Come Morning Light

By Lexi Lindale

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 21

When the sky finally opened up and the rain fell we knew the curse was truly broken. The kingdom rejoiced at the rain while Bellamy and I watched from our balcony. He took my hand and we knew our futures were set. We were a family, I loved him and he loved me. It might not have been a perfect start, but it would be one hell of a happily ever after.

The day after the doctors checked me and confirmed I was indeed carrying his child, Bellamy decided to release a statement to his kingdom. He stood out at the gates, everyone gathered to see the king. It was the first statement he had ever given. I stood beside him, holding his hand and smiling for the world to see. We were happy, there was nothing more to fear.

"My people I would first like to apologize for what you have been through these last few years. I never wanted to harm you, or cause you pain. I only wanted to be the king you needed," he paused as a few people scoffed, "I cannot bring your daughters back, but I can offer you the promise that it will never happen again.”

I squeezed his fingers gently, the crowd staring at me. I stepped up as Bellamy fumbled with the paper in front of him, "I know you all think it's my fault. You look at me with anger because I am not your daughter. She didn't get to live and I did. You think we don't deserve to happy. That's true, but if I am able to forgive the man who murdered my cousin, then I believe you are capable of it too.”

Bellamy smiled at me, "the drought is over, the curse has been broken," he was a different man. I could only hope the kingdom could see that too, "and I am happy to tell you all that soon we will have a little heir running around the kingdom.”

A few people cheered, Raven shook her head on my right, her own stomach bigger than mine. I couldn't wait for our babies to grow up as best friends. She had been pretty happy when I told her about about the heir. I’m so glad to have found a friend as beautiful and real as her inside this castle.

Bellamy finished his speech and then Finn stepped up. He wore a ring on his left hand. The same as Raven, his wife.

Their wedding was beautiful. I was her maid of honor, Bellamy was his best man. Neither one of them could stop smiling like kids on Christmas morning as the preacher said you may kiss the bride. I shed a tear at how much they loved each other.

Bellamy watched me throughout their vows. He smiled, his eyes told me that he remembered our wedding better than all the others. He said he couldn’t stop staring at the girl who had volunteered to die. He knew the moment he took my hand that day he had to try harder with me. I couldn't believe the life we had made together. I never thought I would fall in someone like him, but I did.

We spent our days together, his duties were less now that the spell was broken. He told me I was more important than clauses and paperwork. Miller had been taking on some duties while Finn took care of Raven.

As happy as we were, there were still nights when Bellamy's nerves got the best of him.

I woke up one night not long after it all happened and the bed was empty. For a second I forgot that the castle wasn't cursed. I got scared, visions of Bellamy dying came flashing back. I sat up quickly, looking around the room. It was dark, he wasn't there. But the doors that led to our small balcony were open. The breeze hit me as I pushed my legs over the edge of the bed.

He had his back towards me, his shoulders were stiff. He was still shirtless, which made me feel like a giddy teenager. I loved when he slept without a shirt. He would wrap me up in his arms, pressing my back against his warm chest and the world stopped turning.

Of course I loved falling asleep in his shirt even more.

I sighed as I walked forward and wrapped my arms around him from behind, "come back to bed.”

His smile was slow as I kissed his shoulder. He was always so warm. Bellamy turned to look at me, his face was full of worry and fear, "I just needed a moment.”

"What's wrong?" I asked running my hand through his hair. I could tell something was bothering him.

He sighed slowly, his eyes going towards my growing stomach. He shook his head, "I just, I don't know how to be a father. My own father was terrible, and I'm terrified I'm going to screw them up. What if I do? What if they hate me or worse—"

I pressed my lips to his silencing his fears. I felt him wrap his arms around my waist, holding me close as I eased his worries, "you are going to be the best dad there is. They will love you just as much as I do.”

He sighed, "I'm sorry I'm such a mess," he whispered as he pressed our foreheads together, "I just didn't realize this would all happen so quickly. Raven is due any day now and Finn’s freaking out.”

I laughed, but then stopped. Because as he spoke, his deep voice hit something. As I stood there I felt the little tiny movement inside my stomach. It was like it had filled with butterflies and suddenly they were trying to get out. My eyes went wide and I went still in my husbands arms.

"Bellamy," I took his hand off my waist.

He looked ready to pass out, "what's wrong?”

I laughed, "the baby just kicked," I laid his palm flat against my stomach, "keep talking. They did it when you were talking.”

He blew out a breath, "hey baby. I know you can hear how scared I am. Don't worry, I will get over it and be the best dad you've ever —"

His eyes went wide, the baby kicked again. This time it was hard and fast, two little hits to my stomach. I laughed as Bellamy's nerves went away, his smile spreading slowly.

"See they already love you," I whispered, pressing my lips to his, "now come back to bed. Baby and I are tired. We want you to tell us another story.”

He followed me back into the room and closed the doors behind us. I curled up under the covers as he laid his hand on my stomach once more. He started to tell us a story of the first castle. Bellamy loved history, he loved to tell a story of the time before now. I was still learning things about my husband but this was my favorite one.

I closed my eyes, the baby's tiny feet still going as their father spoke slowly, his voice soothing to both of us. Before I fell back asleep I felt him kiss my stomach and promise to always love them and their mother. I smiled, I knew he was still afraid the curse wasn't broken, that he would be driven mad and kill me.

I knew it was broken. Because every time I looked into his beautiful brown eyes all I could see was the love he had finally found with me.

My stomach expanded overnight. I was five months pregnant when it finally made an appearance. I woke up and I couldn't see my feet. Bellamy was laughing as his had laid flat against our baby. He kissed my belly, the stubble scratching my skin.

"There's a baby in there," he whispered as he kept staring at me. I laughed, he baby's foot kicking out, "I can't believe it.”

I picked up his hand and pressed it against the bottom of my stomach. No matter how many times he felt them kick, his eyes went wide every single time. I smiled, "the baby we made together.”

He pressed his lips against my wrist and then pulled himself up. His hand touched my stomach as he kissed me softly. My heart swelled with love as he held us both in his arms.

"Are you happy?" I asked quietly as I ran my hand down his cheek.

He laughed that deep beautiful sound I fell in love with, "I am more than happy, Clarke. I love you," he pressed his lips to mine again, "are you happy?”

I nodded, my hands running over my stomach. The baby kicked once more, "I love you too.”

As my stomach got bigger and the days got longer Bellamy started to lessen his load even more. Finn was busy with his new baby, so Bellamy appointed Miller to become his second. He asked for his help on duties outside the kingdom. He didn't want to leave me alone. I loved how much he cared, but I knew I would be fine if he continued to work.

Between the swollen feet, the aches in my back, and constantly wanting to jump my husband, being pregnant was harder than I thought. Watching my mom carry Octavia made it look easy. She kept working, she kept laughing. I was exhausted by mid afternoon, Bellamy always laid with me while I took a nap.

Bellamy fell in love with his nephew fast. When he wasn’t with me he was with Finn holding the little boy, bouncing him lightly in his arms. He claimed he needed practice, but I knew he really loved that baby. I knew he was scared of becoming a father and he wanted the reassurance that he was doing okay with someone else’s child.

I watched them together whenever we were all in the same room. I could see it in his eyes, he wanted a son. It was easy to tell, his eyes lit up whenever Adam grabbed his finger and giggle at his deep voice. He would sing the boy a song and everyone melted at the beautiful scene in front of them. I could only hope he fell as in love with our child as he was with Raven’s.

I didn’t care the sex of our baby as long as they were happy and healthy. I would love a boy or girl all the same. Of course I liked to imagine watching Bellamy bounce a little girl on his knee. I would dream of him kissing her bruises, pushing her long hair behind her ear, scaring away the boys who wanted to date her. Deep down I wasn’t ready to admit it, but I wanted a little girl.

I wanted to watch Bellamy a raise a daughter.

Finn and Bellamy were dealing with one of the guards on the afternoon it happened. The boys had figured out who helped Murphy with attacking me and much to Bellamy’s dismay, they had to deal with it. He hated when business pulled him away from me, but I always told him that I would be right here waiting. He kissed my stomach and went on his way, promising that the business would never keep him from coming home.

Raven brought little Adam to my room, we passed the time together a lot these days. We were the best of friends, she wasn’t my hand maiden anymore.

She walked through the door holding her baby against her chest. He was almost a three months old and she had already lost the baby weight. I needed to know her secret. I was due soon and I was dreading the baby weight that would stick around after the baby was born.

I clapped my hands together, excited for both of them to visit with me. She placed him in my arms, “hey buddy,” he had a head full of thick black hair, “you’re so big!”

She laughed, “and heavy. I think all he does is drink his weight in milk these days,” she sighed as she crawled into Bellamy’s side of the best beside me.

I ran my finger down his cheek, his little eyes closed, “you and your cousin are going to be best friends. Just like your mommy and me.”

Raven laughed as she leaned back against the headboard, “yes they are. So how are you doing today? Bell said you’re still tired.”

I sighed, “I’m not as tired as yesterday, but hopefully that doesn’t pass. Maybe that’s because my two favorite people are visiting me,” I smiled down at the little baby, “but enough about me, how has it been adjusting?”

Raven blushed, “I should’ve told Finn the truth a long time ago. Between the baby and his work I hardly get to see him. But when we are together we can’t keep our hands off each other.”

I laughed, my baby kicking at my stomach. Adam’s eyes opened at the movement beneath him, “I know what that’s like. Even with my enormous belly Bellamy still looks at me like I’m the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.”

She ran her hand over her son’s hair. She had so much love in her eyes for that little boy. I couldn’t believe I would be in her shoes soon. I would be falling in love with my baby the way she had already fallen for hers. The baby Bellamy and I had created. I still couldn’t believe it was real, this future we never thought was possible.

“You saved him Clarke,” Raven looked up at me smiling, “I don’t know how, but you did. Because of you the kingdom was saved too.”

I smiled, thinking about how he had saved me. We had saved each other in more ways than one. I knew we would never be able to repay the other. It was a silent agreement that we knew we were more than lucky to be given this second chance at happiness, this second chance at life.

Adam started to fuss as a pain ripped through my stomach, “hey, can you uh, can you take him back?”

I felt the blood drain from my face as I let out a slow breath. The pain didn’t leave, it ripped through my body and I felt my arms go weak. I fought off tears, biting my lip as hard as I could to stop the scream that was building in my throat.

“Clarke, hey what’s wrong?” Raven looked worried as I closed my eyes.

“I think the baby is coming,” I swung my legs over the side of the bed, “find Lincoln and Bellamy, please.”

I whimpered, the last word more of a plea than a polite request. I stood up, my stomach felt way too heavy as I laid a hand against it. I gasped just as my water broke, spilling all over the floor as I cried out in pain. I couldn’t handle it anymore, it was too much to keep the screams inside.

“Octavia!” Raven yelled for my sister as she walked towards the door. Adam was crying when my sister’s face appeared.

I was bend over, holding my belly. Her cheerful voice made this all seem like a dream I couldn’t wake up from, “hey what’s up—” she stopped when she saw me, “oh. Lincoln! Get in here! I’ll take Adam.”

Raven handed Octavia her son as Lincoln came to my side. He took my arm as Raven held onto the other. We had had this plan set before my stomach extended over my feet. Still there was something, no someone missing. We had never really thought Bellamy would be working when this happened. He was always at my side, we just assumed he would be there when the baby came.

Now he wasn’t and I needed him.

“Bellamy,” I looked at Octavia. She was a natural with Adam, “get Bell, please.”

I wanted my husband now more than anyone else. We had gotten into this situation together. We were going to get through it the same way. My sister nodded her head, watching as we passed her on our way out the door. She went in the opposite direction, towards Bellamy’s office. We turned to the left, going towards the balcony.

We had set up a make shift medical area for both Raven and me. The bed was clean, the room away from everyone else. Hopefully they wouldn’t hear my screams. I didn’t want everyone else to know I was having the baby until after it was over.

Raven and Lincoln sat me down on the bed slowly, “breathe, Clarke. Big deep breaths, you can do this. After all this pain you’re going to have a beautiful baby. A little baby Bellarke.”

I laughed at the name the guards had given us. They claimed we were a team and we needed a name that was strong. They decided we were royalty so they combined our names to make us into one strong person. Raven and Finn had taken to using it once it got around. Usually it was a joke, but soon it became a nickname for the two of us.

I gritted my teeth, “get the midwife,” I squeezed Raven’s hand, “I want this baby out.”

It hurt more than I anticipated, I tried the breathing but it wasn’t working. It wasn’t doing shit to ease the pain that was tearing at my stomach. I looked at Raven as she stood there, she was the only one who understood how I felt, “tell Bellamy if he’s not here I’ll kill him myself.”

Lincoln laughed as another contraction washed over me. He held my hand as I fought off tears and then the door opened, “Clarke,” his deep voice chased away the pain. The moment his lips grazed my forehead I relaxed just a little bit.

I smiled, “it’s happening, Bell. We’re going to be parents.”

He laced his fingers through mine, “I know, sweetheart,” he pressed his lips against my forehead and I closed my eyes as he sighed, “I can’t wait to meet our baby.”

Bellamy was in awe as Raven took our baby from the midwife. His jaw hung open, his eyes glazed with tears. I smiled as he kissed me, both our hearts bursting with love for our child. He kept my hand in his, squeezing it gently as he leaned down and pressed a kiss to my lips. Our lives had changed the day we married, we just never knew this was the change we had been waiting for.

“It’s a girl,” Raven laughed as she swaddled her in a blanket and placed her in my arms.

“I don’t know anything about girls,” Bell’s voice was low as we looked down at her beautiful little face. She had his dark curls, that hair had given me heartburn for months. His freckles lined her nose, brushing up towards her eyes. The only feature that told me she was my little girl were the blue eyes that were staring back at me.

I watched her tiny fingers reached for his, smiling as they wrapped around his big warm finger, “I think you did pretty good with me.”

Bellamy laughed, his daughter yawning in my arms, “she’s so tiny. She’s so beautiful,” he sighed, his voice getting lower as he spoke quietly, “like her mother.”

I shook my head, “and she’s all ours.”

Bellamy couldn’t seem to grasp the fact that we had created this life together. Somehow we had been given the future we never thought was possible. I would be forever grateful to the man upstairs, or the women, who were watching over us. I had a feeling there were two women involved, making sure both their children were looked after.

Lincoln had been right, we had been so lucky to be offered a second chance. I was lucky to have Bellamy here beside me. I would never stop thanking the world around us for letting both of us finally be happy.

“Here take her,” I handed our daughter to her father, smiling as his arms went stiff. He held Adam so many times, but now his confidence was shattered. He was nervous as he took her and cradled her against his chest. She cooed, reaching for his finger once more as he swayed slightly with her in his arms. I leaned back against the pillow, exhausted, but happy.

Raven and Octavia were smiling as they came back into the room and watched our family moment. Octavia had come in the moment the cord was cut. She smiled as she looked at me, the sweat matting my hair to my forehead, “so does she have a name yet?”

I looked at my sister, my heart stalling as I nodded, “meet your niece, Aurora Abigail Blake.”

Bellamy stopped fawning over her. His brown eyes went wide as his body stilled, he was staring at me. There was a smile playing on the corner of his lips, but I could see the emotion inside his eyes. I could see he was trying to decide what emotion to play out as I looked back at him.

He swallowed and then finally let his smile pass, “really?”

He had told me one night while taking a break from story time how much he missed his mom. I knew right then that if we had a daughter, that would be her name. I nodded slowly as Octavia stood beside him, looking down at her niece.

“I mean if that’s okay with you. I just believe both of our mother’s will always be with us,” Octavia took the baby. Bellamy sat down on the edge of the bed beside me, “they helped us become who we are. They deserved to be remembered for raising strong children. For helping us find each other.”

A tear slipped down his cheek as he leaned in and kissed me. My sister held our baby in her arms as I felt the world turn in the right direction. Everyone was happy, everyone was healthy. I loved my husband and he loved me. We were finally a family, complete with no curses or strings attached to the castle.

Bellamy squeezed my hand as our eyes met, “I love you my queen.”

I leaned my head against his shoulder. When I closed my eyes I still saw by family, happy and smiling down at the newest addition, “as I love you my king.”

It was crazy to realize none of this would’ve happened if everyone knew the truth. I never would’ve found Bellamy if the curse hadn’t been in place. In a way Roma’s curse had been a blessing, if not a saving grace. Our love was stronger than magic, it was stronger than everyone who was against us.

I smiled as Bellamy held me against his side. I never knew this level of happiness was possible, but here I was happier than I had ever been.

No one thought it was possible, but the monster never lived in the kingdom. The monster was never real, everyone was just too scared to find out the truth. I wasn’t like everyone else, I had pushed my way into this world. I thought I would take down the dragon. But there was no need to slay a dragon that didn’t exist.

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