Dawn's Magical Mishaps

Mommy Senses

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"You shrank them!" Connor yelled as he burst into Dawn's room, panting.

"What?" Dawn looked up, tears still streaming down her face.

"Willow and Tara! They're missing, you shrank them!"

"But.. but I didn't think that could happen!"

"Didn't think it could happen? Dawn, you said there was no possible way that could happen!" Connor shouted. "There's a big difference!"

"Connor, chill" said Dawn. "Sure, I screwed up,"

"Again" Connor butted in.

"Yes, again" Dawn agreed, sighing, "But Willow always.. oh." Dawn's eyes widened, realising this was one time that she couldn't turn to her flame-haired wiccan friend to fix her mistake.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Buffy was assigning everybody jobs to help prepare for the party. On the matter of Willow and Tara's whereabouts, she had decided to take Connor at his word for now, but if the witches didn't turn up in the next hour... well, heads would roll, she promised that much.

"Okay, Faith, you can vacuum, Giles, Andrew, finish putting up the decorations, and I'll finish up making the snacks..."

"NO!" everyone, including the teeny-tiny Willow and Tara, yelled in unison.

"Fine" Buffy sighed, "Andrew can finish the snacks. Um.. did anyone else hear a weird squeaking noise just then?"

"It was us!" Willow cried, hoping she could draw her friend's attention. "Down here, it was us!"

"Nope" said Faith.

"I don't believe I heard anything" said Giles.

"Me neither" said Andrew.

"Okay then" Buffy shrugged.

"Oh, this is bad" said Willow, panicking as Faith carried the vacuum cleaner into the room and proceeded to plug it into the wall.

"Come on, we have to get to the kitchen" said Tara. "They won't vacuum in there, it's the safest place for us right now." As Faith switched the vacuum on, the tiny wiccans ran. The Dark slayer didn't know it, but with each long stroke of the vacuum cleaner, she was putting her friends in danger. The witches managed to make it about halfway to the kitchen when Willow tripped over. "Willow!" Tara cried.

"Keep going, save yourself!" Willow yelled, as the head of the vacuum descended on her.

"Are you crazy?! I'm not going to leave you to.." before Tara could finish her sentence, Willow raised her arm, telekinetically hurling her fiance' as far out of harm's way as she could manage. There was no way that she was going to let anything happen to Tara when she'd only just got her life back, and Sophie needed at least one of her parents to make it out of this mess. Speaking of Sophie, the little girl had been sitting on the couch in the lounge room lost in her thoughts, attempting to appear as though she was concentrating on the cartoons on TV. However, just as Willow, clinging to the carpet fibres and hoping for the best, felt herself being lifted from the ground, Sophie leapt up from the couch and dove at the vacuum, pressing the power switch.

"Uh.. what's wrong there Little Red?" Faith asked, raising an eyebrow at the little girl.

"The vacuum was gonna do something bad" said Sophie, staring at the vacuum cleaner like it was a vicious demon. "I can feels it."

"What kind of somethin'?"

"I don't really knows.. it feels like something to do with my mommies. I think they're still in the house, but something's happened to them, I knows it, cause I gots Mommy senses." Faith raised an eyebrow.

"Mommy senses?"

"Uh-huh" said Sophie nodding. "They're kinda like the slayer senses you and Auntie Buffy gots, 'cept I can feel my mommies with them..."

Willow, while mentally thanking whatever power out there had blessed Sophie with her "Mommy senses", missed the end of this conversation, rushing off to find Tara, who didn't appear to be anywhere within her line of sight. The redhead began to panic. She couldn't have thrown Tara that far. Where was she?

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