Come Morning Light

By Lexi Lindale

Fantasy / Romance


Three years later.

The kingdom thrived under Bellamy's rule. Aurora grew too fast, her brother came along almost two years after she did. Jax was my mirror, his blonde curls always falling into his blue eyes. Bellamy couldn't believe how beautiful they both were. Aurora was his baby, she was a daddy's girl.

I loved watching them together. They were two peas in a pod, learning the whole parenting thing together. He was hesitant at first, but the first time he made her laugh all his nerves were eased. They were adorable, I couldn't stop watching as they grew together.

"Look, mommy," his voice broke through my thoughts as I came into the living room. I had just put the baby down, I was ready for bed myself.

"Mommy!" She ran towards me and tackled me as I fell onto the couch.

I nuzzled her nose as she giggled, "my baby," I kissed her cheek as she hugged me.

"Daddy's teaching me to dance," she was so excited as she jumped back up.

I smiled, her little feet fit perfectly on top of her dad’s. She placed her tiny hands inside his and he spun her around. It was a beautiful sight, watching a father dance with his daughter. I knew it would be even more beautiful when she wore her gown. She even talked her father into getting her a crown.

Like I said he was wrapped around her little finger.

I clapped when they finished, "brava," Aurora jumped into my arms as Bellamy fell down beside me on the couch, "your first dance will be perfect.”

Bellamy leaned in and kissed my cheek, "almost as perfect as ours.”

The ball was scheduled for tomorrow. We never let the public into the castle before. We had been too busy with the baby or the kingdom. Now that Jax was here and Aurora was three we decided it was time for the walls to give. We were going to let our people see how happy we were, how happy they should be.

I leaned into his shoulder, lacing my fingers through his, "I can't wait for my father to get here.”

My dad had yet to meet his grandchildren. Octavia went to visit him after the curse was broken. I stayed behind, too tired and pregnant to make the journey. When she came back she brought presents for the baby and a kiss for me. I missed him, he didn't have the means to make the trip here himself.

Bellamy had sent one of the guards out to get him for the ceremony. He knew about much I wanted him here for their first ball. I wanted him to meet his grandson, to hear Aurora’s beautiful laugh. I wanted him to finally meet the husband I sent him letters about, to shake the hand of the man who had sacrificed himself for me.

I wanted him to see the love we shared, to know I was happy and healthy here in the castle.

"Time for bed," I tapped the little knee next to mine as she groaned, "I bet if you ask real nicely, daddy will read you a story.”

She perked up, "the one about the three headed dog? Or what about the girl who fell in love with the stars?”

My daughter had gotten her love for history from her father. He told her endless stories throughout her childhood, they bonded over mythology and history. I loved how nerdy they were about it. I smiled as Bellamy scooped her up and carried her up the steps.

I closed my eyes, tired from a long day, content with the quiet around me. I felt the cushions slump beside me, I sighed. Always interrupted in this big castle.

"Clarke," Octavia poked my shoulder. I opened my eyes and glared at my little sister. She waved her fingers at me, "he finally asked.”

I sat up, no longer annoyed as I grabbed her left hand. She laughed as I gasped, her ring was beautiful. I shook my head, "Octavia," my sister had been waiting half her life for Lincoln to propose. I couldn't stop smiling.

She laughed, wiping away a tear, "he just got down on one knee and told me he wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. I can't wait to tell dad.”

I hugged her tightly, "I'm so happy for you.”

Octavia was staring down at her ring, so eager to marry the man who's been there through everything. He was there for me, the brother I never had, "he's pretty perfect huh?”

I laughed, "yeah, only second to my husband.”

She shook her head, "we got lucky.”

"Now you can give Aurora and Jax some cousins to play with. I mean Adam can only handle so much of that girl.”

She laughed, "no rushing it," she was blushing, "but I can't wait to have some baby Lincoln’s."

My sister was so happy, so in love. I couldn't stop smiling for her.

It was bittersweet to realize we owed all our happiness to the cousin we would never get to thank for bringing us here to the castle. I closed my eyes, praying that Harper was at peace and somehow understood the circumstances that lead me to falling in love with Bellamy. I was hoping she forgave me and that she was watching out for Wells.

I found my way to our room after Bellamy put Aurora to sleep for the night. I saw her nightlight shining as I passed by her bedroom and I smiled. Bellamy was a good father, one of the best if you asked me. He loved that little girl with a fierceness that ran this kingdom. He loved that little girl as much as he loved me.

I shut our bedroom door behind me and found Bellamy standing on the balcony looking out at the night. His shoulders were stiff, his arms were crossed in front of his chest, he had his back towards me. I walked quietly towards him, breathing in the night’s air. Ever since the curse was broken the kingdom had beautiful weather year round. We were lucky to have found such a beautiful place to call home.

Once I was behind him I wrapped my arms around his waist, pulling him close to me. I closed my eyes, taking in the moment. We rarely had a alone time these days between the kingdom, Aurora, and Jax constantly needing our attention, we were lucky to fall asleep in the same room. Still I wouldn’t trade either of my children for the world. That didn’t mean I didn’t miss my husband. I wanted him even when we were in the same room together.

I pressed a kiss against his shoulder as I let out a slow breath and opened my eyes, “I love you my king.”

He gave me a small, deep laugh, “I love you,” he turned to face me, his arms coming around my waist. He was smiling as he picked up a hand and ran his thumb across my cheek. I kept me eyes on his as he pulled me closer to his chest.

We were both quiet for a moment, “a penny for your thoughts, Bell.”

“I was just thinking about how I’ve used my second chance wisely. I mean, would you agree? Have I used it wisely like Lincoln told me to?”

I smiled up at my husband, the need to know he wasn’t wasting his second chance sparkling in his eyes. I took in a deep breath and then shook my head, “no,” he looked surprise as I laughed at his expression, “we haven’t had nearly enough time together yet.”

He laughed, the tension leaving his body, “well the castle is quiet now,” he raised his eyebrows at me, “what did you have in mind?”

I bit my lip as I laced my fingers through his, pulling him back towards our room. I smiled as he kissed me the moment the doors to the balcony closed. His hands ran down my sides as his mouth moved with mine, my heart pounding inside my chest. I could never get enough of him, there would never come a day when I wouldn’t want to kiss him or touch him. He was the only one for me.

“Someday when I see my cousin again, I’ll have to thank her. She helped me find you, my new best friend.”

Bellamy smiled as he trailed his kiss down my neck, tickling my skin with each breath he let out, “I don’t know what I did to deserve you or your love. But I am forever grateful.”

I pulled his face back to mine as we fell onto our bed. I laughed as he pulled down the strap to my dress, his fingers tickling my sides. He knew every move to use, every line to say that would get me to do what he wanted. No matter how many times he used them, I would melt in his arms. I couldn’t stop smiling as he kissed my shoulder.

Three years we had been together and this still wasn’t enough. Before he pulled my dress off my leg I grabbed his hand, waiting for his eyes to find mine. When he stopped and looked at me confused I nodded, “you used your second chance and became a hero,” I whispered as he hovered above me, “you have two children who adore you, a wife that doesn’t know how to keep her hands off of you. Trust me, Bell. Your second chance was not a mistake.”

His smile was beautiful as he pressed his lips to mine once more. He pulled my dress off slowly, his big hands working this way down my thigh. I knew no matter what was thrown at us next we could handle it together.

After all we were Bellarke, we were stronger than the magic used against us.

"Aurora Abigail Blake stop moving!"

The braid was lopsided as she spun around in her dress and giggled. She would not stop moving no matter how hard I tried to keep her still to do her hair. She was going to be such a mess if she didn’t let me finish. I sighed, bobby pins sticking out of my mouth as I secured the little up do at the nape of her neck.

She smiled, "my crown.”

I laughed as I placed the tiny tiara on her head and her face lit up. She spun around, hugging me before she ran out of the room looking for her aunts. She loved showing off her new dresses. She loved how Octavia mooned over the fact that she was a princess with a real crown now.

Octavia took to Aurora almost as fast as her father. She loved that little girl and took her out of my arms whenever she could when she was a baby. As she started getting bigger she would dance her around the castle, she would have tea parties and dress her up in dresses. Octavia was the perfect aunt I never really thought she could be. It was adorable the way Aurora looked up to her.

I was so happy to have so many people in my children’s lives.

I stood up, my robe falling off my shoulder, "hey you aren't dressed yet?”

I jumped at Bellamy's voice, turning to see him already dressed in his nicest clothes. He had a dark button up shirt that fit loosely around his waste. His dark pants flattered every part of his body, his sword hanging on his back would be the final touch.

I sighed, "I have children to get ready," I stepped forward and kissed him, running my fingers through his hair, "you clean up pretty well, my king.”

He kissed me back, his lips trailing kisses down my neck. He pushed aside my robe his lips hot against my shoulder, "well we could stall just a little bit longer."

I opened my mouth as he nibbled on my neck, just as Jax started crying. I closed my eyes, groaning as I leaned my forehead against his shoulder, "I'm never going to be able to get dressed in time.”

Bellamy stepped back, his hand on my shoulder, "I'll get him, don't worry. Go get dressed," he pressed his lips to my forehead and left the room.

I ran the brush through my hair when I heard Bellamy enter Jax's room. We kept the baby close, only a door away so we could hear him when he needed something. Bellamy’s deep voice always carried from room to room when they were so close, "hey buddy. What's wrong? Mommy has to make herself pretty, although that shouldn't take long. So you're stuck with me kid.”

I smiled as I imagined him scooping the baby up into his arms. He was in love with his son, he had it down now that Aurora was older. I loved seeing them together. They were precious, they both were.

Jax stopped crying, I knew Bellamy was bouncing him like he always did, "you know we both got it made buddy. We're pretty lucky your mom's amazing. She loves you, more than me.”

I smiled, tears in my eyes. I loved my son, I loved my daughter. But the love I had for their father would never be equal to or less than the love I held for them. They were the three most important people in my life.

I pulled my robe off and stepped into the black dress I had chosen for today. I flatted the fabric against my stomach and then braided my hair. I pulled it up into a bun and decided against makeup. I walked back into our bedroom just as Bellamy brought Jax in.

"I told you she was beautiful," his voice was deep and soothing, Jax always responded to it. Even in my stomach he would settle the moment his daddy spoke. They had a bond I would never understand. A bond only a father and son could share.

I blushed, "now we have get you ready," I tickled under his chin as he giggled. I loved moments like this, where all I needed where my boys.

Bellamy's eyes found mine, "you always look beautiful, Clarke. But you look nice tonight.”

"I love you the most," I whispered as I kissed his cheek. Jax was giggling in his arms as we pulled apart.

Bellamy changed his son and then I took his hand in mine, "let's go introduce the world to our most precious adventures."

The trumpets played loudly as the room filled with guests. Everyone was wearing a dress, some were wearing gowns. Aurora was chomping at the bit to get out there and dance with her dad. Octavia and Raven had already made their appearance. The crowd wasn't waiting for them. They were waiting for us.

I bit my lip as Bellamy grabbed my hand, "we should go first and give a little speech about the ball. Then we'll introduce the babies.”

I nodded, "Miller made sure everyone left weapons outside?”

I had had a dream that someone would hurt my family. Ever since then I had been weary. Bellamy had promised to keep it safe. Miller himself had promised to make sure nothing happened. After the curse I took my dreams seriously. I wouldn't risk my family for anything, not if I could help it.

"It'll be fine Clarke, Miller is the best guard there is. We both know he'll take a bullet for us.”

I nodded as Bell pulled me close and kissed my head. I smiled as Aurora squeezed in between us and hugged us both, "I a princess.”

Bellamy laughed, "my little princess," he said as he hoisted her up into his arms.

"Hey that's my nickname," I tickled her sides as she giggled loudly, "taking my man and my nickname. I swear Aurora you're so selfish. It's a good thing you're so cute.”

She kept laughing as I kissed her cheek, nuzzling her nose as she grabbed my cheeks and gave me a sloppy kiss, "mommy."

Bellamy was laughing as he set her back down. There was a chime and everyone stopped taking as he stood up straighter. I squeezed auroras shoulder as Octavia kept Jax, "alright sweetheart. We're going to talk to the people and then we'll call you out, okay?”

She nodded, swirling her dress and smiling as I stood back up. I took in a breath and looked at my husband. He grabbed my hand and then we we walked out onto the steps that lead into the room.

Everyone clapped as we stood under the lights and I couldn't stop smiling as Bell pressed a kiss to my cheek. I leaned into him, blushing as the crowd calmed down.

"Thank you all for coming," Bellamy's voice echoed against the walls, "we are so happy to have you all in our home. We promised the past is the past, we are all here to support each other. You our not only our people but also our friends.”

I smiled, lacing my fingers through his, "which means we are very excited to introduce our two most precious people to you all. Our little prince and little princess.”

Aurora came bounding out as Octavia carried Jax for me. I smiled as the baby settled in my arms, Aurora spinning around for everyone, showing off her dress. I heard gasps and sighs, the woman smiling at our little babies. Bellamy grabbed Aurora and picked her up, kissing her cheek with a smile.

"This is our little princess, the one who saved the kingdom before she was even born," she giggled as he tickled her sides, "wave to the crowd Aurora.”

She waved the way she had been practicing for the last few days. I laughed as she buried her face into her dad’s shoulder. I smiled, "and this handsome little replica of his father is Jax Aries Blake.”

The kingdom had come full circle now. The last baby shown to the people was Bellamy almost twenty years ago. I leaned into my husband's side as we stood there and our people smiled at us. It was such a different life from the one I entered into. But I wouldn't change it for the world.

"So now that we've introduced you all please dance, eat, have something to drink. Our home is your home for the night.”

We walked down into the room, Jax falling asleep in my arms as one of the hand maidens came to take him back to his room. I thanked her, grateful that he was still young enough to avoid this scene. Aurora grabbed my hand and drug me towards the dance floor.

"Mommy dance!" She giggled as I spun her around. The music was loud and fast, it was easy to dance to. Octavia was with Lincoln. My dad watching us from his table. He had arrived early this morning, tired but so excited to meet his grandchildren.

Aurora already had him wrapped around her finger. She crawled up on his lap and giggled when he told her a joke. That's all it took for them to become best friends. Jax was asleep, of course my dad loved him like the son he never had. It was bittersweet, knowing my mom wouldn't never get to meet her grandchildren. She had always been so good with kids.

I smiled at my dad, "hey bud, aunt Octavia is a much better dancer than me why don't you go squeeze in with her and uncle Lincoln.”

She ran towards my sister as I walked towards my dad. I smiled as he stood up and hugged me tightly, "I haven't seen you this happy in a really long time Clarke.”

"I haven't been this happy in a long time. I'm so glad I found him," Bellamy was dancing with our daughter now, "this is a life I never thought I'd want, but I do.”

He nodded, "you got real lucky.”

I put my arm on his forearm, "dance with me.”

I didn't give him a chance to protest, instead I pulled him out onto the floor as the song slowed down. Bell took Aurora, her little feet on his. Octavia was with Lincoln, her ring fingered hand pressed against his chest. I smiled at my dad, leaning in close and feeling the weight of the world fall off my shoulders.

"Your mom would be so proud of you," his voice was soft. We rarely spoke of mom these days, "so would Harper.”

I felt a pain in my chest thinking of Harper. I knew it wasn't wrong to love Bellamy. Sometimes it was hard to remember she would be okay with the way things happened. The curse was the reason for her death, not Bell. The curse was broken, no more girls had to die for a cause they weren't old enough to understand.

At the end of the day that was the most important thing.

My dad and I danced to half the song when someone tapped my shoulder. Aurora stood there smiling, "daddy told me I should ask if I could cut in.”

I laughed, "of course. Dad someone much more beautiful wants to dance with you now.”

Bellamy grabbed my waist before I could walk off the dance floor. We watched our daughter dance with her grandfather, taking in the sweetest moment we had ever had. I smiled as he turned me around and kissed me in front of the entire room. I smiled as he pulled away, my arms wrapped around his neck.

"I love you Mrs. Blake," his voice was warm in my ear, "always have.”

I giggled, "always will.”

I leaned my head against his chest, our bodies swaying to the music, our minds somewhere else. I knew we wanted to be alone, but this was even sweeter. Being together with our people, showing them the united from we were, they could see how strong we were together.

I closed my eyes, silencing my fears about Harper. I said a silent prayer, thanking her for bringing this man and these children into my life. Bellamy pressed his lips against the top of my head and everything in the world felt right.

The princess wasn't always a damsel in distress. Sometimes she was strong enough to save the king and fall in love with the prince. By some grace of magic the prince falls in love with her strong willed nature too.

Together we saved the kingdom. Separately we saved each other.

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