Romeo and Juliet with a Blinny twist


The two were interrupted but he heavily made up and very pink dressed Daphne. She was staring at Blaise with her mouth wide open and her hands on her hips.

“Why are with this fleabag?!” She asked and Blaise looked at her then Ginny frantically.

“I was just making fun of her, I think I saw a flea or two in her hair in the great hall,” he said jokingly to Daphne.

“What?!” Ginny yelled as Blaise walked and talked to Daphne.

“I told you so,” she kissed him on the check. “You really should stay away from her babe” Daphne turned her head to Ginny, her face wiped with a filthy look. “And you, you should stay away from my boyfriend,” Daphne said venomously. Ginny shook her head.

“Come on Blaise, I need you to walk me to my dorm” she looked up at him with a fake smile. Blaise reacted by smirking at her and linking with him.

“Yeah, go off to your hell hole and shag him Greengrass” Ginny yelled back. Daphne scowled at her.

“Whatever Weaslette, at least I have a boyfriend!” And with those final words, the last dagger had been trusted into Ginny’s back and her face became full with sadness as the Slytherins both left. Ginny heart had become low.

She cried a little and a few minutes later she flew from the ROR and retreated to her dorm.

“Password? Miss Weasley?” The portrait door was a lady all in white who was new to the castle asked the tearful Ginny.

“Just let me in!” Ginny yelled and wiped her eyes. “Please?” She asked with a quiet and broken voice.

“Blaise Zabini sweetheart?” Ginny looked up at the portrait and nodded. “Aww, don’t worry honey, many girls had been entranced by his looks and flirtatious ways but had ended up with a broken heart,” the portrait said sympathetically.

“I didn’t... I didn’t get a broken heart, he said some mean things to me, and I thought he was a gentleman” the portrait look at her in disbelieve.

“What do you expect when he’s with, that” the portrait was referring to Daphne. Ginny smiled weakly and the portrait opened the door.

“But...I, I didn’t give you the password?” Ginny asked sobbing.

“It’s alright sweetie I know you sleep in this dormitory, so come on in” Ginny smiled and thanked the portrait then dashed up the stairs to her room. She threw herself on her bed but didn’t cry another tear. She shrugged off what Daphne and Blaise had said. Who am I kidding? I’ll never like him and if Ron or dad found out, that would be the end, she thought and shook her head and started to get changed into her blue and white striped pyjamas.

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