Dawn's Magical Mishaps


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After awhile, Dawn and Faith headed upstairs, deciding that it was about time for them to get dressed and do their own hair and make up, and Connor headed up to get his tux on after remembering that Giles would be there to pick him up soon. As the Destroyer wasn't a part of either bride's half of the wedding party, Giles had offered to take Connor along to the ceremony with him so that he would arrive at the same time as all the other guests, and was leaving Andrew to ensure that the invited potentials, including Vi, Rona, Chao-Ahn and one or two younger ones that needed constant supervision and turned into little hell-beasts whenever Giles was not present, got there on time. Andrew was going to be a fully-fledged Watcher soon, and a Watcher needed to be able to handle slayers in all situations, so Giles thought that the experience would be good for him.

"Don't you guys have to get ready too?" Connor called from the stairs, noticing that their heavenly visitors were only dressed in clothes ranging from casual to semi-formal.

"No" Wesley replied. "Cordelia can have us ready with a snap of her fingers when the time comes."

"Okay then" Connor called back, continuing on up the stairs, and leaving Jenny, Wesley, and Kendra to their own devices. Jenny got up and made them all a cup of tea, which they then sat and sipped in silence. A little while later, the doorbell rang. Jenny, out of reflex, stood to answer it, but Kendra stopped her.

"I don't tink dat it's a good idea for us to be answerin' the door when we're dead to everybody outside of 'dis house."

"Good point" said Jenny, sitting back down. Unfortunately, Buffy had left the door unlocked when she left, and due to the person currently on the other side of it having knowledge of the unsavory things that may possibly have happened to the house's occupants, they did not hesitate to walk straight in.

"Hello?" came Giles' voice. "Anybody there? It's only me, I'm here to pick up Connor."

"Rupert" Jenny gasped, as the group heard the Watcher's footsteps coming closer.

"Hide!" Wesley hissed. Kendra grabbed a slightly stunned Jenny and pulled her behind the couch, while Wesley, after strategically placing a few items to prevent them from causing him serious bodily harm, somehow managed to conceal himself inside Buffy's chest of weapons.

"Hello?" Giles called again, beginning to panic just a little.

"Oh my god, oh my god, don't freak out, don't freak out!" cried Dawn, speeding downstairs as fast as it was possible to go in her purple bridesmaid dress. "I can explain.. where'd they go?"

"Where did who go?" asked Giles, eyes narrowed. "What do you have to explain?"

"What are you looking at me like that for?" Dawn cried defensively. "I didn't do anything!" Giles looked at her skeptically. "I really didn't this time! Apparently Cordelia's one of the Powers that be now, so she brought Mom and Anya and Miss Calendar and all our other dead friends hear for the wedding." Giles felt a lump in his throat.

"Jenny's here?"

"She was a few minutes ago" said Dawn. "But her, Wesley, and Kendra have disappeared for some reason. Where are you, guys?" she called. Jenny chose this moment to slowly poke her head out from behind the couch.

"Hi, Rupert" she smiled.

AN: I know some of you are hanging out for the wedding, but I wanted a bit of build up. You'll be happy to know that things are going to move along a bit in the next chapter.

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