Dawn's Magical Mishaps

The Big Question

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy, but I do own Sophie :)

An: This chapter contains some references to events in my other stories, "Tara And The Witch" and "Faith's Adventures In Babysitting", but you don't have to read them to understand this chapter, although one or two little jokes might seem funnier if you do.

"She'll be fine" said Tara as she blew on a spoonful of soup, feeling the waves of panic coming from her girlfriend. "You've done everything you can to make the house safe, and Buffy and Faith are with her. They won't let anything happen." When Faith had told her that the demons who attacked during the animal fiasco a week ago had been after Sophie, Willow had panicked and become extra clingy with her daughter, needing to know her exact whereabouts at all times, and before she and Tara had gone out tonight, she had put up magical wards around the house to stop any demons from getting in.

"I know, that's not why I'm worried.." Willow sighed.

"Then what is it?" Tara asked. "Come on, you know you can't hide anything from me." Willow took a deep breath. This was it, she had to do it now or she knew she'd lose her nerve.

"Well, I kinda need to ask you a really important question, and I'm worried because it's really big and I don't know what you're going to do and I'm babbling again, so I should just get on with it.." Tara gave her lover a puzzled look, until Willow pulled a small velvet box out of her handbag and kneeled down before her.

"Tara, will you marry me?" Tara's eyes began to water, and Willow frowned, trying to hide the ring away. "Don't cry baby, I knew it was too soon, just forget I said..." She was cut off when Tara pulled her into a passionate kiss. Some of the restaurant's other patrons gave the witches dirty looks, but they didn't notice, and even if they had, they wouldn't have cared. When they broke apart, Willow saw that Tara was smiling through her tears.

"So, I'm guessing that's a yes, huh?" she asked, smiling as she slipped the ring onto Tara's finger.

"Definitely a yes" Tara replied, leaning in for another kiss.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Faith was keeping an eye on Sophie while Buffy attempted to prepare an at least semi-edible meal without burning the house down. Faith had so far managed to avoid the type of marshmallow-exploding chaos that had ensued last time she babysat Sophie (None of said chaos had been the little girl's fault), however there was some debate over what movie they should watch.

"'Beauty & The Beast' again?!" the Dark slayer yelled. "But you just watched it this afternoon. What's so freakin' great about it anyway?"

"It reminds me of a story Mommy Willow telled me" said Sophie. "But we don'ts have to watch it if you don't wants to. We can do something else."

"Like what?" Faith asked. Sophie thought for a moment, then crawled into the Dark slayer's lap.

"You can tells me a story" Faith didn't like where this was going.

"Uh.. what kind of story?"

"How abouts the one where you broked out of the big house to help Uncle Angel?"

"I'm not sure that's such a good idea Little Red" said Faith. "You know how mad your Mommy Willow got last time I told you that one. The only reason I'm even allowed to look after you now is because Buffy's here too." Sophie pouted, gazing pleadingly at Faith with her wide blue eyes. "Oh, please don't give me that look Little Red, I get enough of that from your Auntie B. Seriously, it's why I let her cook." She sighed, her gaze drifting up to the ceiling. "This is payback for the wolf-pout thing with Buffy, isn't it?" She asked, sighing again. "Okay Little Red, I'll tell you the damn story."

"Yay!" Sophie cried, throwing her arms around her aunt.

"Yeah, yeah, Red'll probably murder me but at least you'll have this story to remember me by. Okay, once upon a time Auntie Faith's old watcher Wesley, who isn't known for makin' the greatest decisions, decided it was a good idea to take Uncle Angel's soul out. But then Uncle Angel's soul got stolen and bad Uncle Angel escaped from his cage, so Uncle Angel's friends needed Auntie Faith's help to catch him, but Auntie Faith was in the big house at the time..."

"What's the big house?" Sophie interrupted. "I was gonna ask you last time but I forgotted." Faith shifted uncomfortably, suddenly wishing that she had never told Sophie this story. Then again, the little girl was bound to have found out the truth sooner or later.

"The big house is jail, Little Red" Faith said quietly.

"But I thoughts jail was for bad people" said Sophie, confused. "You're not bad, Auntie Faith."

"I was once. I did some really bad things, and hurt people that I'd kill myself for hurtin' now. I.. I wasn't a very nice person, Little Red."

"Oh. Okay" said Sophie, snuggling closer to her aunt. Faith raised her eyebrows at the little girl.

"Uh.. doesn't any of that stuff bother you?"

"No, Mommy Willow was bad once too, but I'm not scared of her. 'Sides, you're my favourite auntie and I loves you." Faith smiled to herself. She was Sophie's favourite auntie. B was gonna be sooo jealous.

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