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People nowadays, don't believe in monsters, vampires, wolves, etc. But couldn't they be hiding from us, or they are here with us. Not revealing they're true identities.

Horror / Romance
Eana Danela
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Masquerade Party

Masquerade Party

I was scrolling down my social media, when suddenly i heard my name being called. Then i looked behind, it was my bestfriend Lucy. I asked "Lucy, what is it?". She answered "Well, we haven't hanged out for a long time now, wanna go to a cafè?". I nodded and said "Why not, and how about inviting Dan?". She looked disturbed and sad. I asked "Uh, sorry lucy i didn't know, i promise you i'll kill him!". She laughingly said "Yes, kill the stupid bitch!". We laughed.

After 2 hours

Me and lucy came to the cafè, i ordered a mocha frappuccino and cheescake while lucy ordered a cappuccino and a cupckae. After some time, a man came up to our table and said "Hey lucy". After i heard him, i stood up and said "Hello, leave lucy alone!". I was furious. Then lucy spoke "Dan, we broke up! Stop it". Dan laughed and said "Do you think i am here for you?, how stupid of you!". Then he pulled a girl, and said "This is my new girlfriend, Alexa". Alexa spoke "Hi, what is up?". She smiled, and sit beside us. Dan sit and ordered. I said "Lucy, wanna leave?". She nodded and we left.

We came to the dorm

I opened our door, and lucy runned straight to her room. I hurriedly locked my door and runned to her room, i saw her crying and sobbing. I said "Lucy, he's not worth your time, he'll just continue breaking your heart". She just continued crying, i left her room to give her some space. I walked to my room and saw a envelope, it seems old. I took the envelope, and opened it. It consists a letter and a black mask. I read the note and it says:

Your invited to my party!

Time: 10:00PM
Dresscode: Black, and the mask
Where: Oakwood lake
When: November 29th, 2016

After i am done reading, i walked to Lucy's room and said "Hey, lucy i'll be out tonight to give you some space". She nodded and i left the room. I checked the time and it was 7:34PM, i walked to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and grabbed my chocolate. I walked to my room, and opened my closet. I saw a black off-shoulder dress, i said to myself "Perfect!". Then i jumped in my bed and continued reading my book.
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