Romeo and Juliet with a Blinny twist

Act IX

After 15 minutes Pansy comes into the room with the drunk and laughing Scarlett.

“Oh pans, I’m not drunk at all!” Scarlett was hanging around her sister with bad breath and messy hair.

“If I hadn’t pulled you away from the drink stand, you would have dried them out” she replied and helped her into her bed.

“I can manage Pansy, I just need to get my clothes off” Scarlett took off her clothes and got into bed in her undies. “Hood light! I mean, good night!” Scarlett yelled and Pansy shushed her and within seconds, Scarlett was gone.

“How’d she get so drunk?” Ginny asked while brushing her ginger hair.

“No idea” Pansy replied and started getting undress. “I’m just glad she didn’t do anything too stupid” Ginny chuckled.

“What did she do?” Ginny asked.

“She tried to kiss Harry” pansy replied. Ginny was surprised.

“Really?” She chirped and Pansy noodled and they both chuckled. Ginny climbed into her bunked above Pansy’s bed and turned to the wall.

The day after was Saturday Ginny was the first to wake up. She got dress quietly and walked downstairs to the common room. Lounging in a chair was Christina in her normal clothes.

“Morning Ginny,” she said sipping at her cup of tea.

“Sleep well, Christina?” Ginny asked and got a cup of tea. “Alright, last night I was refereeing my sisters and spent some time with Vincent, he’s nice you know” Christina replied.

“Yeah he is, Christina, what do you think of Blaise?” Ginny asked. Christina looked up at her in question. “What do you mean?” She asked frowning.

“Is he usually nice?” Christina thought for a minute.

“He is nice, he’s usually a gentleman with every girl he meets, you need to be however though if he tries to get romantic, that’s when the Cassanova kicks in” Christina laughed at her joke and Ginny nodded. ’Why did you ask?” She said watching her like a hawk.

“Well, last night I was talking to him on the balcony, he introduced himself and we laughed a few times but when Daphne came to the balcony, he became horrid, and Daphne, she said I was a fleabag and...” Ginny started.

“She said what?!” Christina interrupted and had become angry. She didn’t like it when her sisters were mean to other students and now she was cross.

“Has Astoria said anything to you?” Ginny shook her head and Christina got up.

“I’ll see you later Ginny...” And Christina stormed out of the room.

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