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One Piece: Changing History


Lexi Smith is an avid One Piece fan with a MAJOR crush on everyone's favorite Surgeon. One day after school, Lexi sits down to watch the latest episode when she suddenly gains three very unexpected visitors. Join Lexi as she becomes none other than Monkey D. Shade, younger twin sister of Monkey D. Luffy and younger sister to Portgas D. Ace and Outlook D. Sabo.

Action / Adventure
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(??? POV)
I sat on the clouds looking down and watching as the death of many played out. This was never meant to happen. The brother of Doflamingo. Whitebeard. Even my own son. All killed before they were meant to die. What is the world coming to? This needs to be fixed. While thinking, someone walks up behind me. "What are you going to do?"
"What needs to be done. The son of Dragon was never meant to be born alone. Our son never meant to die. History must be changed. Fixed. Will you be joining me? Rouge?" I look back at my wife and give a gentle smile. She smiles back. "Of course. Ace will also be joining us. But what fruit should the second Monkey child have?" I turn back to face the past events of life. "How about the Devil's Fruit that has long been lost to history?" "Hmm. Yes I do think that is the best choice."
As we spoke, another joined us. "Well I for one think that the both of you are messing with things that should be left well enough alone." We turn and see none other than our son. "I understand what you are saying, son. But the death of you, and the others was never meant to happen. History was tampered with." Rouge walks up and lays her hand on my shoulder. "It's time."
I stand up and make my way towards a small patch in the wall. In this small patch, there showed a young girl with short brown hair and brown eyes just arriving home. "Yes I think this girl will be the one to rewrite history and set things in motion that were meant to happen from the very beginning. Let's pay her a visit. Are you coming Rouge? Son?"
The both walk up and nod. "We are ready
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