Dawn's Magical Mishaps

Itsy Bitsy Witchies

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy, but I do own Sophie :)

AN: You know that bit of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when Mike Teevee shrinks himself? When Tara and Willow shrink, they're about that small.

Meanwhile downstairs, Tara was in the kitchen preparing food for the party, and Willow was perched atop a ladder in the lounge hanging up streamers. Then all of a sudden, the red-haired wicca began to feel smaller and smaller, until she eventually realised that she was becoming smaller and smaller, and she soon found herself dangling from the end of a streamer. She was about to yell out to Tara, praying to god that she'd be able to hear her, when Willow heard her fiance's voice.

"Willow, help!" Tara cried. "I know this is going to sound crazy, but I've shrunk and I'm stuck in a tub of guacamole!"

"Don't worry baby, I'm coming! I don't know how the hell I'm gonna get there, but I'm coming!" Willow paused, still clinging to the end of the streamer as her eyes scanned the now seemingly huge distance between the lounge and the kitchen. Inside the kitchen, she spotted a tiny golden speck sticking out of the guacomole on the bench. Willow let go of the streamer, her levitation letting her slowly float down to the carpet. She then ran the distance to the kitchen, becoming completely exhausted and out of breath by the time she got there. After taking a few moments to rest, the wicca levitated herself onto the kitchen bench, finding Tara stuck up to her elbows in the tub of guacamole. Tara's eyes widened.

"You're tiny too?" she gasped.

"Uh-huh" Willow replied, taking hold of Tara's wrists and attempting to pull her soulmate free from the green muck. "You know, this stuff seems a lot less appetizing when it's not slathered over nachos." After a few minutes of unsuccessful tugging, Willow sighed. "I don't think I'm going to be able to get you out this way baby. I know, I'll levitate above you and lift you out."

"Okay" said Tara. Within a few minutes, Tara was free.

"Now that that's sorted out" said Willow, "What unspeakable evil do you think's gone and turned us into the itsy-bitsy witchies?"

"I don't think it's unspeakable evil Will" said Tara. "Personally, I think the more likely culprit is an at times unspeakably annoying, but somehow still loveable little sister figure." Willow agreed, and the witches nodded in unison.


Back upstairs, While Dawn began complaining about her spell apparently not working, Connor let out a quiet sigh of relief. Sure, he might not have liked seeing Dawn look so sad and disappointed, it was better, in his opinion, for a spell to not work at all than it would be for a spell to not work the way it is meant to.

"I just don't get it, I followed all the instructions, it should have worked perfectly!" Dawn cried. "So why? Why didn't it? Tell me Connor!" the destroyer started at the sudden mention of his name, "Why does nothing ever work for me?!" Dawn began sobbing into her pillow, and Connor gave her an awkward pat on the shoulder. Growing up in a hell dimension meant he'd never had much experience with girls. Come to think of it, he'd never really known any girls, apart from amnesiac Cordy, evil beast-master Cordy, the eternally bubbly Fred, cold God-King Illyria, and that hooker he saved from a vampire who'd left when she realised he had no money. Yep, almost zero experience with women, and Angel had sent him to live in a house full of them. "Great plan, Dad" he thought sarcastically to himself.

After deciding they needed to get to Dawn and find out what spell she'd done this time, the itsy-bitsy witchies Willow and Tara now stood open-mouthed at the foot of the now enormous staircase.

"We have a big problem."

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