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[TEAR SERIES] "I am you?" "And you are me?" We exchanged looks, mouth hung agape. This can't be happening. "Our souls have exchanged!" we exclaimed together. How an encounter between the Devil and a human forever changed their lives...

Romance / Fantasy
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God created the world. He created plants and animals. When he found that something was still missing, he created humans.

Like He always says, every thing that lives, must face death. And when the body dies, the soul comes here.

To me.


The smell of rose water and lavender filled my nostrils as I took a deep breath and sunk into the hot water. While the maids did my pedicure and manicure, I rested my head on the edge of the tub, enjoying as the steam hugged my figure. Being the Queen of the Underworld, I always was careful about my looks, the way I present myself and the way I worked. Being the Devil had its own benefits. Like going on soul hunts whenever I wished. Frying sinned souls in boiling oil. And my personal favourite you ask?

Trading souls.

People on earth have a very peculiar way of describing my in their books. The big, red hunk with two long horns that resembled a bull's and a tail? But the worst one was the devil in the form of a goat? Like, who the fuck even gets such strange ideas and why it's it always a man?

Well, guess what? I am the Devil! I am the Queen of the Underworld and I will always be!

"Your highness?" I heard a deep voice. I knew exactly who it belonged to.

I removed the slice of cucumber that was resting on my eye and peeked at the man who stood before my bathtub.

It was Min Yoongi, the Head Butler.

Yoongi was an extremely pale, but best looking servants of all. He was assigned to me ever from the time I was created to take control of the Underworld. He has been my loyal servant for millions of eons.

I always loved flirting with him but his emotionless and nonchalant was a turn off most of the times. However, deep inside he always cared and made sure I had what I wished for.

Even if it's just sex.

Being the Devil I am, I needed to have my fun. And so, Yoongi and I would always end up committing the most enthralling sins of all... Lust.

We would spend nights together. Some where we would stand in the balcony of my palace and look at the fiery lands of the Underworld that seemed to have no ending, and the other nights we'd strip each other to nothing and perform the unholiest of activities as if it's the most sacred forms of worship. It was the only time he'd devote himself to me, wholeheartedly. Otherwise, he's just an asshole who pretends to be so, to me.

I never had feelings for him and neither did he for me. What's the word that humans use? Friends with benefits? Yes, that's what we had always been.

After I ordered the maids to leave, Yoongi and I were left alone in the bath chamber.

"What is it? Hmm, Yoongi?" I purred seductively as I got up from my rose water, exposing my bare body with a few rose petals kissing my body as they stuck to my skin.

"You are being summoned for a soul trade, your highness." Yoongi said, looking straight in my eyes, emotionless.

"A soul trade, huh?" I smirked.

Soul trades were deals where humans would sell their soul for the sake of their needs.


"Yes, a soul trade." Yoongi nodded.

"Have the rituals begun?" The smirk still not wiping off my face. I signalled with my index finger for Yoongi to come closer. He climbed up the couple of steps before he stood tall before me. His demonic scent drove me crazy all at once and there it was. Lust knocking on my front door.

"Yes. They have." Yoongi's soft palms rested on the sides of my bare hips, as if he had just read my sinful thoughts. He rubbed circles on my skin, soothingly.

"And to whom does this soul belong to?" I swiped his lower lip with my thumb.

"Jeon Jungkook."

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