Dawn's Magical Mishaps

Prince of Darkness, Scourge of Europe

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"Here, these should fit" said Dawn, handing Connor a pair of black tracksuit pants.

"Thanks" said Connor, taking the garment. "But I'm still majorly pissed off with you right now."

"I know, and you have every right to be" said Dawn. "But please believe me when I say that, I am really, really sorry, and I'm totally on board with the others in changing you back as soon as possible. As cute a boy as you are, your features don't work so well on a girl." Connor froze for a second as he/she pulled on the pants that Dawn had given him/her.

"You think I'm cute?" he/she asked.

"Well, as far as boys go you're.. yeah, I think you're cute" Dawn admitted, blushing. "As a boy, I mean."

"Yeah, well as far as girls go.. I think you're kind of cute too, Dawn." The two of them stood for a while in awkward silence, which Dawn eventually broke.

"This is really awkward."

"Can't argue with you there."

"Uh, maybe we should talk about this some more when you're not, you know, a girl."

"Yeah" Connor agreed, nodding.

Downstairs, Buffy groaned as she hung up the phone.

"How'd it go?" Willow asked, looking up from her research.

"Well, Spike thinks it's hilarious, but Angel doesn't quite see the funny side of the situation" Buffy sighed, standing up. "Hey Faith, I hid some of Will's more powerful magic books under our bed to stop Dawn from finding them. Will you come and get them with me?"

"Sure" said Faith, standing to follow her girlfriend. "But why'd you hide 'em under our bed, B?"

"Because Dawn never goes into our room any more after that time she walked in on us while we were, well, you know" said Buffy, blushing slightly.

"Yeah" Faith replied, smirking as she and Buffy headed upstairs. "Good times." Willow and Tara returned to their research, then a few minutes later, Sophie skipped into the room, clutching Cordy in her small hands.

"Whats did Auntie Dawn do this time?" the little girl sighed, looking around at her parent's books.

"She turned Connor into a girl" Willow answered, looking up at her daughter.

"Is he a pretty girl?"

"Not particularly, no" said Willow.

"But he gots to be pretty if he's the princess of darkness!"

"What?" asked Tara, thinking that she and Willow had obviously missed something.

"Well Uncle Angel used to be the prince of darkness, and Connor's his baby, so if Connor's a girl now he should be the princess of darkness" said Sophie. Willow couldn't help but laugh.

"I think you've got your uncles a little mixed up there, sweetie" she explained. "Uncle Spike was the Prince of Darkness. Uncle Angel was the Scourge of Europe."

"Oh, okay" said Sophie, before skipping happily back into the lounge room to watch cartoons.

Upstairs, Faith had just finished dragging one box of spell books from under the bed, while Buffy knelt down on all fours, reaching for another. She had it half-way out when she spotted something else.

"Hey Faith, your wallet's down here."

"Really? I probably dropped it yesterday" Faith replied. Buffy shuffled out from under the bed, holding Faith's open wallet in one hand and dragging the box of spell books with the other. She spotted a photo that had been tucked into the wallet, and beamed.

"You have a picture of me in here."

"'Course I do" said Faith, a little awkwardly. "Aren't people supposed to keep pictures of their girlfriend in their wallet? Sure, this is the first time I've ever kept a photo in there, but.." The Dark Slayer was cut off when Buffy stood and pulled her towards her, kissing her deeply.

"You know, you are so sweet underneath that whole tough girl act of yours."

"Don't go tellin' too many people that B, you'll ruin my rep."

"Yeah right" Buffy laughed. "Like you didn't ruin it yourself yesterday when you sat playing Tea Party with Sophie for two hours."

"Hey, that kid makes really good imaginary tea!"

"Sure" Buffy smiled, kissing her again.

"Uh, B" said Faith, after Buffy's lips had moved to her earlobe, "Not that I'm complainin' or anythin, but shouldn't we be gettin' these books back downstairs so we can work out how to turn Soulboy Junior back into an actual boy?"

"It can wait" Buffy whispered, beginning a trail of kisses down Faith's neck. "It might be good for Connor to get in touch with his feminine side."

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