Beginning Flames

Getting Down to Business

Early the next morning, when the sun had barely risen, I got up, changed clothes, wrote a note about my whereabouts in case the guys were to ask questions, and headed out. My ankle didn't hurt as much as it had the other day, so I was able to walk quickly. I barely slept the night before. Questions about divine entities visiting the mortal world just to see me buzzed in my head like flies buzzed around one's head; persistent, annoying, and no matter how many times you swatted them away, they just kept coming back. I knew Zephyr had the answers, and I wasn't going to rest until we could figure out why I was there and why the god called Kyurem was trying to kill me and me alone.

I arrived at Ms. Vanilla's when the sun was a bit more into the sky. I didn't want to disturb anyone in case they were still asleep, but I felt the only way to get someone's attention was to knock on the door. I knocked lightly at first and waited a moment. I knocked a bit harder and waited. I was about to knock a third time when the door opened, revealing Zephyr.

"I somehow knew you'd come here," he said, then looked around. "Where's the other detectives?"

"I thought about it a lot last night," I explained, "and I thought that I should find out what's going on by myself."

He looked at me curiously, eyebrow raised, then smiled. "I understand. But why-?" He paused, shaking his head. "Never mind. So, what do you wanna learn?"

"Everything, from beginning to end."

Zephyr turned thoughtful a moment, rubbing the back of his neck in uncertainty. "I don't know, my memory might be a bit rusty."

"Please, Zephyr?" I pleadingly looked up at him. "I really want to know."

"You're kinda twisting my arm... but I'll do what I can."

I smiled brightly. "Thank you, thank you!"

For the entire morning, Zephyr explained that Mobius had multiple deities, no matter where you were on the planet, and in size can range from an average-sized stuffed teddy bear to a large mountain. I can name a few off the bat: Victini, the god of victory; Dialga, the god of time; Arceus the Creator God. I wasn't sure if the Chaotix had seen my note yet, but I didn't care. I was too intrigued and excited by how much I was learning. I never had been more excited about learning anything in my entire life.

Around noon, Zephyr and I were in a different part of the forest sitting by a small brook, him continuing to talk about the stories and legends behind the different gods until I decided to interject.

"I guess since Ho-Oh's a wish fulfiller and Jirachi's a wish maker," he explained, "they perform the same basic duties, basically going hand-in-hand."

"This is really fascinating stuff," I said, "but I want to get to the main subject."

"Alright then," he said with a casual smile. "Fire away."

"Well... why is it that gods can't hunt down mortals as prey?"

"Immortals take their laws pretty seriously, so for anyone of them to turn animalistic and try to kill a mortal, innocent or not, are susceptible to severe punishment."

"But Kyurem tried to kill me twice. He should've been punished the first time around."

"I know."

I blinked in surprise. "You know?" I looked at him for about a minute, then I laughed a little. "Very funny. I know you only saved me from Kyurem once... right?"

He looked at the ground in what appeared to be guilt. "I've got a confession to make. I saw Kyurem go after you that night. I followed you both through the forest as he chased you. Why he didn't kill you... is because of me."

Him? "You? But how did you do it?"

"It's... really hard to explain. I honestly can't tell you."

I shot an angry look at him. "Why not? You told me all this other stuff, so why can't you answer a simple question?"

He looked angrily back at me, crossing his arms. "I don't have to tell you anything, you know. Besides, what I did is secret."

I rolled my eyes. "Oh, sure it is. And it's this 'secret' that made Kyurem terrified of you."

He was about to say something, but he stopped himself and looked at me a moment. Then he started laughing.

What the hell is he laughing about?

"What I'm laughing about is the fact that you're tougher and smarter than you're letting on." His eyes widened as if he made a mistake and put a hand over his mouth.

"AHA!" I pointed. "I knew you could read minds! I knew it!"

He removed his hand and gave a smug look. "Mobians have different kinds of abilities. Did you know that Espio can camouflage himself, and Vector can breathe fire?"

"I didn't... until now. I would've known about those abilities if you hadn't opened your big mouth to me, so that proves that you aren't a normal mind reader!"

"So what if I'm not! Big deal!" He let out an annoyed, angry sigh. "Look, I've told you everything you needed to know, so I think we're done here."

"No, we're not. I know you're not a normal Mobian, so there must be something about you if a god, aka Kyurem would back away from you in fear."

Zephyr just growled as he stared angrily.

He's going to have to give in sometime...

"Zephyr? Is that you?"

We turned and saw a grayish-white hedgehog with crazy looking quills approaching us. He had gold-yellow eyes, gold bracelets with an aqua colored line running through it, and knee-high boots. On his palms was an aqua symbol that wasn't familiar to me.

"Oh, hey, Silver," Zephyr said with a smile. "Didn't hear ya coming."

Silver looked over at me. "Who's this?"

"This is Cheyenne. She's kinda shy, so she might not talk much."

"Hi," I said politely smiling. "Nice to meet ya."

"Likewise," Silver replied with a smile, then turned back to Zephyr. "Any luck trying to find out why Kyurem attacked?"

Zephyr's response was dropping a hand on my shoulder.

"Her? But... she's mortal. Why would Kyurem go after a mortal?"

"Yeah, Zephyr," I said. "Why would Kyurem go after a mortal? Unless I'm anything special - which I'm not."

Silver looked closer at me. "You're... not from Mobius, are you?" he asked.

I raised an eyebrow. "No, I'm not. How do you-"

"Zephyr, can I talk with her alone for a minute?"

"Uh, sure, I guess," Zephyr said as he stood up and walked away from us.

"Listen, Cheyenne, have you had any... unusual dreams lately?" Silver asked.

I thought a moment. "Well, there was this one... I heard a man's voice, and he said I should go to a temple or something." I looked back at Silver. "Why do you want to know about what I've dreamt about?"

He looked around a moment, making sure no one was listening. "I'll see you later, okay?" Just then, an aqua-colored glow formed around him, and he started floating in midair and then flew away in another direction.

Some kind of telekinetic ability. That's cool. But why would Silver ask what I've been dreaming about? Geez, first Zephyr acts all weird, and now Silver? I feel like I walked in the middle of a mystery novel or something like that.

When I returned to Chaotix later in the day, Vector was pissed that I left the building and 'missed an entire day of work,' followed by reassurance from Espio that nothing eventful had happened. Good news: they had seen the note and started asking me all sorts of questions. All I could say to them was that not everything was as it seemed. Of course, Vector and Charmy were confused. Espio was also puzzled, but not as much.

Later that evening, I was woken out of my sleep by a tap! tap! tap! on the window. I sleepily looked up and saw a familiar shape looking through the window. Silver's crazy quills gave him away, even though he looked like a blurred blob. I stumbled off the couch and walked to the door. When I opened it to try and see him, he had just... disappeared. From the corner of my eye, I saw the familiar aqua glow and started to follow it. He seemed to be leading me somewhere, I thought. So I followed him through the woods. It seemed like hours that I followed him left and right, up and down, to and fro... that until the glow had faded and disappeared, leaving me alone in the blackness of the trees.

I looked up suddenly and saw what appeared to be an ancient temple, as foretold in my dream. It seemed decrepit and slowly falling apart. I started getting the feeling that I have seen this place before, once long ago in fact. But there was no way, I told myself. This was the first I've ever seen of it. I slowly walked up to it, seeing mysterious tribal pictographs all over the wall. They appeared to be of different animals, like birds, though some were more complex. I ran my hands along each pictograph until one I had barely passed by let off a faint white glow. Curious, I raised my hand over it, and it glowed immensely. Gently pressing my hand down on it, I heard a kind of clicking sound, and a door opened. My curiosity got the best of me, and I went inside. The outside of the temple looked like it was about to cave in on itself, but the inside looked as if it were new. Both sides of the room were lit by torches on the walls, seemed to have been just lit.

A few steps in and the door had closed behind me with a slam. I turned around, trying to find where it had opened, but to no avail. I realized that I had to go forward to go back and that I did. As I walked, there were portraits of men, women, and children, all with unique clothing and hairstyles, skin tones, eye colors, the works. There weren't names to any of the portraits, but I still thought that they were pretty cool. Ahead of me was a large room, so I decided to check it out. Both curiosity and confusion flooded through my body as I entered the room, which appeared to be empty. I looked all around, not realizing that I was being watched.


Geronimo? I looked up and saw someone falling at me. Whoever it was tackled me to the ground, standing on my stomach in victory.

"Orright, Sheila! I got your number!"

Sheila? I looked up and saw that it was a brown raccoon with sky blue eyes, wearing a green sleeveless top and black shorts. She had little pigtails in the shape of boomerangs. My best guess was that she was a little kid, like Cream and Charmy.

"You dare to intrude Cap'n Marine's secret hideout? Well then, you're gonna have to take me on in a ripper contest!"

Captain? "What are you talking about?" I asked.

"The name's Cap'n Marine, Sheila, and you discovered my secret hideout! Prepare to meet your maker!"

I grabbed her up as I stood back on my feet. "You look a little too young to be a captain."

"OY! I'll show you who's a little too young to be captain!" As she yelled, she flailed her arms and legs, trying to be let free.

"Marine, that's enough."

We looked up and on the upper level was a purple cat with the familiar gold-yellow eyes, feathers on her head and a red jewel on her forehead. Her clothes looked completely exotic as if she was from a different country.

"Aw, c'mon Blaze," Marine said to the cat. "I was only kidding around."

The cat glanced over at me. "You're the one Silver talked about, aren't you?" She paused, apparently sizing me up. "You're definitely not from Mobius at all."

I gently let Marine down, still looking up at her. "Who are you?" I asked.

"My name is Blaze. That's all you need to know."

"Speaking of Silver," Marine spoke, "where is that bloke, anyhow? You think he got lost?"

"What is this place?" I asked Blaze. "Why am I here?"

"This place is known as the Temple of Hajime," Blaze answered. "It was used to train Immortals, to help them use their divine gifts for the good of the world, so said Arceus."

"Arceus? You mean the Creator God?"

"Yes. He was the one who had shaped the world we know, and had created the others overtime to make Mobius the world that it is today, even though a few were created or modified by humans and Mobians alike. Some stay within the world as guardians, watching us, protecting us."

"But why am I here?" I asked. "I've been on Mobius less than a week, and all this strange crap has been happening to me. Why?!"

At that moment, Silver came floating down, landing next to Blaze. "He'll be here in a moment," he said to her.

"Good," Blaze said.

"Silver!" I yelled.

He looked down at me, a nervous smile on his face. "Oh, uh, hi, Cheyenne."

Alright, enough is enough. "Silver, what the hell is going on? Why does everyone seem to think that I'm some sort of special case when I'm not!"

"That is where you are wrong."

Who... who said that?

Standing at the end of the room was a full-grown human man, wearing white and gold formal tribal robes decorated with oval-shaped jades, his sclera green with red pupils. On his head was a crown with the same jades, his skin pale, his hair white with gray underneath. I saw his portrait on the wall!

"Who... who are you?" I asked in awe.

"My name is Arceus," said the man in a calm voice.

"Arceus...! As in the creator!"

He showed a soft smile. "Yes. You have heard of me, I presume."

"Finally, I can get some answers! Can you please, please, PLEASE tell me why I'm here?"

"But of course, Cheyenne. You are here for your basic training."

"Yeah, that's right! I'm here for..." I paused. "What?"

"That is why you are here, are you not? For your training."

"Training? Wh-What training?"

"Your training... as an Immortal."

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