Dawn's Magical Mishaps

Some Things Never Change

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Later that night, despite knowing that it would have been bad luck to see her before the wedding, Tara began to regret sending Willow away. Because she had never spent a night away from her soulmate since she'd been resurrected, she had forgotten how hard it was to sleep on your own when you weren't used to it. She was used to having a certain Willow-shaped something to snuggle up to, and the absence of this certain Willow-shaped something reminded her of the rather unpleasant period when she had separated from Willow during the other witch's magic addiction. Tara was just beginning to resign herself to the fact that she would have dark circles under her eyes on her wedding day, and thinking of ways that she could cover them with make-up, when Sophie crept into the room.

"Mama Tara?"

"What is it sweetie?" Tara asked, sitting up.

"I knows you miss Mommy Willow" Sophie replied as she climbed onto the bed, clutching Cordy in one hand. "You needs somebody to snuggle with, to help you sleep." She crawled to Tara's side, wrapping her small arms as far around her mother's waist as they could reach. "Is this better?"

"Much better" Tara smiled, laying her head back down on her pillow and pulling the blankets back over herself and Sophie. She may have been a little biased, but in that moment, Tara decided that her daughter had to be the sweetest child in the known universe. She also decided that if nothing Willow-shaped was available for snuggling, something Sophie-shaped was a perfectly suitable replacement.

The next morning, however, Tara was woken by that Sophie-shaped something bouncing on her stomach.

"Wake up Mama Tara, wake up!" she cried. "Its your wedding day, and you gots visitors!" Tara cracked an eye open, fully expecting her 'visitors' to be an overexcited Dawn, or Buffy announcing that she was about to head off to Xander's to help Willow get ready. But when she sat up, and the haze of sleep began to clear from her eyes, Tara's jaw dropped. Standing before her was Cordelia Chase, rebel among the powers that be, her body emanating a soft ethereal glow. Standing around her was the gang of rebel spirits of which Tara had once been a part, and which also included Joyce, Jenny Calendar, Anya, Kendra, Doyle, Wesley, Fred, and Gunn. Tara tried to find words, but none would come.

"Come on, Tara" Cordelia grinned. "Aren't you happy to see us? You better appreciate what I've done for you here girl, you have no idea what crap I went through with the other Powers."

"Yes" Anya piped up. "After Cordelia fought so hard to bring us all here, the very least you could do is say something. So, say something!"

"Uh.. of course I'm happy to see you" Tara finally managed to get out. She pulled Sophie into her lap, using the little girl as a kind of security blanket. "I'm just a little shocked, that's all, since all you guys are supposed to be, you know, dead?"

"Yeah, we know this must be a little surprising for you" said Fred, looking around at the others. "But then again, that's kinda the point, right?" The rest of the group smiled and nodded, all murmuring their agreement.

"Cordelia bringed all your friends from Heaven to surprise you for your wedding" said Sophie, smiling up at her mother. "Isn't that nice of her, Mama Tara?"

"Yeah, it is" said Tara. Now that the shock had begun to wear off, she felt a wide grin spreading across her face. She moved Sophie from her lap and climbed out of bed. "I've missed you guys."

"We missed you too" said Cordelia, moving to wrap the witch in a warm hug. "But, I don't want to see you back up there for at least fifty years. Sixty, if you can swing it." She stepped away from Tara and looked her over, thinking. "Wow, I have a lot of work to do if I'm going to get you ready for this wedding."

"What?" asked Tara, a little confused.

"Well, somebody has to help you, and since Buffy's gonna go racing off to help Willow soon, looks like it has to be me. Do you really want Faith and Dawn handling your hair and make up? I don't think so. You'd end up looking like a cross between a prostitute and one of those kids from the Disney Channel, eugh." Cordy made a face, and Tara laughed. Although she had never met Cordelia as a teenager, she knew about how she acted through the many stories that Willow had told her. "Some things never change" she thought, smiling.

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