Dawn's Magical Mishaps

Stairs And Shoelace Rides

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The two tiny wiccan soulmates tried to come up with a plan.

"Well, I'm all levitated out for the next couple of hours, so there goes that option" said Willow.

"I suppose I could give you a boost, then you could pull me up" Tara suggested. Willow frowned.

"That'll take a while.."

"I know sweetie, but what other choice do we have?"

"True, our current state of teenyness does kinda narrow down our options a bit." Willow jumped and managed to grab on to the edge of the first stair. "Now would be a good time for that boost, baby."

"Right." Tara pushed Willow up onto the step, and then Willow leaned over to take Tara's hand and pull her up, while being careful not to fall back down. This process continued for the next stair, and the next stair, and the one after that. When they had made it halfway, the witches slumped to the ground, exhausted.

"There has to be an easier way to do this" Willow gasped, laying her head on Tara's shoulder. The witches jumped, startled, when they heard a large creaking noise, but they soon relaxed, smiling when they realised it was the front door.

"We're back!" Buffy called, entering the house along with Faith, Sophie, Andrew, and Giles. The slayer peeked into the kitchen, seeing food left on the bench, then into the lounge, where a streamer hung loose from the ceiling, frowning when she noticed the absence of her friends. "Willow? Tara? Dawn?"

"Here!" Willow cried, as she began to jump up and down waving her tiny arms. "Buffy, we're up here!"

"I don't think they can hear us, baby" Tara sighed. "We're too small." At this moment, the wiccas noticed two huge sneaker-clad feet appear a few steps above them. "It's Connor!" Tara gasped, tugging Willow into the corner of the stair. "We have to be careful not to let him step on us!"

"Actually" Willow smiled, watching as Connor's feet came closer, "I have a better idea."

"What, you're going to let him step on you?" asked Tara, puzzled.

"Nope" said Willow, grabbing her fiance's hand as the son of Angel descended onto the stair they currently occupied. "We're gonna hitch a ride down to the others and find a way to get their attention. Hold on tight!" With her free hand, Willow managed to grab hold of Connor's shoelace as he passed, while Tara tightened her grip on Willow by wrapping an arm around the other witch's waist. The ride turned out to be rough and uncomfortable, and by the end of it, Willow and Tara were both left feeling a little green.

"Eugh" Willow groaned when they had disembarked from Connor's shoe. "I'm never doing that again."

"Same here, baby" said Tara. "So, now what are we going to do?"

"I have no idea" said Willow, looking up at her seemingly enormous friends, who remained completely unaware of their presence. "Let's just keep a safe distance away from everybody's feet until we think of something."

"Buffy, thank god you're home!" Connor cried, relieved. "Dawn's really upset, she's been crying for ages and I don't know what to-" he paused, slightly embarrassed, when he spotted Giles and Andrew, who stared at him curiously. "Uh.. hi."

"Oh right, you guys haven't met yet" Buffy remembered. "Andrew, Giles, this is Connor.."

"Angel's son, yes" Giles interrupted. He had not really known what to expect when it came to meeting the miracle child of two vampires, but he had been curious. The watcher was struck with how normal Connor seemed. Sure, the boy had been raised in a hell dimension and was blessed with all the strengths of a vampire with none of the weaknesses, but looking at him, he appeared to be just like any ordinary twenty-something male. Noticing that Connor was beginning to feel awkward under Giles's scrutinising gaze, Faith stepped in to help him.

"So, Soulboy juniour, do you know where Red and Blondie have got to?" she asked. The Destroyer's face paled.

"You mean they're not here?"

"No" said Buffy, her eyes narrowing when she saw Connor's panicked expression.

"Well, I'm sure they... what I mean is... uh... Oh, I just remembered, I forgot to by corn chips for the nachos Tara was making for the party. They've probably just gone out to buy some. Now, if you'll excuse me, I uh... have to go to the bathroom." Connor rushed back upstairs, leaving two bewildered watchers, two equally bewildered slayers, and a confused child staring after him.

"Does he always behave so peculiarly?" Giles asked.

"No, something fishy's going on here and I'm going to find out what it..." Buffy paused, looking at the carpet. "Damn, we've tracked dirt in. Somebody's gonna have to vacuum."

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