Dawn's Magical Mishaps


Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy, but I do own Sophie :)

Upstairs, Dawn was flipping through her spellbook, desperately searching for a way to turn her friends back into humans.

"DAWN, GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!" Buffy screamed. Dawn took a deep breath, closed her book, and headed downstairs to face the music.

"You are in so much trouble!" Buffy yelled when her sister came into view.

"I tried to change them back..." Dawn began, but her explanation fell on deaf ears.

"This has to be the stupidest thing you've ever done!" Faith growled in agreement, while Willow nodded and Tara puffed up her feathers. Xander had become distracted with grooming Sophie's hair, making the little girl giggle. "You better hope we can find a way to fix this..." Buffy paused, doing a quick head count. "Oh God, where's Connor? Do you know how majorly pissed off Angel's gonna be if anything happens to him?" Just as Buffy began running through the house, searching for any animal that might possibly be Connor, the boy in question walked through the door.

"Hey, I'm ba..oh" he trailed off, looking around at the wolf tailing Buffy, the dove on Willow's shoulder, and the chimp happily grooming Sophie's hair. He looked at Dawn. "Guess that spell didn't go so well, huh?"

A few hours later, Willow was researching how to reverse the spell, when she was suddenly interrupted by the sound of a chimpanzee screeching, and Sophie clapping and giggling. The wicca ran into the lounge room and Tara, who had been perched on the table nearby, flew after her, landing on Sophie's head.

"Look, Mama Tara-bird, Uncle Xander's a funny monkey" Sophie giggled, pointing at Xander who was swinging from the curtains.

"No, bad Xander!" Willow yelled, grabbing the legs of her chimp-ified best friend. "Stop swinging from the curtains!" She attempted to pull him down, but the harder she pulled, the tighter Xander held on. Her daughter's continued giggles were not helping the matter. Tara, seeing that her soulmate was in trouble, formulated a plan. She flew over to Xander, then set about delivering sharp pecks to his fingers. Xander let go of the curtain, flailing his arms wildly, and sending Willow, who had been unprepared for the chimp's weight, crashing to the ground. Sophie rushed to her side.

"Mommy Willow! Is you okay?" she cried, Tara landing on her head as Connor, Dawn, Buffy, and the wolf-ified Faith sped into the room.

"What happened?" asked Buffy.

"Just Xander trying out his new monkey skills" said Willow, offering her arm for Tara to hop on. The dove cooed at her apologetically. "Oh, it wasn't your fault baby." Buffy raised an eyebrow.

"You can understand her?"

"Of course I can" said Willow, as if talking to a bird was the most natural thing in the world. "It's Tara."

That night, when Buffy was heading out on patrol, Faith tried to follow her.

"No" Buffy commanded as the wolf tried to follow her. "Stay, good Faith." She turned, but Faith followed her again. "I said no! What if somebody sees you?" The wolf bowed its head, staring at Buffy with wide, pleading eyes. "Do not use that look on me, Faith. I invented that look. Seriously, stop it, just..." Buffy sighed. "Fine, you can come. But if anyone asks, you're an over-sized Siberian husky."

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