Dawn's Magical Mishaps

The Guest List

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The next few months went by with fairly few problems. A few vamps here, a demon there, but thankfully, no more disastrous spells courtesy of Dawn. The one time key had become distracted from her efforts to learn the ways of the wicca by the realisation that she, despite her earlier protests to the contrary, had developed a massive crush on Connor. Connor felt the same same way about Dawn, but unfortunately, Angel's son was totally clueless when it came to women. Dawn's flirting and not-so-subtle hints were completely lost on him. She found this understandable, because, of all the women Connor knew or had ever known, two were dead, four were gay, one was a God-King, and quite a few were various levels of evil. Yes, Dawn understood, but that didn't make the situation any less frustrating. So, Dawn decided to find a way to help her would-be suitor. And that's when the trouble began...

"Do we really have to decide on the guest list right now?" said Willow, flopping onto the couch beside Tara, while Sophie sat on the carpet playing with her doll, Cordy. The little girl had named the doll herself, giving her mothers yet another reason to marvel at the mystery that was their daughter's mind. "I mean, our relationships with a lot of the people you'd usually invite to a wedding are kind of complicated."

"I know, Willow" Tara sighed, "But the wedding's in three months, we have to send out invitations soon."

"Okay" said Willow, thinking for a moment. "Let's start with the obvious. Everybody in this house is coming, and Xander's coming."

"Of course they're all coming!" Tara laughed. "At least I hope they are, apart from Connor, they're all in the wedding party!"

"I know, but we have to send Xander an invitation anyway. You know how he gets when he thinks he's being left out of things."

"Yeah" Tara agreed. "Well, we're definitely inviting Giles and Andrew."

"And we should invite some of the potentials" said Willow. "Not Kennedy though, but I doubt she'd want to come anyway. The ceremony's later in the afternoon, so Spike and Angel should be able to make it if they keep to the shadows, or they should at least make it to the reception."

"And if we invite them we have to invite Illyria, who knows what she could get up to if she was left alone for too long."

"So, that's everyone we're definitely asking" said Willow, counting on her fingers. "Who are we not going to invite?"

"Well, my family, obviously" said Tara. She had not bothered to inform them of her resurrection, because in her opinion, her 'family' was not her family at all. Tara planned on changing her surname to Rosenberg as soon as she and Willow were married. She had also rejected Willow's original plan of hyphenating Sophie's surname, and making it Rosenberg-Maclay. She did not want her daughter to have anything linking her with her grandfather. After all, if he made Tara believe she was a demon for twenty years for no apparent reason other than keeping her under his thumb, how would he treat Sophie, who had been born from magic and spent the first three years of her life with demons? No, Tara would not let her little girl be influenced by anyone who would treat her existence as anything other than the miracle it was.

"We can send invites to my parents, but I'm not sure if they'll show" said Willow with a slightly sad smile. "I haven't spoken to them much since Sunnydale fell, and I don't think they ever really liked you that much, because you're, you know, the girl that turned their good little jewish daughter into a gay wiccan. Then there's the whole matter of trying to explain to them where Sophie came from, and why you're not dead anymore. They're not all that big on the mystical forces. Have I ever told you about the time my Mom tried to burn me at the stake?"

"Yeah, you told me" said Tara, as Willow shuffled into her lap. "Hey, where is everybody this morning?"

"Buffy and Faith are still asleep, Connor's in the shower, and Dawn..." Suddenly, a high-pitched scream pierced the air. Willow leapt up, pulling Tara to her feet, and the two witches ran for the staircase.

"Sophie, stay down here!" Tara yelled.

"Okay, Mama Tara" the little girl answered as her mothers disappeared up the stairs. "Don't worry, Cordy will look after me. Cordy looks after everybody."

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