Romeo and Juliet with a Blinny twist

Act IV

After an hour they arrive at Hogsmead station. Ginny, Cho, Scarlett and Luna are waiting for Pansy and Hermione.

“Where are they?” Cho asked with her arms folded.

“I knew I should’ve gone with her, we would have been quicker if I helped her with the luggage” Scarlett replied.

“Are you ok Gin?” Luna asked Ginny whose eyes were wandering around and looking at all the faces.

“Oh, just thinking” she replied and looked at her.

“About what?” Luna replied with a simple look on her face. Ginny was about to speak but Astoria bumped into Ginny and she fell to the floor.

“Watch where you’re going Weaslette!” She snapped. Ginny rubbed her hands together and looks up at Astoria.

“She’s probably too arrogant to see us. Too busy pretending to be perfect” Daphne snarled and slunk forward and shook her head at Ginny.

“Too right Daph, let’s go and make ourselves look pretty,” Astoria said and nodded in agreement and linked with her sister.

“That’s impossible we look too pretty for words,” Daphne said full of her self and they left.

“We’d best go and sort out the divas Vince, later Gryffindorks” Draco said to Vincent and they left. Blaise looked at Ginny then at Pansy.

“Sorry about those two pans, I hope they didn’t hurt your friend” Blaise reached down to help Ginny but she rejected him. “I don’t need help getting up,” she said and started to pack her things back into her bag. “I can get up myself” she snapped at him.

“Whatever” he replied looking down at her then Blaise knelt and gave Ginny her the last of her things then left. The girls watched him leave and Ginny shook her head.

“He’s annoying” she stated and nearby, a group of young girls giggled.

“I think they disagree” Cho joked Ginny who just scowled at her.

“Well, I don’t care” Ginny ranted and got up. “He can go and have sex with all those girls for all I care” Ginny muttered as straightened her clothes.

Her friends just laughed and Hermione and Pansy walked up to them.

“What’s so funny?” Hermione asked as they stopped.

“Ginny was ranting about Blaise helping her” Scarlett replied and Pansy frowned. “Blaise helped you?” Pansy asked and Ginny held her bag close to her.

“The Greengrass twins knocked me over and Zabini tried to help me” she replied and sighed.

“Did he help you up?” Hermione asked and Ginny shook her head.

“No just gave me my things” she replied.

“And a group of first years giggled!” Cho added and Scarlett nodded.

“Well, that was nice of him!” She commented and Ginny shook her head. “Whatever” Ginny replied and they all left.

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