Dawn's Magical Mishaps

No Possible Way

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When a blissfully happy Willow and Tara arrived home, the first thing they noticed was a series of strange sounds and smells emanating from the kitchen. Investigating further, they discovered that the room in question had become a certified disaster area. Questionable stains were splattered in various places, sitting on the bench was a stir-fry ( at least they thought it was a stir-fry) that had obviously been set on fire, a roast chicken that was burnt on the outside and raw on the inside, and... they had absolutely no idea what the last dish was meant to be. There were good reasons why the Scoobies had made a pact to never let Buffy cook (Or drive, but that's another story) again, and the current state of the kitchen explained every one of them. The blonde slayer was currently on her hands and knees, cleaning up part of the mess.

"Buffy, what the hell?" Willow yelled when she managed to find words. "Nobody ate any of that did they? Faith knows she's not supposed to let you cook..."

"No-one ate it Will, I ordered a pizza" Buffy explained, looking up. "And don't blame Faith, she cannot be held accountable for anything she says or does under the influence of the pout."

"The pout?" asked Tara, confused.

"Yeah, it's like Buffy's version of my resolve face" Willow explained. At that moment, Buffy got to her feet, suddenly remembering what Willow had been planning to do tonight, and feeling quite awkward, as she didn't want to spoil anything if Willow had lost her nerve and hadn't asked, and she also didn't want to stick her foot in it in the seemingly unlikely event that Tara had said no.

"So, uh... How was dinner?" she asked. The witches looked at each other, smiling, then Tara raised her hand, and Buffy squealed upon seeing the ring.

"Oh my god, it's beautiful!" she cried, seizing Tara's hand.

"You saw it last week, Buffy!" Willow laughed.

"I know, but nobody was wearing it then! Oh my god, congratulations, I'm so happy for you guys! Oh, you have to go tell Dawn, she's upstairs with Connor, she'll be so excited!"

"We'll tell her" said Tara. "Is Sophie asleep?"

"She should be, Faith took her up to bed a while ago" said Buffy. "I should go check on her, come to think of it." So Buffy and the newly engaged wiccas headed upstairs. They stopped at Dawn's room to give her the news, recieving hugs and squeals of joy from the youngest Summers, along with a handshake and quiet congratulations from Connor. After Buffy had managed to extract Willow and Tara from Dawn's hug, they continued on to Sophie's room, peeking in on one of the sweetest scenes they had ever witnessed. Sweet wasn't a word Willow or Tara had ever thought they'd use in relation to anything Faith did, but the Dark slayer had proved them wrong. Both Faith and Sophie were asleep, Sophie with her head rested on Faith's shoulder and the slayer with her arms wrapped protectively around the little girl.

"Aww, that is so cute!" Said Buffy. "Don't wake them up, I have to get my camera!"

"Okay, I know this really is the cutest thing Faith's ever done, but if you ask me, Buffy seemed a little too excited about that.." said Willow, watching her friend run down the hall.

"Well" Tara shrugged, "love does that."

A few days later, after they had spread the news to all their friends, Willow and Tara began planning their engagement party. Giles and Andrew were flying in from England for the event, and Angel, Spike, and Illyria were driving up from L.A. The two ensouled vamps had not originally planned on bringing their friendly neighbourhood god-king with them, but Illyria wanted to "Attend this celebration of betrothal so that she may become more familiar with the rituals of the human race", and since it was never a good idea to piss off a god-king (even one that you'd fed, clothed, and had been teaching the ways of the world for the past three years), the vamps gave in.

On the morning of the party, while Faith and Buffy had taken Sophie for a drive with them to pick up Giles and Andrew from the airport, Connor delivered his purchases of party foods and decorations to Willow and Tara in the kitchen and headed upstairs to see Dawn. The Destroyer was in a good mood due to the fact that Angel and co were arriving that night, and despite his past issues with his father, he was looking forward to seeing him. However, he began to feel slightly worried when he spotted Dawn sitting on her bed with an open spellbook, ingredients at the ready. Connor still fully supported Dawn's magical endeavours, but since the disastrous animal situation, he just preferred she practised under Willow or Tara's supervision.

"Uh, Dawn" he asked tentatively, "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to create perfect miniature models of Willow and Tara for their wedding cake" Dawn replied.

"Wedding cake? They haven't even talked about setting a date yet" Connor pointed out, taking a seat on the end of the bed. "The wedding won't be for at least a couple of months, maybe longer."

"I know that, but I want to start practising this spell now so I know I'll have it down when the time comes" Dawn explained.

"Okay then" said Connor, still a little worried. "Um, you don't think this thing could go wrong and accidentally shrink the real Willow and Tara, could it?"

"Don't be such a worry wort, Connor!" Dawn laughed, giving him a light slap on the arm. "I've researched every aspect of this spell inside and out. There's no possible way that could happen."

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