lovers that ended the feud between Gryffindor and Slytherin.’

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