Dawn's Magical Mishaps

The Anti Climactic Chapter

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy, but I do own Sophie :)

"Let's get this party started, woo!" shouted Xander, completely oblivious to the day's events as he walked into the house carrying a six-pack of beer.

"Great timing, Harris. How about we trade?" said Spike, oblivious to Xander's obliviousness. "You take the mini-witches and I'll take the grog." Before the confused Xander had a chance to reply, Spike snatched the beer and gently transferred the tiny Willow and Tara from his own hand to Xander's. Xander's one eye gazed in shock at his miniaturised friends.

"Why does nobody remember to call me when stuff happens?!" he yelled. Tara glared at him, lifting a finger to her lips to silence him before indicating the sleeping Willow. Her misadventures in mini-dom had obviously taken a toll on her. But, despite Tara's efforts in keeping Xander quiet, Willow stirred slightly.

"'S warmer now" she mumbled.

"Yeah" said Tara. "Xander's got us. Go back to sleep if you want."

"Okay" Willow yawned, snuggling closer to her soulmate. "I love you."

"I love you too" Tara smiled, leaning down to kiss Willow's forehead.

Meanwhile, Sophie had located the object that had inspired her idea, and ran out of her room, crashing into Illyria, who had been wandering around upstairs.

"I'm sorry!" Sophie cried, feeling a little frightened as she backed away from the God-King.

"Do not be afraid of me child" said Illyria, cocking her head at the little girl. "I will not harm you. Aside from the fact that you have not provided me with any just cause to do so, such an act would displease the half-breeds, and as much as I despise it, I still require their assistance to adjust to the human world. Now, would you point me in the direction of this dwelling's sanitation facilities?"

"Sani what?" asked Sophie, confused.

"She means the bathroom, Little Red" Faith chuckled, catching up with the little girl. "Third door on your left Big Blue." Faith watched as the God-King walked off, ensuring that she reached her destination before turning back to Sophie. "So, what's ya big idea kiddo?"

"It's a micafone" said Sophie, holding up the object in her hand. "If Mommy Willow and Mama Tara talks into it, we might be able to hears them."

"You are incredibly smart for your age, you know that Little Red? I reckon you could even give ya Mommy Willow a run for her money."

Back downstairs, Buffy was dealing with a very annoyed and upset Xander.

"Xand, I'm really sorry I didn't call you" said the blonde, placing a hand on her friend's shoulder. He had his back to Buffy, his crossed arms positioned in such a way as to ensure that he did not accidently crush the tiny wiccas resting in his hand. "I meant to, but I thought since you'd be here for the party soon anyway, It didn't really matter." Before Xander could reply, Sophie ran into the room, with Faith right behind her.

"Don't worry mommies, we can hears you now!" The little girl cried happily. She switched the mic on, held it up to Xander's hand, and heard... snoring. Both tiny witches had fallen asleep.

"Well that was bloody anti-climactic" Spike grumbled.

"But it worked, at least" Angel shrugged.

AN: I know it's short, and kinda dumb, but I just got back from a four-hour car trip and I'm tired.

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