Beginning Flames

Oh, My Gods!

I remained still, Arceus's words still echoing in my mind. "Wh-What do you mean?" I stuttered. "This is some sort of sick joke, isn't it?" I glanced up at Silver and Blaze. "Silver, why would you even pull a stunt like this? I barely even know you." The two just glanced at each other, and that only made me so angry that tears started forming in my eyes. I looked back at Arceus. "There's gotta be some kind of misunderstanding. I'm not a god!"

"But you are," Arceus said calmly. "You're the daughter of one of the Immortals of Mobius, making you half-Immortal."

"BULLSHIT! THIS IS NOTHING BUT A LIE! IT'S JUST NOT POSSIBLE!" I was so mad and upset, I thought I was going to breathe fire.

"If it were a lie, would I be standing right here in front of you? Or would you rather think that you were still dreaming and try to make this all go away?"

As he talked, I felt myself calming down, tears of anger starting to run down my face. "How long?"

"I'm sorry?"

"How long have I been... like this?"

"Your whole life."

"Why am I here now?"

"As I said, to train, to use your powers."

"I don't even know what powers I have...!"

"It will take some time, but they will come to you eventually. That's why you've come to the Temple of Hajime, to begin training. Silver and Blaze will be your teachers."

Marine cleared her throat as if she was being left out.

"And of course, Marine shall be there for moral support."

"You're darn right, mate!" Marine spoke.

"There's so much I don't understand..." I said. "How come I haven't used these 'powers' before on Earth? Why do I have to learn them here?"

"Both good questions. Unfortunately, I'm not the one to answer them. You shall have to ask your father."

I raised a confused eyebrow. "My father? But my dad would've told me if he-"

"Not your mortal father."

"Oh. And, uh, who might my... immortal father be?"

"Reshiram." He vanished away, possibly teleported I would have to say. But the name Reshiram...

I heard that name from Zephyr. He said something about Reshiram and another god leaving Kyurem an empty shell or something like that.

"I'm surprised you're taking this pretty well," Silver said as he floated down in front of me, followed by Blaze who jumped down, landing on her feet.

"I... so confusing," I managed to utter. "Very puzzled..."

"It's a little hard to take in, I know, but it'll be okay."

I blinked a couple of times, my senses returning as I looked down at Blaze and Silver. I guess I should have mentioned before that most of the Mobians I've come across were likely knee-high - three feet tall or shorter, while other Mobians were about my height or more. I wanted to point out how short they were but then thought that would've been rude. "Why did Arceus make you two my teachers?"

"Marine and I aren't from this dimension," Blaze explained. "And Silver's from the future."

"You would've loved the Sol Dimension!" Marine squeaked. "Especially my place! It's got a radio tower, a lighthouse, a dinosaur-"

"Alright, Marine, settle down," Silver spoke, then looked up at me. "Are you sure you're okay with everything, Cheyenne?"

"Barely three days," I said as I started to pace around the room, "and I find out..." I chuckled a little to try to ease the tension within me. "It's a little much to take in. Now, if I were really the daughter of a god, how come I haven't destroyed any buildings with my so-called powers?"

"If I can remember, those that are half-Immortal, they would need to be a certain age for them to try and use their powers, that age being 18. They would have to come here to train, no matter where they were in the universe. After completing basic training, they go out and see what other powers they could possibly have, ranging from elemental abilities to telepathy, telekinesis, and more. And then the day would arrive when they become a new Immortal of a given title."

"Oy, Silver, you said a mouthful," Marine spoke with a yawn. "I was about to fall asleep."

I started to feel my mind walk the very, very thin line between reality and insane fantasy, and I didn't want to stumble into either part, for I couldn't confirm nor deny if anything was real or not.

"It's pretty late," Blaze spoke to me. "You should head back now."

By myself? In the dark? Where I'm Kyurem bait? I don't think so! "Uh, I don't know if that's a good idea..."

Blaze looked back at Silver, as if telepathically telling him to do something.

"No worries, Cheyenne," Silver said to me, the aqua glow forming around his hands. "I've got ya covered."

A small smile grew on my face. "Thank you..."

Silver was able to lead me through the dark, creepy forest without anyone trying to attack us, successfully leading back to the Chaotix Detective Agency. Before I went inside, Silver stopped me.

"I know that you'd want to tell them what happened," he said knowingly, "but the thing is... you can't."

"Why not?" I asked, eyebrow raised.

"See, Immortals tend to - no, prefer to live in secret. And if any mortal were to know about their whereabouts, well... It won't only hurt them, but it would hurt you, too."

I only grew more confused. "What, are you saying that I have to keep it a secret?"

"In order to protect others, you have to protect yourself." He turned his back to me. "I'll see you in a week. That's when your training starts." He started levitating, and then hovered away.

In order to protect others... you have to protect yourself? In other words, I don't breathe a single word about... all of this to anyone. Knowing that the guys were still asleep, I quietly opened the door, tiptoeing inside, gently closed the door behind me and tiptoed to the couch, curling back under the covers. I let out a quiet sigh. Guess I'll count the days until I go insane.

About four days passed since my... recent 'discovery.' I knew how to keep a secret, but with each passing day, I wanted to tell so very bad. And every time I wanted to tell them, I had to remember what Silver said and bit the inside of my cheek to keep the reminder there. I tried acting normal as I possibly could, but Espio saw right through my façade and, when we were alone, impaled me with questions as to what I was hiding. I just told him that I was fine and there was nothing to worry about. He never bought it. Then I told him that it was rude to poke his horn into other peoples' business, detective or not. He backed off a little and told me that if I ever needed to talk, I should come to him since Vector has too big of a mouth and would try to listen but not really, and Charmy's just a kid and quite wouldn't understand. I agreed.

One day before my training. The leaves were really falling, now. 'Twas Autumn at the time. I hadn't noticed the leaves falling until a couple of days ago when I saw them turning red, orange and brown. After a while, I found myself saying things in Shakespearean fashion; usually, I'd say only a little, but it seemed to pronounce itself a little more each day. Of course, once again, I tried to control it. Must've gotten that from this Reshiram, I thought to myself. I was sort of hoping for a call or something at the agency. Well, there was this one call, and it had something to do with either a cat in a tree or some kind of explosive device - I can't quite remember the details.

Then, there was a knock at the door.

"Hey, Kid, get that, will ya?" Vector said, leaning back in his chair.

"Sure," I quietly replied, walking to the door. I opened it, and Zephyr stood there. "Oh, uh, hi, Zephyr."

"Hey there," he said with a smile.

"Zephyr!" Charmy exclaimed excitedly as he flew past me to see the wolf.

"Hey, little bug." He tussled the bee's helmeted head, making it askew. "How ya been?"

"I'm okay."

He looked back at me. "Mind if I come in?"

"Oh, uh, of course not," I said. "Please come in." I stepped to the side and let the wolf enter the office. I'm pretty sure that he's gonna comment on how small the place is. The office was kinda small - decorated with Vector's desk and a bookshelf to the right of it, two couches facing each other with a little coffee table in between, and a houseplant next to the door.

"It's pretty homey in here." He sat down on one of the couches.

Can't he read someone else's mind for once?

"What can we do for ya, Zephyr?" Vector asked. "Our policy is, 'We never-'"

"'Turn down work that pays.' I know. I just thought that I could just chill with you guys. Vanilla and Cream are out of town for the day and I thought I'd come and hang with you."

"Can he, Vector? Can he?" Charmy excitedly asked.

"I don't see the harm," the croc answered.

"But what's the reason?" Espio wondered.

"Because I have nothing else to do," Zephyr replied, "and I just wanted to make sure if she's adjusting well."

"She's still a little jumpy," Vector said, "but she's doing okay."

The wolf smiled. "As long as she's doing well."

Again, why are they talking like I'm not here? I've got opinions, too.

Just then, the phone on Vector's desk began to ring. The croc didn't hesitate to answer. "Hello? Yes, this is the Chaotix Detective Agency. Who's this? Uh-huh... Uh-huh..." His eyes widened. "How much?!" Then he cleared his throat. "Of course. We'll be there." He hung up.

"What's going on, Vector?" Espio asked.

There was a glimmer of greed in the crocodile's eye as a toothy smile came across his face. "Boys, we've got a new case on our hands," he said. "Our client lives in the richest part of Mobotropolis, and he said he'll pay handsomely for our services if - no, when we solve it."

"What did he want?" I asked.

"Seems that some family heirloom of his went missing and he believes one of his servants stole it. Naturally, he called the right people for the job."

"Who, the CIA, FBI, or GUN?" Zephyr spoke, chuckling at his joke.

Vector just shook his head, then looked over at me. "That'll be the perfect job for ya, Kid. You'll be able to find it with ease."

"Uh, actually," I started, "that might be a bit difficult."

"How so?" The croc shot a suspicious look at me.

"Truth be told, I'm nearsighted. I need glasses to see properly."

Everyone just looked at me a moment until Zephyr broke the silence. "If you're nearsighted, then how can you see what's been going on?" he asked.

"If anything were to zoom past right in front of me, or if anyone's just standing in front of me, I'll be able to see them. Though, it's somewhat blurry."

"Ain't that great," Vector mumbled. "A blind detective. How low have we sunk?"

"I may be blind, Vector, but I can still hear."

The city of Mobotropolis was a vast urban city with a bunch of tall buildings and a lot of people moving about. Even without my glasses, it was very discombobulating. I grew up in an an area where there were mountains, so to be in a city that practically resembled New York or Las Angeles was completely overwhelming and confusing.

The client the five of us were visiting lived in a mansion in Uptown Mobotropolis. The outside looked like the outside of the Playboy Bunny mansion, and that made me wonder if the inside would be similar - minus the Playboy Bunny girls. Charmy rang the doorbell, and one of the servants opened the door not too long afterward.

"Good afternoon," the servant said.

"Hi, we're from the Chaotix Detective Agency," Vector said. "We got a call from your boss about a missing heirloom."

"Oh, yes. Right this way."

We walked inside, and it looked like something that you'd only find in a castle. Long winding stairways, paintings of famous idols on the walls, it was just too amazing for words. The only word that came out of my mouth was, "Whoa...!"

"Detectives, welcome." The one who entered was the owner of the mansion, casually strolling in wearing one of those robes that the stereotypical rich man would wear. He was a dark teal badger with reddish-violet eyes. "I'm so glad you could be here. I'm Barrington von Barrington, owner of this magnificent castle I call home."

Barrington von Barrington? Man, how much of a stereotypical rich guy can he be?

"Pretty stereotypical aristocrat, he is," Zephyr muttered to me.

I nodded in agreement.

"Nice to meet ya, Barrington," Vector said, shaking hands with the client. "I'm Vector the Crocodile, Private I."

"And the rest?"

"My teammates. Except him." He pointed to Zephyr. "He's a friend to one of 'em."

Barrington eyed Zephyr suspiciously. "I see."

"Anyhow, you said something about a missing heirloom?"

"Oh, yes. It's my family crest, the three Tao Dragons."

"What's a Tao Dragon?" Charmy asked.

"I think the dragons have something to do with Yin and Yang," I suddenly answered.

"Precisely, my dear girl,” Barrington said, “the Dragon Gods Reshiram, Kyurem, and Zekrom. Their legend is quite fascinating. Anyway, my family crest is on a brooch, which belonged to my great-great-grandmother, and I would be damned if one of my loyal servants have stolen it from me."

"Don't worry your rich little head," the croc said. "We'll find the one who's taken the brooch."

"See that you do. Now if you all excuse me, I'm late for a mani-pedi, and Stacey would be furious if she doesn't see me today. Such a stubborn girl." He walked past the group in such a hurry that he almost ran into the butler on his way out.

"Alright, boys, let's split up and interrogate the entire staff that works in this joint."

"Methinks - uh, I mean, I think that interrogation won't work," I said. "Someone might try to run away."

"Then what do you think we should do? Try and be nice?"

I nodded. "Pretty much."

Vector groaned in annoyance. "Everyone split up and interrogate. No ifs, ands or buts. Got it?" He quickly took off in one direction, Espio and Charmy moving away in their own directions as well, leaving me alone with Zephyr.

At least try and consider my idea. I may be smaller than you, Big Mouth, but I could kick your hide from here to Timbuktu if I could! Compared to me, Vector was about half a foot taller, more muscular and not as skinny as I was. I was all talk.

"C'mon," Zephyr nudged lightly with his elbow. "We've got a brooch to find. And don't let Vector bother ya too much. He does care about you."

"If he does, then why doesn't he show it?" I questioned as we started walking.

"He's one of those guys that's like a rock on the outside, but more of a marshmallow on the inside."

I laughed a little. "What a way to say that he's hard but soft. 'Tis quite the humorous comic. Oops...!" I covered my mouth.

He raised an eyebrow. "What was that Shakespearean talk?"

"S-Sorry. I've been trying not to do that. If it bothers you, I'll stop."

"I don't mind."

I looked up at him. "Really?"

"I've got an uncle who talks like that, so it's no bother, really."

I blinked a few times before showing a small smile. "Okay." Zephyr's more understanding than Vector. Maybe I'll take his advice and try not to let the croc get underneath my skin. Zephyr... is an awesome guy.

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