Dawn's Magical Mishaps

The Snoopy Dance: A Rite Of Passage

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"Giles, I think you should do the spell" Willow suggested as Faith and Buffy returned her and the microphone to their original positions in the centre of the table.

"That is probably the best option" Tara agreed, turning to look up at the Watcher. "You have the most magical experience apart from me and Willow."

"Hey! I've done way more spells than Giles!" Dawn protested.

"Yes, and how many of those have turned out well? Oh that's right, none!" Buffy snapped. "You just shut up and stay out of it Dawn, you've caused enough trouble today already!" Dawn pouted, crossing her arms grumpily, while Connor reached over to give her a comforting pat on the back. Buffy glared at him for a second, before turning back to her Watcher. She had more important things to worry about right now than the fact that her sister apparently seemed to be falling for the miracle child of her vampire ex. "Will and Tara are right, Giles. You should do it."

"Of course" said Giles, nodding as his gaze moved to the two miniaturised witches. "Although I will require your assistance to ensure that I'm casting the spell correctly. I am nowhere near as magically adept as the two of you."

"No problem, Giles, we'll be right here the whole time" said Willow. "We kind of have to be actually, cause if we move too far away from the microphone nobody can hear us, and if nobody can hear us they might accidently squish us, or we could fall off the table and no-one would hear us scream, and if we fell off the table we might get stepped on..."

"Willow, babbling" said Tara, gently nudging her fiance'.

"Oh, sorry" Willow grinned. "But seriously Giles, you have nothing to worry about. It's a really simple spell, and we'll be with you every step of the way." Willow's faith in him raised Giles confidence considerably.

"Andrew, fetch the spell supplies listed in the book" he said to the soon to be Watcher, who quickly ran off to locate the needed items. A wide grin crossed Giles face. "I have the two most powerful witches in the country by my side. What could possibly go wrong?"

Thankfully, nothing, apart from one or two minor problems. Willow's nose didn't grow with the rest of her, and Tara's hands grew too big, but these mistakes were easily corrected by Willow now that she had returned to her regular size.

"Okay, now we can get the party going!" Xander declared. "Spike, give me a beer will ya?"

"Sorry, Harris" Spike replied. "I just drank the last one."

"And you just reminded me why I hate you." Xander sulked for a while after that, but was eventually snapped out of it when Sophie asked him to teach her the Snoopy dance, a plan masterminded by Willow to cheer up her grumpy friend. However, Willow had not expected Illyria to decide to join in the Snoopy dance lessons, after Spike had decided that it would be funny to tell the God-King that learning the Snoopy dance was a human rite of passage. While Willow, like everybody else, found the sight hilariously funny, a small feeling of sadness also came over her, and she sighed.

"What's wrong, Will?" Tara asked, concerned.

"Nothing really" Willow replied. "Illyria just wigs me out a little, because she looks so much like Fred, and Fred was so sweet. I only met her once so I didn't know her that well, but.."

"I did" Tara interrupted. Willow raised a confused eyebrow at her fiance'.

"How? You never met her, and Illyria consumed her soul, so she couldn't have gone to heaven."

"That's not completely true" Tara explained, smiling. "Her soul wasn't consumed, it was just broken. The powers wanted to leave it be, except for Cordy and her little gang of rebel spirits, which included me. It took us a while, but we all helped, and we managed to find the pieces of Fred's soul and made her whole again. You should have seen the look on Wesley's face when he saw that she was there to greet him. They were so happy to be back together."

"Kind of like us, only backwards" Willow grinned.

"Yeah" Tara smiled, leaning in to give Willow a long kiss.

AN: I had to put that little bit about Fred in there, 'cause I loved her so much and wanted her to have some sort of happy ending. You'll learn more about the other members of Cordy's gang of rebel spirits in later chapters, see if you can guess who they are. Spike, Angel, and Illyria are also going to reapear later on. I'll just finish with a little summary of the next story arc :

Connor has trouble understanding women. Dawn thinks she has found a spell to help him, only to discover that it is actually the spell that Willow had planned to use on RJ in "Him".

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