Dawn's Magical Mishaps

Hair, Make Up, And A Mouse Named Fred

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"I think we'll want to go for a natural look, something that accentuates your eyes" said Cordelia, still looking Tara over. "You have gorgeous eyes."

"I gots Mama Tara's eyes" said Sophie, beaming.

"I know" Cordelia smiled at the little girl, "and they're just as gorgeous on you."

"Do I gets to wear any make-up?" Sophie asked.

"Maybe a little" The former seer replied.

"But no going overboard" Tara added. "You're only young."

"Besides, you won't be needing too much" said Fred, tickling the little girls stomach. "You're absolutely adorable as you are!"

"Stop it, Auntie Fred, stop it!" the little girl giggled. In the space of what appeared to be just half an hour to Tara, the demon-fighting physicist had formed quite a strong connection with her little girl. What Tara didn't know was that Fred, Cordelia, Anya, and occasionally some of the others, had been visiting Sophie in her dreams, as Tara herself had once done before her resurrection to help the little girl find and rescue the demon-napped Willow. It was these visits that had led to Sophie deciding to name her doll Cordy. She also had a blue-eyed teddy bear called Tara Bear that Willow had given her before Tara came back, and a stuffed mouse which she had named Fred, but as neither Willow or Tara were completely sure which gender their daughter considered the mouse to be, they decided that this was probably a coincidence. They may have thought differently if they'd noticed how often the little girl offered the toy tacos when she played tea party. The tickling continued, and Cordelia was just beginning to think about what she should do with Tara's hair, when Buffy entered the room.

"Hey, Tara I'm just about to head off to Xander's to.." the slayer froze in shock before she could finish her sentence, Fred froze mid-tickle, and all except one of Tara's heavenly visitors froze as well. Nobody was surprised who that one was.

"Geez, Buffy, haven't you ever heard of knocking?" Anya yelled. "Tara could have been having lots of amazing orgasms!" Fred clapped her hands over Sophie's ears and glared at the former demon.

"Okay, what the hell is going on here?" Buffy cried, breaking her silence.

"Well, I was friends with all these guys when I was dead, and since Cordelia's one of the Powers That Be she brought them all here for the wedding" Tara explained. Buffy nodded, her mind trying to process this information as her gaze drifted over each of the dearly departed occupants of the room, before finally coming to rest on her mother.

"Hi, honey" Joyce smiled. Buffy remained frozen for a second before flying into her mother's open arms, very nearly bowling over both Wesley and Doyle as she did so.

"Oi, watch it!" Doyle yelled.

"I've missed you so much!" Buffy cried, sobbing into Joyce's shoulder.

"I know, honey, I've missed you too" said Joyce, hugging her daughter tightly. "But I was always with you, you and Dawn, always, and I am so proud of you." They stayed in that position for a little while longer, until Buffy reluctantly pulled away.

"I should really go, Willow needs me. Somehow I don't think Xander's qualified to get her ready for the wedding."

"Well what do you know, we actually agree on something" said Cordelia. "Take Joyce with you if you want, you can explain all this, it'll stop Willow freaking out when a bunch of dead people turn up at her wedding."

"I'm going too" said Anya, standing up. "I want to see Xander."

"Fine with me" Buffy smiled. "There's room for two more, who else wants to tag along?" Doyle and Gunn, who had been getting quite bored with all the hair and make up talk, raised their hands. "Okay then guys, let's go. Kendra, you should introduce yourself to Faith later, she's always been a little curious about you." They headed off, and as they made their way out of the house the rest of the group heard a squeal of joy from Dawn, a shout of "Holy shit!" from Faith, then Buffy explaining to her girlfriend that no, the First Evil had not returned. Cordelia turned back to Tara.

"I think we should do your hair up" she said. Tara frowned.

"I like it down, and I think Willow kinda prefers it that way too."

"I know" said Cordelia, grinning devilishly. "It'll make it all the more fun for her when she gets to let it out tonight."

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