Dawn's Magical Mishaps

A Good Old Fashioned Research Party

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"Mommy Willow, Mama Tara, wake up!" cried Sophie, grabbing Xander's wrist and giving it a light jiggle in an attempt to rouse her sleeping mothers. "Wake up, wake up!" Tara stirred first, raising an eyebrow in questioning when she registered everybody's eyes staring at her.

"You can talk to us, Tara" said Buffy, smiling. "If you speak into the microphone Sophie's holding, we can hear you."

"Really? That's great!" said Tara happily, beaming when she realised that she had in fact been heard. She turned to the still sleeping Willow, gently shaking her soulmate awake. "Willow! Will, wake up, the others can hear us now."

"Wha.." Willow yawned as she sat up, rubbing her eyes. "How?"

"I gotted a micafone!" Sophie smiled.

"Yeah, that's my clever girl!" said Willow proudly. "I'd hug you but I'm too tiny. Oh, give me your pinky, I can hug your pinky." Sophie offered the pinky of the hand that was not currently clutching the microphone to Willow, giggling as both she and Tara hugged it.

"Uh, it's great that we can hear Red and Glinda and all, but how does that help us solve the problem?"

"Easy" Tara smiled. "We can help point Connor and Dawn in the right direction to change us back to normal, we'll tell them which books to check."

"We can probably find a way to fix this quicker if we all help" said Angel.

"A valid point" Giles agreed, cleaning his glasses.

"Okay, we'll all pitch in" said Buffy.

"Yay!" Willow cheered. "Nothing better than a good old-fashioned research party!" Xander looked down at his tiny best friend and chuckled, shaking his head.

"That's our Willow."

Soon, after allowing Connor and Dawn to come back downstairs, and settling Sophie back in the loungeroom with her movie, the gang set to work researching how to return their two favourite wiccans to their regular size. Buffy couldn't help the small smile that spread across her face as she looked around at her friends, all with books laying open in front of them, except, of course, for Willow and Tara, who sat beside the microphone in the centre of the table that the gang was currently seated around. Buffy's smile did not go unnoticed by Faith, who couldn't help smiling herself.

"What's the smile for B? You found somethin'?"

"No" said Buffy, laying her head on Faith's shoulder. "It's just that having everyone together researching like this reminds me of the old days. It's kinda nice."

"Yeah.. I never usually stuck around for this part before" said Faith, feeling a little awkard.

"I know" said Buffy, kissing Faith's cheek, "But you're here now, and that makes this even better than the old days."

Meanwhile, at the other end of the table, Spike was dealing with a certain God-King's newly discovered apparent inability to read modern English.

"Spike, what is this strange symbol?" Illyria asked. Spike looked over her shoulder at it, and sighed.

"It's the letter W."

"And this one?"


"I see" said Illyria, before pointing at the book again. "So this must be an upside-down i."

"No, that's an exclamation mark" said Spike, becoming frustrated. "Listen Bluebird, you're not gonna be much help if you can't bloody read. How about you go get us some snacks?"

"Human treats loaded with sodium and artificial flavourings?"

"Yeah, that's the stuff" Spike nodded. Illyria stood and walked off into the kitchen, returning a few minutes later with a bowl of potato chips. The chips were passed around the table, then Angel crushed one, giving the pieces to Willow and Tara. The gang then returned to their research, and before long, Connor spoke up, pushing his book towards the tiny wiccans in the middle of the table.

"Will this help?"

"Not sure, I can't see it properly" said Willow, craning her neck to look at the book. "Somebody pick me up." Faith reached over and lifted Willow over the book, giving her a better view of the transformation reversal spell Connor had found, while Buffy held the microphone up next to her friend. The redhead beamed. "This could work!"

"Great!" cried Dawn. "I'll just go get the spell supplies and then I can.."

"NO!" Buffy, Faith, Willow, Tara, and Connor shouted in unison.

"Sit. Down." Buffy growled, glaring at her sister. Dawn sat, pouting.

"I hate you" she grumbled.

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