Dawn's Magical Mishaps

Halfway To Gaysville

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After a while, Xander decided that he needed to go to the bathroom too, so he headed upstairs to tell Faith to hurry up, raising an eyebrow when he saw the Dark Slayer poking her mobile through Dawn's slightly ajar bedroom door.

"Uh, Faith" he asked, "What are you doing?" Faith turned to him, placing a finger to her lips before gesturing him to come closer and see for himself. Xander peeked into the room and burst out laughing, unwittingly setting off a series of unfortunate events. Faith heard Connor's cry of surprise at the unexpected noise, the crash as he fell from the bed in an awkward position, and winced at the She-Destroyer's yelp of pain as her slayer hearing picked up the unmistakable sound of a bone snapping.

"Shit! Damn it Xander, you were supposed to be quiet!" the Dark Slayer yelled at her one-eyed friend as they watched a worried Dawn rushing to examine Connor's quickly swelling ankle.

"Sorry" said Xander. He paused for a moment. "So.. can you send me a copy of that video?"

Meanwhile, downstairs, Buffy was wondering what was taking Faith so long and was about to go check on her, when The Dark Slayer appeared at the top of the stairs carrying Connor who was wincing in pain and clutching a very swollen looking ankle. Buffy leapt to her feet as Faith made her way down the stairs, Xander and Dawn following her.

"Okay, what the hell happened up there?" the blonde slayer yelled.

"Dawnie and the She-male were jumpin' on her bed and he fell off and broke his ankle" Faith explained, before turning to Willow, the magical medic of the household. "Can you take a look at it Red?"

"Sure" said Willow, standing up. "Are you sure it's broken?"

"Yeah, I heard the bone snappin'."

"And it hurts like a bitch" Connor added, forcing Tara to clap her hands over Sophie's ears in an attempt to shield her from the She-Destroyer's profanity. Willow glared at the boy...girl..."goddess, this is confusing",the wicca thought to herself, before deciding that the glaring was useless. Connor was the person in the house most greatly prone to swearing in front of Sophie. Even Faith managed to mind her language most of the time. Willow guessed that part of Connor's problem stemmed from the fact that he had grown up in a hell dimension, and had then lived in a hotel with his ensouled vampire father and a team of demon hunters. Still, that was no excuse for swearing in front of a child, and he would have to learn, but Willow accepted that they had more important matters to deal with right now, deciding that she'd find a way to deal with Connor's dirty mouth later.

"Okay, Faith" she said, "bring him.. her.. Connor, over to the couch in the lounge." Faith carried Connor to the couch and laid him down, then stepped aside to let Willow assess the damage to the ankle. Buffy turned to her sister, trying to keep her anger under control.

"Dawn, why the hell were you and Connor jumping on the bed?"

"Well, uh, um.." Dawn began, trying to think of the least embarrassing way to explain what had happened. "We, uh, I mean, um.."

"Today, Dawn" Buffy growled, her hands on her hips.

"Okay" Dawn sighed. "I was upstairs with Connor and there was a marathon of the greatest pop songs of the 80's on the radio. We started singing along to "Love is a battlefield"with hairbrushes and jumping on the bed, but then Xander came past and he laughed so Connor panicked and lost his balance and fell." Dawn closed her eyes, preparing for Buffy's yell, but it didn't come. Instead, Dawn was surprised to find her sister bursting into a hysterical fit of laughter.

"First you make him cry watching Titanic, and now you've got him singing Love is a battlefield?" asked Buffy between giggles. "God Dawn, if you keep going on like this Connor will be halfway to gaysville by the time we get him back to normal!"

"I will not!" Connor yelled. The She-Destroyer tried to move, then winced as pain shot through her ankle.

"It's definitely broken" said Willow. "Faith, take him back upstairs and lay him in bed, it'll be easier to keep the ankle straight, and I'll see what I can do to fix it." Faith lifted Connor off the couch and carried him back upstairs, with Willow, Xander, Dawn, and a still giggling Buffy following. This left only Tara and Sophie downstairs. Tara closed her book, deciding that she was due for a break, and leaned over to take a look at her daughter's artwork.

"What are you drawing sweetie?" she asked.

"Me, and Mommy Willow, and you, holding the baby" Sophie replied. Tara's brow wrinkled in confusion.

"But we don't have a baby" she said, although her mind flashed with the image of blonde-haired bundle she had bounced on her knee in the dream that she, Willow, and Sophie had shared on the night of her resurrection. Until now, Tara hadn't given much more thought to the dream, instead concentrating on reconnecting with Willow and bonding with the child they already had.

"Not yet" said Sophie, flashing their shared lopsided smile at her mother as she looked up from her drawing. "But she's coming soon."

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